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Marcus Evans / THG / Scam

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Hi there,

Just wanted to give you a little bit of an insider view on Marcus Evens.

I worked for Mr Marcus Evans and his Marshal named Mr Adnan Quazi for just over an year.

I first worked for THG where a Manager teach you to treat any secretary you come across like [censored] in order to pass through her and eventually speak with her boss. Just managers make few bucks exploiting your work and stealing your deals, and normally by the time you get the full picture you get the boot.

In THG you dont sell anything except an idea! In order to cut overheads Marcus Evans doesnt book any venue until they get the clients!!! basically they start pitching for a "huge sport event" where all the top tier companies are suppose to go but in fact is just after they find a couple of CEOs that fall in the trap and pay, that they actually organize and book the venue and all the rest...furthermore as written on the small print THEY DONT GIVE THE MONEY BACK, they will transfer the money for another event whether you like it or not!!

The Conference Division, is just a joke! You won't find a decent professional going upwords in the hierarchy. Rude vulgar sexist low level human beings, that are ready to screw you up for few pennies. Marcus Evans managed to work out a salary system where he gives you less than the minimum salary, and you actually will top up to reach the minimum when selling 1 deal. No one have really made money over there just because the only good products (conference) that attract maybe 40 to 50 delegates will be given to other people and a newly employed sales ex will always get a 10 to 15 delegates conference. Run away...far away if you are thinking joining them.

If you are considering booking a place at a conference with them...think twice, since they don't pay the speakers, the y break even with 15 paying delegates THE REST GO OFTEN FREE. So chances are you will be the one paying and the rest of people that you will see (if any) GO FREE...

Marcus Evans hit the news several times in different Sweden the company went Bankrupt and Mr Evans didnt want to pay employees...

Happy to answer any question
All the best


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  • Co
      26th of Nov, 2008
    -2 Votes

    Dear C

    these are very serious comments you are making against the company - the comments seem to be centered around the sales component of the business. what is the back office admin like and how do the admin staff interact with the sales staff.

    concerned consumer

  • Me
      6th of Dec, 2017
    +1 Votes

    @concerned consumer As a current Marcus Evans employee, I can say with certainty that EVERYTHING that "C" has said about Marcus Evans and ANY subsidiaries (Including THG) are 100% true and they are really, just the tip of the iceberg. There are far worse, far more illegal, things going on within the company than have been brought up here and they are all masterminded by the most unethical businessman I have ever come across in my 20+ years in the business word. Myself, and dozens of current & former employees as well as a handful of past customers have retained council and are filing a lawsuit against Mr. Evans and his company. If you are a current or former employee or customer of Marcus Evans, THG Sports, or any of his subsidiary companies, and would like to have your voice heard in the upcoming lawsuit, please send any relavant information to an the email (see below) that our lawyer's office has setup in order to handle the overwhelming number of complaints that have been pouring in since word of this has been made public. We promise, that should you chose, your name can remain anonymous. Our lawyer's office will contact you via email or phone (should you chose to leave your phone #) and will take your statement should you chose to give one (again, you can remain anonymous), or you can simply send ALL of your information (written statements, evidence etc.) via email and outline your history/experience with Marcus Evans and send it to

    None of this "information" regarding the endless number of scams and unethical business practices that Marcus Evans has been running for decades is new information. You can find endless amounts of substantiated evidence all over the web, especially with websites like Glassdoor. This, legal outlet, for those who have been wronged and had their professional lives completely derailed, is LONG OVERDUE, and everyone deserves to be made aware of the lawsuit so that their voice can be heard. As a result of the overwhelming response generated by the first time we published this information, the law office has requested that we do not publish their phone number and instead, direct everyone to the email first so that our lawyer can then reach out via whatever avenue you request (all emails will be responded to within 3 business days).

    And if it is not obvious to any prospective employees or clients of Marcus Evans, THG Sports, or ANY Marcus Evans Company, RUN……… stay as far away from this company and/or any of it's services as possible.

    Contact Information for Council Representing the case against Marcus Evans:


  • Th
      8th of Dec, 2017
    -1 Votes

    @ME Employee Dear ME Employee

    You are clearly not a current employee of me group. I recently left the company and have obtained a C level position because of the great training provided to me by marcus evans.

    The fact you have replied to a 9 year old query shows that you are a troll.

    Be more imaginative as you are clearly a pathetic competitor trying to stir up rubbish, or if you really stand behind your allegations then come out of your anonymity.

