Mapleberry General Tradingit’s the rude behaviour which was done in shop and high rates of low cost product.

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When I went in shop they said the chocolates are costing 25 per kg Dhiram and there were chocolates which costed 20 Dhiram also. When I was mixing the chocolates to buy they updated that since there are few chocolates which cost more than 25 dhiram per kg so they have to be paid more and but when I mixed chocolates which were 20 dhiram per kg they didn't tell me that I have to pay less for it. They sold me all the chocolates even of 20 dhiram to me at the rate of 25 dhiram per kg. When I went back to shop to clarify the same they shouted on me and the staff misbehaved and there was a person named Anthony who shouted on me and he said they have charged me more as I have tasted their chocolates. He was very unprofessional and rude to talk to lady Customer. Even the shopkeeper who was sitting at the maain seat shouted and even for Anthony rude behaviour he pointed him out but just to sale the product at high rates they made fool of me. when I asked them kindly let me pick those chocolates for which I have paid and then y should I pay for costly product and buy less valued product they even didn't agree with that. I m very much surprised about the conduct and behaviour of the mapple Berry general trading in meena bazar. I heard very good name and conduct of people of Dubai. But the way they behaved has changed my impression. Kindly check with the shopkeer and mr Anthony who misbahved with me. I will be obliged and I hope people who visit them as tourists in future are being attended well by them

Mapleberry General Trading
Mapleberry General Trading

Jan 04, 2018
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  • Br
      Aug 08, 2019

    I was personally working with these stupid people... The owner is a Sindhi from India... This name is Kumar... Horrible people to work with... Even his fat son Karun... They appointed me from India as a Sales Manager and gave me a Labour Visa ... Salaries are never given on time ... I was promised a different salary in India and they paid we peanuts when i was working under Mapleberry ... Pathetic people to work with ... I quit the job in 2 months... Would handle the senseless people... Just thought of googling about the company and not suprised by what i found out about them

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  • Gb
      Aug 23, 2019

    I have lived in Dubai for over 5 years, and this is the most customer unfriendly store I know of. Their nuts (especially walnuts and almonds) are infested with insects, which grow in size a few days after the purchase and start building scary webs.

    The first time I complained to them, they argued a lot but exchanged after sometime. But the next time I went, they just refused to exchange or refund, saying that I did not keep the walnuts in a proper atmosphere! Despite multiple attempts at explaining, they just refused (especially the overweight looking owner at the counter).

    I have returned products, including foods, hundreds of times in Dubai, but this shop clearly lives in a different world.

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