Manor Lake Labradoodlesick puppy

Purchased a puppy, arrived in December 2014 with bloody mucus stool for his first bowel movement and was underweight per vet. Stool showed giardia. Now 1 month later he is still having diarrhea and stool still has giardia after 2 different treatment regimens. Now on the third. I have been very careful about preventing reinfection which is incredibly time consuming and he is not accepted in doggy day care and friends don't want him contaminating their yards, understandably. I wouldn't want anyone else to have to face this. Yes, the dog is beautiful and has a lovely temperament and this is not his fault, but in doing more research and reading other experiences on this site that match mine I just want to put out there my experience for people who are researching labradoodles to know that this happened and I am very worried about his health and if he will clear this. While there are some areas of the US that have more environmental giardia than others, the most common risk to dogs is dog to dog in high volume facilities and puppies are especially vulnerable. It is important to research a breeder well and to consider the health of the puppies they have placed as well as their volume of dogs being cared for at one time.

Jan 03, 2015

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