    By the way other than your nonsense this website has not a single complaint about marcus evans in nearly a decade.


  • Me
      8th of Dec, 2017
    -1 Votes

    @Thomas Lyon Listen here "thomas" (Or marcus)

    1) you are not a c-level executive, that's cute….. It's also cute that me execs get these websites and actually, clearly monitor these sites considering you responded within an hour of my post.

    2) I am certainly no troll and I can prove to you that I am an employee. Go ahead and email the employment lawyer. But you won't, because you're a peasant who has probably worked for one company your entire life and it was probably the only company to give you a job considering you likely have no degree and are uneducated, therefore, the perfect me candidate (Easily manipulated, just one of the sheep who falls in line and believes anything me tells you baaaaaaah). It's ok, you're too stupid to know any better so I feel badly for you. "c-level" hahahahahahahaha okkkkkkkkkkkay buddy! Oh and it isn't even called "me group"…….. But good one! [censor]ing loser! And if you received a "c-level" position because of the training you received at me, I have to say, they must be giving out those things in cracker jack boxes now days because the training you receive at me is all things I learned in my freshman year of college & my internship that same year…… common sense is the best way to describe the "training", that and "anytime you get an objection, just tell a bold faced lie. Not a lie that even might make sense, just the most elaborate, outlandish, clearly [censor] story ever heard.

    3) there are no longer complaints on this site because now days, it is far easier to have your voice be heard on more popular sites like glassdoor etc. You wanna know what's funny though marcus??? I mean thomass….. I'm sorry. It's funny that no matter what site you go on, all of the comments are all exactly the same!!! Crazy how it doesn't matter if it was someone who was employed over a decade ago, or is currently employed, they all have the same exact story with the same facts to back them up. Clearly your mother never taught you that old saying…… I won't bother trying to teach it to you, you're clearly a [censor]. But it is hilarious that you call someone a troll when you're the only person out of 111 comments that has anything positive to say about me/thg and oh ya…… what's that I said about monitoring these sites? That's right, you even proved my point by stating that no one had commented on this in 9 years and yet booooom, hours after I leave a comment, there's marcus defending himself! Interesting how that works, what are the odds marcus? I mean thomass…… damn, i'm so sorry, I keep doing that.

    4) I know you're slow, uneducated etc…. Hahahaha but it's so funny that you tried to call yourself a c-level exec.! If you were anything other than the peasant you are, you would know that in order to maintain he integrity of an ongoing investigation/discovery prior to filing charges, you cannot be anything other than anonymous. But again……….. I know you're too stupid to know any better. Bahhhhhhhh bahhhhhh bahhhh just fall back in line you [censor]ing sheep.

    5) you really don't want to test me you pos thomass! Go ahead and try, because for anyone who is interested, I have, in my possession, all of the training manuals and collateral published by me and given to reps, photos of how outdated their offices, technology, culture, supplies, furniture, computers, phones, software etc. Are, recordings of my boss blatantly lying to prospective clients on the phone, email and phone recorded proof of him attempting to steal one of my accounts and close the deal behind my back, I have everything!!! So why don't you go ahead and either post or send an email to the email created by my lawyer and I will be happy to prove that 1) you, thomass…... Are a nobody pos, definitely not a c-level anything. 2) that I in fact am exactly who I say I am, someone capable of independent thought, educated, successful, and smart enough to know when a company is shady as [censor]! You obviously are not…….. Run along back to your flock lil' sheep! Bahhhhhhhh! You're a peasant thomass!

  • Ja
      14th of Mar, 2018
    0 Votes

    @ME Employee Hello - is there a way for us to connect? I am considering them as a sponsor and just sent an email to you with questions via this tool. Not sure if you are in receipt of. Thanks

  • Ma
      27th of Nov, 2008
    0 Votes


    I have received a job offer in Thg in their offices in Montreal. I am really interested by their offer and i would really like to join them. Could you tell me more about the HR policies. It is written on the contract that they are providing only one day's notice. Could you tell me if i can be fired like this or if they are ready to give some time to their new sales executive to adapt to the process. Moreover, what is the average of deals that you can hope per month?
    Do you really think i can do money if I work for them because actually they provide good career evolutions and it is the purpose?
    What do you mean by they treat the secretaries like ###?
    I would be pleased if you could answer to me


  • Sa
      4th of Dec, 2008
    +1 Votes

    i completely agree with you, as a staff with them at the moment and all you said is very true.100% true.

