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Marcy's Goldens Marcy Vance


Puppy Mill

Complaint Rating:  60 % with 10 votes
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Contact information:
Marcy's Goldens Marcy Vance
2312 Toms Creek Rd
Marion, North Carolina
United States
Phone: 1 - 8 2 8 - 7 2 4 - 9 2 4 6
Running a contest because she is a puppy mill is the true fact and trying to overcome her bad name what is of the truth and is written all over the world and internet about her and is in fact no lies. So sad for all these un-vaccinated dogs and puppies that are on this puppy mill farm living in kennels. please buy from this lady to rescue these poor animals but when you buy from her only offer $200.00 at the most and ask for a guarantee that covers everything included with the puppy at that price for 2 years at least being there are very sick dogs dead dogs all over the place at this kennel house that has numerous dogs and only 1 person that cares for them. Look at their well being when you go out to this farm you will see what I mean. Dogs filthy never bathed smell like feces and urine knots on them hanging to the ground with gnats all in their fur. drinking dirty water out of green black-green mold plastics. what a mess this place is. make sure you show up there without an appointment you will see it all for yourself. Dear God rescue all these poor animals.

Marcy's Goldens Marcy Vance

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N  12th of Jun, 2011 by    +1 Votes
who in the world is Lea Winkler? No this is from me myself. I wrote this with regards to what I have seen my self out there at Marcys place when looking to buy a puppy from this lady. I see you are all over the internet complaints board with a massive amount of comments in reviews is this what you do for a living is comment on everybody's reviews and blame others for that did not write it but me?

Dont blame others that I do not know because I do not like it when I in fact did it myself. Go to this lady's house yourself and you will see what I mean.
N  3rd of Jul, 2011 by    -1 Votes
Your fault for buying a mixed breed dog. Next time do more research or go to the pound and adopt a mixed breed dog instead
N  16th of Jul, 2011 by    0 Votes
The picture included with the original complaint is not from Marcy's Goldens place. Check your information.
D  4th of Nov, 2011 by    +2 Votes
Have purchased from the breeder. Do not agree. Will counter to both the original complaint and the subsequent posts with pictures attached

I have been up to the breeder's farm twice. I stress the word farm because when you arrive, a person will notice other farm animals inhabit the property. However, I am also not sure about the original picture attached because I never witnessed a concrete and chain link kennel with large amounts of animal droppings (picture of horse droppings has already been questioned in a previous post). The urine knots and other conditions were not observed on my visits, and I walked through the entire property where dogs resided and throughout the breeder's residence. You also forgot to mention the puppies and the mothers reside in the house with the breeder. I also question the complaint's request to go without an appointment because the breeder works by herself with dozens of golden retrievers to take care of. It would be impossible to pull a so-called smoke and mirrors trick all the time. However, that would become obvious upon arriving at the farm.

With both of my previously mentioned facts, I am unsure that you witnessed the same breeder because your description is vastly different from the one I have seen for myself.

As for the second post, it is a 'no brainer' to realize that the pictures from the website that have been attached in previous posts were used as a marketing tool. This does provide anything of substance; however, given the platform, it will automatically generate unfavorable impressions. It does not show any actual evidence of the breeder running a puppy mill. As for the most critical accusation, it does not take a 'rocket scientist' for one to do his/her research to confirm the sale of puppy laws. However, the accuser did not and provides further evidence to question this compliant with extreme prejudice. However, for anyone interested, the link has been attached not showing any evidence of illegal sales of puppies prior to eight as illegal in the state of North Carolina. Thus, the accusation of lying to the vet/airlines about the DOB is incorrect.

