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Marc W. Eaton, PHD / Terrible experience

1 1227 Alice StreetWaycross, GA, United States Review updated:
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Phone: (912) 283-6629

This is the most abusive person having anything to do with the health care field I have ever met. He claims to be a psychologist but he is most focused on his own ego. In dealing with a very ill person with a long history of well documented mental illness, he seemed intent on making the worst possible situation even worse. He told him, who has been in a mental health facility multiple times, been diagnosed by several psychiatrists independently to be severe and in need of long term care, that there was "nothing wrong with him" and asked "why are you even here". Eaton was very abusive in his approach and language, and showed a general lack of common sense in dealing this way with this history. It is a shame that the poor and most disabled are subjected to this kind of sham.

The U.S. Department of Justice said that a "lack of generally accepted standards" contributed to patient deaths at the state psychiatric hospital in Atlanta. This is a good example of what is wrong with health care in Georgia.

How he can claim to help people deal with any type of issue at all is laughable. He needs to be getting some help himself!

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  • Tl
      14th of Nov, 2010
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    Yes your article regarding experience you endoured with Dr.Eaton could not have been better written, Ive posed two myself, Thanks fore sharing, Tammy,

  • Tl
      14th of Nov, 2010
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    Yes I too had a similar expreience and would have to say your article was very will written, , , Ive posted two myself, Thanks fore sharing,

  • Ro
      3rd of Nov, 2018
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    This man, not doctor, Marc Eaton should not be allowed to practice psychology. He uses his years of experience to try and get into the heads of his patients so he can belittle and antagonize them. From the beginning, his office is not an office, it’s a home with a single driveway. If the drive has a car in it, better not park in the open patch that has a driveway ramp because you’ll get scolded. My wife and I had a seat in the living room of this house and after a few moments we were greeted by a nice secretary. She provided HIPPA forms and then Mark came out and eventually took me back to one of the bedrooms that is set up to look like an office. He told me where to sit and I moved the chair because it was in a location that made my mental health worse, with doors and windows behind me. He questioned as to why I did it, but he questioned so in a condescending way. Following that, he scolds me for where my vehicle is parked, not doing any harm and he goes out to the living room to make my wife move it and tells me “there’s a mile stretch of road you can park on out there”. We start the session and he continuously tries to belittle me and antagonize me to get a reaction. He repeatedly would stand up and come walk over to me sitting in the chair and stand right over top of me as in a position of authority. I stood up and told him he is not in a position of authority and to please quit coming and standing over me but he repeatedly did it approx 5 times even after I asked him to quit. He is suppose to be a doctor but he kept telling me that I have a choice in my mental state and what I feel and what I say, and that is very untrue for anyone with poor mental health. For him to say that to someone who is clearly struggling, is enough to discredit this “doctor”. I never once yelled at him but I naturally speak loud and even louder when I am passionate. He threatened to call the police on me out of no where on multiple occasions and when I asked “why? What am I doing? I am not being hostile.” He told me yes I was being hostile and I must not know the definition of hostile. He also called me disrespectful because I use curse words heavy when I talk especially when it’s about something that’s bothering me or my mental health. On probably atleast half a dozen occasions, he told me “you have a choice...the choice is yours as far as what you say and do and even being here. This appointment is your choice, you can leave”. I repeatedly told that him my choice was to stay and finish the appointment and let’s get through it and then he would begin to belittle and antagonize again until he got a reaction from me and then he would use the same line “it’s your choice to be here, you can leave” as if he was trying to force me out. This man should not be allowed to practice and should not be around mental health patients, especially veterans that have certain trigger points and he intentionally tries to hit every one of them.

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