  • Sh
      10th of Dec, 2008
    +1 Votes

    I would like to share with you my experience at THG in London.

    What this person is saying about this company is absolutely true. I worked in their London office last year. When I was hired I was told that only the best stay and if you are good you can make so much money. I received a week training and was sent to the sales floor. First impression something was fishy because on a 20 people sales floor only 3 were here for more than a year. It says a lot for a 25 years old company.

    During the recrutment process and the training we were told that we have to talk only to MD's or CEO's of companies making minimum £30 millions/ €50 millions and close the deal within the day. Ok this is a challenge and they are giving you 3 month probation period because as they said it is the time you need to close your first deal. However after only 2 weeks on the sales floor the monday evening I was called to be said to take my staff and get off the building. The reason was that I wasn't fitting in the job and I wasn't performing enough. What?? After only 2 weeks? Knowing that during that period only 1 out of the 12 people who started at the same time as me made a deal.

    OK I know that it is a sales job and that you have to perform. If after 3 month I would haven't made a deal I would have understood but after 2 weeks and knowing the nature of the task I can't accept the fact that it is a question of performance. Knowing that I left a job where I was making £24000 pa + commissions to join this company.

    But later I met one of my former colleagues and told me what do you think? Most of the people are here to do some lead sourcing for the senior member of the floor. It's funny but during this 2 weeks when I wasn't performing I qualified 2 very good contacts who asked me to call them back later in the month but I guess that these 2 contacts weren't lost for everybody.

    If you are about to accept a job at marcus evans as the whole group is managed the same way as THG, good luck

  • Ja
      14th of Jan, 2009
    +2 Votes

    Carlo is 100% correct...

    Worked out of the Marcus Evans - NYC offices...

    Packages: 2 to attend Summit - $40, 000 3 to attend - $65, 000 4 to attend - $80, 0000

    Commission = 5%

    1.) You make calls to C-Levels - CEOs CFOs CIOs -
    2.) When you book a follow-up call w/ the C-Level - you inform your Sales Manager (Ira Silverman/Steve Cornell)
    3.) They then pretend to be the 'Director of Operations.'
    4.) To get you motivated the 'Director of Ops' will take the follow-up call in front of you. (To make it seem like money will line your pockets.)
    5.) Then they will play 'hardball' w/ the prospect & say(If the prospect is CEO of Pepsi-Cola), 'There is only 1 seat left & Coca-Cola will take your spot if you don't commit right at this moment!'

    Thats called a 'blowout' Blowout in Marcus Evans is to try & make the prospects feel 'desperate' to join the Summit. The whole excercise is a psychological way of seeing how interested the prospect is. And also for the Sales person to incorporate 'urgency' (As fake as it is) into the pitch.

    If bait is not taken:

    6.) When the prospect does not bite, the 'Director of Operations' will call him/her back (Without your knowledge)
    Director of Ops will say, 'Lets strike a deal, you pay $40, 000 instead of $65, 000 & bring 3 people w/ you to the Summit. You can also bring a floater(Person who does not engage in one-on-one meetings...We'll also accomadate 1 person for the subsequent Summit...Give us a list of the 10-15 Vendors you'd like to meet & we will assign a Sales rep to personally make sure to call all of them...And even if we get 6 out of 15 at the Summit..Thats 6 face to face meetings w/ your targets that you wouldn't get in 2 years...Now, $40, 000 is a small price to pay for that? Right? Especially in terms of ROI? How much will 1 deal make your company? Prospect says, '100-250K.' Director of Ops, 'ROI is there, right?' Propsect, 'Right!'

    7.) Keep in mind #6 has gone on behind your back...the "Director of Operations' will rake in a 15-20% commission..leaving you w/ a pep talk...'Hey, that one got away - give me 10 more prospects like that one & we'll convert. Promise!

    8.) You get the picture...Don't know if what they do is illegal, but its unscrupulous as all hell.

    9.) When you leave work @ 5:30 PM...The Directors of Operations will stay till 7 or 8 at night..Every call that comes to your phone is answered by one of them as 'Marcus Evans can I help you?' They will snake those calls..

    10.) Theron burraway, CEO (United States) checks everybody's e-mail(Outgoing/Incoming) Also, he has a cat's eye view to your computer screen whenever he wants from the luxury of his office, home, blackberry...etc...VM's are checked(Cleaned out) by the Sales Managers

    11.) For the bigger deals, Theron Burraway, CEO, is the main man on the call - he pretends to be 'VP of Operations.'