In my conclusion, I write this to ask the readers to do as the original poster, go up to the breeder's farm and decide for yourself. I personally put the effort to provide a logical counter argument because the absolute disagreement with my observations while visiting the farm. As for the subsequent posts, it is unfortunate the accusations were made because they without merit, research, and/or knowledge of the subject. If counter arguments are to follow, I request them to address the actual subject at hand and not to my disagreement. Anything of the latter will just provide nothing more than justification than the compliant being nothing more than the common practice of Internet misinformation (which needs to be 2 shut down).
D  3rd of Dec, 2012 by    +1 Votes
I can not believe that somebody would accuse Marcy of running a puppy mill... I'm from California and bought my golden from her and he was beautiful healthy clean... just amazing! He is the best dog we've ever had. He's huge and healthy still. So, shame on the person that is trying to hurt Marcy.. Why don't you talk to the people that have adopted from her before you go spouting off about something you know nothing about... We are getting ready to get another one and I'm proud to buy him from her. SHAME ON YOU
N  27th of Sep, 2013 by    +2 Votes
What a joke! have you seen her house and dogs to know what her place is and looks like? No because you are in California. Do you have any idea where her dogs mate at? They mate inside cages for your information and they never ever come out of them. So what do you call a place like this? Does this kind of place sound like a regular family breeder? No she has numerous dogs in each cage that never get to come out ever. You should see their toe nails how long they are. You should see all the mats in them for they never get washed nor bathed. They don't even have vaccines not even rabies vaccines. Go out to her place you cant judge it 2200 miles away from her and see the well being on her 30 something dogs she has in cages. Very sad so inhumane those poor dogs have no life no socialization she does not even have a connection with them other than calling out their names when going to feed them. Look how fast she answers emails sitting at the computer all day waiting for emails to come in to sell a dog and the phone calls are just so absolutely bizarre what she tell you on the phone just to sell a puppy too. When you got your puppy was it white in color or was it brown, what did it smell like when you got it? Don't even bother to answer these questions because I know all the answers myself. That tells you straight up puppy mill and in it only for the money is all and that is it. Poor dogs and poor puppies too! Somebody needs to buy the puppies just to rescue them out of her home is what it is but they are only worth $500.00 if that. If you only knew more as I do you would know all the truth of Marcy Vance and all her caged up dogs that are nasty.
D  6th of Nov, 2013 by    -1 Votes
Whoever started this needs to STOP!!! Marcy is a wonderful breeder and a very loving mother to all of her other animals! The picture shown is NOT from her kennel. I have been there numerous times and own 2 of her wonderful babies. Maybe her conditions are not the most ideal and I am sure she would love to have better but her money goes back into her dogs and their care, not in creating a fancy kennel to impress the world! You need to check into her background and her history with dogs, as well as her character! You obviously don't have much if you feel they need to publicly try to tear someone down like this! Anyone reading this that would like to talk to me personally, I would love to. Leave me an email address and I will send you my phone number.
A  27th of May, 2014 by    +1 Votes
I feel ashamed of myself. I actually visited the kennel (she knew weeks in advance I was coming) and I still adopted from this kennel. I wish I had looked at what a real breeding kennel looked like. The place seemed clean enough but there were several separate cages and fenced in kennels, some nude a barn. She seemed sincere and kept me informed with progress and pictures as my Tessie grew up. I was given a discount because this was the first litter for Tessies mother. Now about 5 years later my Golden is having violent seizures and has for about three years. I honestly think she is inbred. Her seizures come about every four weeks. She has anywhere from 4 to 8 siezures on average but recently (last week) had about 15 over a three day period. They are violent and have taken their toll on her health. She looks 15 years old and has suffered brain damage. I was hesitant to write this on this page...I wanted to stay out of this bickering but after her seizures last week, and her deteriorated brain function, I just had to vent and possibly warn some future adopter from going through what I am now. I seriously believe she is inbred, and now looking back at the conditions of the kennel can see how that could have happened. Please seriously consider before adopting from here. If you have never seen what a clean wel run kennel looks like, go to a few and then visit this one. I know which way you will go. I love my Golden but this is unfair...mostly to Tessie.
