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Market Movers Trading



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Market Movers Trading
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Market Mover Trading is exploiting new traders ignorance by selling software and resistance lines that are said to be proprietary. They are not. There so called $30, 000 economic calendar announcements are free all over the web. Just Google economic calendar. Then for $150 they draw simple support and resistance lines and don't even tell you which direction to trade just an amount. Jason M. Anderson and Sean Larsgard have found another way to take money from people offering public information BUT selling it like it is not! Why don't they just create an educational class. No gimmicks. No lies. This new network market approach they created is simply a ponzi scheme. Traders with no records signing up other individuals they created a business that will grow regardless of substance.
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D  1st of Jun, 2010 by    0 Votes
Anyone that uses the Market Mover Trading system (as I do) will tell you that this claim is simply NOT true! I know that some of the information that they provide is public information, the trading platform Think or Swim (which is owned by TD Ameritrade) offers the same "free" information, does that mean that they are a scam too? I started trading the Market Mover Trading system on a simulated paper trading account in March and made my first live trade (a 12.5% win) in April. Where is the scam in that? For more information on Market Mover Trading check out my blog http://epicopportunitygroup.blogspot.com/
N  18th of Jul, 2010 by    0 Votes
After being talked in to this Network Marketing Program (yes it is a multi-level marketing program) I quickly came to the same conclusion as the comments made my Taylor above.

I have being trading the Forex market for several years now and wanted to deversify into the futures market. Unfortunately for me I wasted over $2, 000 on this program...no money back on this one even if you figure out it is not for you in a week or less...kiss it goodbye...now this is my opinion mind you...go ahead make Market Movers Trading's day by signing up...but don't say that Taylor and I didn't warn you.

The good news is that I have been doing very well trading the SP500 but just not using the so-called trading methods used byMarket Movers Trading.
D  6th of Aug, 2010 by    0 Votes
I have been using Market Mover Trading for a few months now and am very pleased with it. In the last 6 weeks alone I am up over 200% using what they taught me and continue to teach me. Before I came across Market Movers I knew nothing about the Markets, now I am making great money. The guys above are bogus. I know other guys like them too... they sign up for a week, think they know everything only to find out they know just enough to be dangerous and lose themselves a bunch of money. Use the program, stick to the program and it works great. Don't get upset just because their is a learning curve!!!
D  6th of Aug, 2010 by    0 Votes
Kyle...Call us bogus if you like but check back in 6 or 12 months and let us know how you are doing and then be sure to include a link to prove your results. The leaders of MMT have never done so and I suspect that they never will. For all we know you are the bogus plant here and one of the network marketing leaders interested in only painting a great picture to bring in more people.

Anyone looking at this program...be sure to ask for actual trading results. Also ask for a 30 day take a look money back guarantee. Cause once your $2, 000 is in that is gone forever.

Anyone posting positive comments about your great success with this program...please tell us how we can see a copy of your broker results...
The people that started this program will not provide any trading results...why not???
N  2nd of Jan, 2011 by    0 Votes
MMT trading is a complete scam, they claim your grandmother could do it. No one is willing to show your their true results just pay the $2000 plus and follow their "rules" and you will be a profitable trader.. sounds easy right? total ### dont give these ###s anymore money
N  2nd of Jan, 2011 by    0 Votes
MMT is a complete scam.. do not waste your money with these ###s
A  2nd of Jan, 2011 by    -1 Votes
I agree they are good sales men along with all there ponzi employees. They are form Utah where they are good at spreading the good word by babtising dead peolpe for example... maybe if you have unlimited faith you will not mind giving them your money... just like a monthly donation to the mormon chruch right????
N  5th of Oct, 2011 by    0 Votes
What does the whole baptism comment have to do with anything? If you're going to write something, try and make it an educated response and not sound like such a dumb ###.
D  16th of Apr, 2012 by    0 Votes
I signed up with Market Movers Trading because of a pitch from my insurance agent. I signed up for their boot camp training also and found it to be invaluable inasmuch as I knew NOTHING about the market. I found their training to be complete and friendcly. They even have water and treats available for those who attend their boot camp meetings. I attende twice and was supplied with books and materials. It was a hands on virtual training. My computer was open and in front of me. The instructor went over each critical step at a time. had no complaints then about their "How to Do It Classes" .
My uncerstanding is that I may return as often as I wish to go through boot camp training.
I originally signed up for their satelite trading graphs in ofder to be able to actually trade on a daily basis. I dropped out only because I was never flush enough to open a trading account. I do not know what is going on now but I will contact them and attempt to get some more hands on "beginner" training in a boot camp. I will report back and let ;you know how it goes. In the meantime, the only downer for me was the up front 2400 dollars to join them. I was never interested in their MLM program. I just want to know how to trade efficiently!...Yours...Speed
N  24th of Feb, 2013 by    0 Votes
Hi All,
www.stockinnews.com. it is fraud firm/company. I have subscribed for 10000 Rs Premium pack in the month of Feb. 2013 & i lost 100000 rs. on there calls. On the side what They update our intraday call xyz zooms to achive the target however calls are different because they check FII buy contity after maket hours then they update its fraud actually they do not have at all return less than % they just fool people they give diffrant call in actual and they post something different on site. They do not pick call person name Sumit he just drop the massage put sms. I have used massanger service but they don't reply to your quary. he is useless person no confirmation and advise provided on service. once you pay them money even they will not entertain on call or massenger. I have called 100time in two day but he sent formal massage i am busy at moments please leave the sms. Its complatily fraud firm please do not go for service.
There is only one or two person who operate this service nither they answer your query nor call. they are real fooling customer and client with dialy update. I request you all not to go for it for detail please email me I have all calls data with me for month mentained.

On Tuesday 18/02/2013 they had given call sell DLF @ 263 target 252 SL 268. SL triggered. and on site they have updated Reliance capital zooms to achive they target when they had not given the call.

On thursday 21/02/2013 they had given call buy PFC @ 213 target 223 SL 209. SL triggered stock went down 208 lavel.and on site they have updated our intrady call sun tv zooms to achive they target when they had not given the call.

It s totally trap this people should be in jail for this fraud cases.

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