    Theron is a highly intelligent, shrewd, discrete, organized & ruthless individual...He is mostly behind the scenes & is most active when there are people to be interviewed... As he not only decides who should 'make the cut.' But, he decides how long they will stay...

  • Ja
      14th of Mar, 2018
    0 Votes

    @Jacob Ezekial Hello - is there a way for us to connect? I am considering them as a sponsor and just sent an email via this tool. Not sure if you are in receipt of. Thanks

  • Ma
      29th of Jan, 2009
    0 Votes

    I worked at the London office in 2002, it was the same deal then.

    Take the training then leave.

    I can't believe they are still in business!

  • Ti
      10th of Feb, 2009
    0 Votes

    Hi C,

    I agree with you as i have went through training with them and fired after a day on the floor.

    It puzzled me as they embraced me during the 2 interviews and training and praised my successful potential in their fast elevating oppertunity enviornmrnt.
    After the training i was sick for 1 day and couldnt even walk to make it to work.i was diagnosed with gasritis .The lining of my stomach is damaged and i couldnt eat or walk as i was in severe pain. i was admited to the hospital and had a doctors note. I had long and loud burps all though the day so how the hell could i talk to customers or my trainer like that.
    i went back to work the next day and they called me into the back room and told me that the other 2 condidate who trained with me was a better fit for the job.
    i asked them why and they said that i dont have any body language and i was sick for 1 day.

    Body language????
    what does body language have to do with talking on the phone and besides i have an excellent work history and allways consistent making 20 plus sales per day in other jobs.

    They promissed me a successful future with their company and assured me i was fit for the job and they will give me the necessary training to advance at their company.
    for this reason i put off my college application and spend all the money i had from the previous job on travelling expenses and professional attire. This in all cost me over $300.
    they did not give me any notice or warning. How could they judge my future performance based on the first day on the floor which my trainer even told me i did very well and i asked for the chance to make my first legitemate call.

    i have allways done well in communications and customer relations as i have done hospitality courses, social services, bartending and other customer relations jobs.

    They literally build up my hopes and then pushed me off the cliff.
    i was depending on my paycheck to pay my rent and because of their dishonesty im gonna be evicted from my appartment.
    marcus evans really walked over my career, goals and expectations like it was nothing but ###.
    I want to bring marcus evans down like they did me. Thay should pay for their undelivered promisses and for crushing my career as the course i had planned on applying for at George Brown is now closed.

    Ill give my email address on here so anyone who have been beaten down by marcus evan can contact me so we can work together to bring them down. you can call me tiffany.

    dont be intimidated by these companies cause the law applies to them and they have an obligation to follow it just like us. Please contact me.
    Thank you!

  • Kl
      20th of Feb, 2009
    0 Votes


    "6.) When the prospect does not bite, the 'Director of Operations' will call him/her back (Without your knowledge)
    Director of Ops will say, 'Lets strike a deal, you pay $40, 000 instead of $65, 000 & bring 3 people w/ you to the Summit. You can also bring a floater(Person who does not engage in one-on-one meetings...We'll also accomadate 1 person for the subsequent Summit...Give us a list of the 10-15 Vendors you'd like to meet & we will assign a Sales rep to personally make sure to call all of them...And even if we get 6 out of 15 at the Summit..Thats 6 face to face meetings w/ your targets that you wouldn't get in 2 years...Now, $40, 000 is a small price to pay for that? Right? Especially in terms of ROI? How much will 1 deal make your company? Prospect says, '100-250K.' Director of Ops, 'ROI is there, right?' Propsect, 'Right!'"

    I lost many deals because of this sort of deal and I worked in one of the company's more "formidable" European offices. Bad Bad Idea!! I should have known they were just using expats like me, but I desperately needed a job. Anyway, our GM basically told me there was some complications in the deal and less than 24 hours later, I saw my lead on his desk attached to a contract.

    "10.) Theron burraway, CEO (United States) checks everybody's e-mail(Outgoing/Incoming) Also, he has a cat's eye view to your computer screen whenever he wants from the luxury of his office, home, blackberry...etc...VM's are checked(Cleaned out) by the Sales Managers"

    Your office had allowed Sales Execs. their own computers? Where I worked, we had 15 people (at one point) working on various Summits and 3 computers. We were assigned time to use the computers, unless you were sending out decisions. But managers often offered to send the decisions out for the newbies- you catch my drift!