D  14th of Dec, 2014 by    -1 Votes
When I was 11 years old my family adopted a little female golden from Marcy. My family has always been animal lovers, we would never adopt from a puppy mill facility. We made several unplanned/unscheduled visits to Marcy's to visit her and her puppies. I remember touring her facility and seeing the 5 or 6 goldens she had, maybe to he one litter of puppies, and a few horses. Coming forward 14 years, my family still has our little golden puppy we adopted. She has been a very healthy and happy dog her entire life. Now, at 14 1/2 we can now see her health starting to decline and it breaks our hearts, but what a life! And a 14 1/2 year old golden retriever! How often do you even see that happen? I work at an animal hospital, every day I see grossly inbred 'purebred' dogs. And I'm always thankful and amazed my golden has had such a fulfilling and healthy life. I will say I haven't visited Marcy's kennels in years and I can't provide a testament to how they look now, but I can say I am eternally thankful to her for giving my family such an amazing member to our family.
N  13th of Dec, 2015 by    -1 Votes
Photo posted is not from Marcy's. We have one of her dogs--couldn't be happier! Best dog with the best temperament. These disparaging remarks are all from the same person--her competitor, Lea Winkler. Always types in run-on sentences. You'll be very pleased with Marcy and her dogs :)
D  28th of May, 2016 by    +1 Votes
Marcy has 30 dogs and breeds them to each other that are not supposed to be. She is creating bad genetics in this breed. This lady never does vaccines, exams on her dogs, nor does she have heart worm tested either. She lets the old ones stay there u till death on her property being she does not put any animal down when suffering. She has this thing where live in my cages until you all die on the ground in their own feces and urine. Make sure when you go to her place look how well her dogs are full groomed and especially look at their 4 inch toe nails they have along with the clumps of feces urine in all their coats. This woman is a for sure puppy mill breeding in her 70's being all alone just for money. She thinks she is acquiring the best dogs out there but then they are nothing but crap and inline breeding she is doing too. Stay away from this puppy mill filthy kernel. Trust me, you will yhank me later. The reviews on here that are not talking bad on here are her friends weighting the reviews for her to make her look good when in fact not, she is just a filthy puppy mill is all that has no interaction with any of her dogs. Her house is loaded with dogs too and you should smell the odor in there...oh my!! This place is a disgrace. Don't forget when you get putti her place you are walking on dead dogs everywhere all over her property. Just so very sad and awful. Trust me you want to buy elsewhere.
D  12th of Jul, 2016 by    0 Votes
I disagree with Marcy's friend DogsAreAwesome writing post on here of Marcy's supposed competitor but not only that Marcy was Lea's really good friend since 2002 and told them where to buy their dogs from of Golden Duck years ago which Marcy has learned majority of all her newest and latest breeding ethics from Lea herself even to June 2016 which has not bred dogs since early year 2014 so I do not know how you can say or claim that information stating run on sentences are from Lea herself. They sold all their dogs but one of them that is age 6. Marcy knew nothing about PRA 1 PRA 2 as well as ICT ichthyosis, Lea taught Marcy all this just recently even though she does not breed anymore of knowing all this knowledge herself since 2011 of Optigen testings from her own dogs. Marcy knew nothing at all other then to breed whatever dogs to whatever dogs creating bad genetics on all the offspring on them "as in who cares". Instead of thanking Lea for her help and knowledge she had given Marcy; you just decided to stab her in the back instead being Lea is no longer Marcy's friend ever again due to the way Marcy treats her, down talks her with her ugliness, and is argumentative always right with arguing with her all the time. There are more then one side to Marcy, she is not the religious person that he makes herself out to be at all. You and Marcy should have paid Lea for her knowledge and all her time, not dig her dignity and soul into the ground by writing crap on line about her of which is not true, Lea is a very nice person that will do anything to help others for free even, she has a very big heart and people like this are very hard to find. Start talking crap on yourself on the internet and if not I will do it for you so you can see what it feels like yourself. I know a awful lot on Marcy Vance to post on here and if you want to get ugly with all this I will post it all on line for the world to see what kind of a person that she really is as well as her family too. As they say, " what goes around comes around."

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