  • Jo
      20th of Feb, 2009
    0 Votes

    They are not nice people.

  • Ta
      29th of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    ###ing ###... marcus evans are the most dishonest ### aroun..

    dont buy anything from them... theyir conferences and summits are all ###

  • An
      16th of Apr, 2009
    0 Votes

    Does any one know what the basic salary is for a sales executive just starting??

  • Di
      16th of Apr, 2009
    +1 Votes

    $1000 per month was what they paid in the Toronto office as a base salary. It was also taxed and paid out at the end of the month. Commission was on top of that, and that always changed...I worked in the Defense division and was pretty good at it, made my way to Assistant Sales manager and then got ###ed like everyone else in the company.


  • Ca
      16th of Apr, 2009
    0 Votes

    I have worked out of the Chicago office. The GM is horrible in demoralizing. There intent is to break you down to nothing. You come in with high hopes only to be filled with lies. They put college students in position of management and brainwasshed to adhere to lies form the GM John Ksar. Keep your college grads out of the brainwashing that Marcus Evans do on your young people. They are used in bed by those in authority with the young minds beleiving they could and would move to the top. I was working under a Ed whose in DA he is a psycopath and a paranoid vinditive parasite, BEWARE! The Feds should look into the company and its practices of plantation and sexual harassment that excists there


    Chi Town

  • An
      17th of Apr, 2009
    0 Votes

    Does any one know what the annual salary is for a sales person in the UK working at THG. Also does any one have an idea to the average commission earnings on top of the basic.

    Many thanks

  • Ca
      18th of Apr, 2009
    0 Votes

    ed giangrosso is a psychopath and paranoid beware I use to work there RUN!

  • Ca
      18th of Apr, 2009
    0 Votes

    If you are looking for ed giangrosso he's working management in the chicago office. He use to work in the Prague office for Marcus evans they're probably many complaints there in Prague against him he's not to be trusted little do the gm ksar know that ed is trying to take his job i overheard this when i worked there a year ago! They lie to the C levelexecutives that we have complimentary spots and waiving the $1950 registration fee everyone gets comp they take your credit card info be careful


  • Ji
      4th of May, 2009
    -2 Votes

    Bitter former employees exist at every company. If you spend enough time on the internet, I am sure you could find bitter tirades from former employees at every company. The only difference is that Marcus Evans isn't spending millions to keep the information buried in the latter pages of search engines.

    As you can see by the illiteracy of these posts, you are not dealing with the world's best and brightest minds. Sales is cut-throat. You can either sell or you can't. If Marcus Evans' product was so bad, then how have they stayed in business so long working with the largest, most reputable companies in the world? Spend some time reading their testimonials pages and you will see that high level executives ARE gaining value from their events. Seriously people, stop blaming others for your inadequacies and failures and start looking to improve yourselves so you aren't forced to spend sleepless nights plotting revenge and making libelous claims against a good company.

  • Me
      11th of May, 2009
    -4 Votes

    totally agree with u Jim if you dont the balls to sell dont even look at the MARCUS EVANS company website. Shut the ### up and stay in your hole Pussies.

    Marcus Evans

  • Me
      6th of Dec, 2017
    0 Votes

    @ME You're a brainwashed POS who I guarantee has never worked in a REAL sales job in your life and most likely have never worked for any company other than Marcus Evans. In short, you are a [censor]! I bet you have since been fired anyways because you sure as hell don't know how to sell. OH and BTW you [censor], Marcus Evans' website is the worst website I have ever seen!

  • Ap
      20th of May, 2009
    -5 Votes

    I agree with some posts and with Jim Ryan.

    It is indeed a cut-throat environment. I've been here 5 years, and hit senior titles in 3 divisions. So you can deduct I've chosen to start over 3 times. And I would do it again. I consider myself to be pretty good at what I do, but in no way am the best.

    Some of the posts admitted that this is one of the best training available. I agree. It is an everyday challenge, and obviously reaching CEOs all day asn't for everyone.

    Also, I've been to over many summits. They are awesome. If I was on the other end of the phone, that would be my gig. As for complimentary spots, they are offered in exchange for the delegates attendance. M.E. made this decision years ago. Delegates that don't show up do pay the cancellation fee, which is what we used to charge up front. Anyone smart enough would agree that it is fair. Marcus Evans pays for the event, room food etc up front, so it's normal to recover those costs if the delegate leaves an empty seat... And Solution Providers expect these people to be in attendance the second they access the scheduler to take their meetings...

    As for THG, come on people. This is corporate hospitality to major sports events. Sports are universally expected. Executives host or they don't. Find what they want go from there.

    On the other hand, there are many ways to achieve success.

    So when I read posts like Carlo's stating that conferences are free, THG doesn't book venues and treat secretaries like crap... I don't know what you smoked or sniffed before coming to work. I do understand your frustration, but that's it. Based on what you wrote, I wouldn't even hire you in another company.

    Shelkan. You sound honest so I won't discredit what you're saying, however if a manager tells you you're not performing after 2 weeks, chances are either you aren't doing anything at your desk or it was about something else. That sounds fishy. I;ve seen people who were brutal on the phone but

    In everyone's defense, some of the managers are rough people. I've seen stories like this happen elsewhere too, and you can read about it in any newspaper on any day. There is only one thing I agree with. There are some people that I would "gladly push down the stairs if I had the opportunity". No names necessary. Just a point.

    Tiffany Bailey's story gave me the willies. If you don't have a full understanding of the labor laws in your area, you better have a solid spine. Whoever sent you packing was obviously a master of being an a-hole.

    But that's all. I've met some of the best people working here and through other offices. I have made 1000s of contacts in other organizations. I have learned to fear no one. I have learned the end-to-end process of research to the close. I have closed sales in all my divisions and closed sales for others.

    At the end of the day, if you believe in yourself and believe in your product, there is nothing to stop you.

  • Ca
      26th of May, 2009
    +3 Votes

    Yep Carlo is back!

    Now, you have seen (in the posts from APM and Jim) the kind of attitude a truly slave of Marcus Evans can show. These two idiots above are a good example of what kind of people you will find in Marcus Evens.

    Very aggressive small dogs, normally without any formal education and low IQ, and with the belief that "if you don't make it in marcus evans, you must be a looser". Ah ah, Can't believe how brainwashed you are guys!!

    Just to answer the questions from previous posts...

    BASIC SALARY:------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Basic salary in ME is always slightly short than the minimum salary allowed in any given state. In uk for istance the National Minimum Wage based on 37.5 hrs a week should be 933gbp amonth and hence 11200 yearly. Normally in ME you would get something around 850gbp (yep, that's gross) and you actually reach the minimum legal when selling 1 deal. If you don't sell anything in a given month, they will top up your wage till they reach the minimum, not for filantropy but just because otherwise it would be illegal.

    The commission structure is divided in incremental steps, from 5% to 25% or something like that. They are totally unachivable for the following reasons:

    1) CONFERENCE QUALITY:You won't be given any good conference at all if you don't complain and most certenly never at the beginning. On the other hand, managers will get 60 to 80 delegates conferences, you will have the crap ones (from 15 to 25 delegates)

    2)HOW MANY PEOPLE ON THE SAME CONFERENCE? They will put on any given conference too many people to work on it. Hence your possible delegates will have to be divided in 2 or 3 (depending on how many collegues they put on it). If by any chance they see the conference is going well thanks to your hardwork they will immediately put one more sales ex on it. Just to give you some perspective: a decent conference company would put just 2 sales ex on a 80 to 100 delegates' conference (this way you can make money).

    TOTAL EARNINGS: if you are lucky and very good, you might get £15.000 gross. In most other serious company such as Informa, Centaur or Terrapin, you would get 20k basic, and 30/35K the first year.

    One thing has to be said, this employees exploiting machine is very well architectured.
    From the website with the "corporate values" and how they will "value and reward success"...they don't certenly mean that "monetary" ah ah.
    Let me get this straight: With ME you will not go very far with your career. One reason is that the company have virtually no hierachy. there's the god Marcus that you will never see (not even at the Christmas Parties), few MD (one per nation) and than managers and assistant managers, the rest is labour with no value to them.

    During my MBA they tought me that all values that affects the group dynamics within a given companies, ultimately would come from the top and the example they set. It's here that ME hit the lowest in my opinion.

    No weakness are allowed, I saw a long standing excellent manager leaving because the MD won't give him half day holiday on the day he was splitting with his wife.
    No women will be considered as Managers, I saw an MD saying out loud during a training to an outstanding female manager that women will not go far simply because they are not able to command.

    Send your CV to other companies: Informa, Centaur, Terrapinn are good and you will be valued and paid.

    Good luck

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