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Manes & Tails Organization ( AKA M&T ) / FAKE HORSE RESCUE

1 Hoboken, NJ, United States Review updated:

Manes & Tails Organization
c/o Ellen-Cathryn Nash
456 Ninth Street #26
Hoboken, NJ 0703

While Manes and tails asks for donations to support their rescue - Manes and Tails Organization is the only horse rescue in the entire United States that free leases their horses. (This horse rescue give up all expense and adopter of horse supplies all expenses themselves including food, shelter and vet care. M & T often places unhealthy horses with people that do not know the extent of their true conditions. Healthy horses are placed with Nash's friends)

As noted on their website in a apparent sick joke attempt by their founder and CEO - "The rescue is named 'Manes and Tails as all that is left of Bullwinkle and Sahlih is a bit of mane and tail from each." On the morning of August 17, 2000 when they escaped their pasture, Bullie was hit by a Ford F250 truck and was killed instantly. Sahlih was not so lucky. He was run over by a Ford Escort and was alive but beyond recovery. Both horses were free leased. Manes & Tails Organization was incorporated in June of 2004.

No government agency or honorable humane groups really reconize them.

Board of Directors who give no credability to any organization seeking public funds include the following -

Ellen-Cathryn Nash, Founder /CEO - Fired from her employment, she then statarted up her alledged horse rescue company.

Adding more major concern is the questionable director friends she appointed including:

Director Howard Brodsky - SEE Department of Consumer Affairs charges New York Health & Racquet Club hid fees for 'free' services
Read more:

... New York clubs operated by Equinox Fitness, New York Health & Racquet Club ... TSI) has resulted in an ongoing police investigation... ... in the economy, according to Equniox CEO Harvey ...

/URL removed/

Director Amanda Sorvino - Actor Sorvino says FBI asked him about Cordaro and county-funded ...into the production of "The Trouble with Cali, " a movie Mr. Sorvino shot ... Mr. Sorvino's daughter, Amanda Sorvino, who wrote the ... you a party to a possible RICO investigation

Ms. Sorvino also was written up in newspapers when, after complaints about the conditions of horse stalls in her backyard she had a waste hauler remove 5 large truck loads of accumulated horse manure

Manes and tails received N.J.S.A. 52:2-4 Violation of illegal use of State seal on Newsletter warning.

Charity Navigator says that 7 out of 10 charities spend at least 75% of their budget on the charitable services they provide. Grouping all charities together the median charity's expenditures are as follows:
Charitable Services: 81%
Administration Expenses: 10.5%
Fundraising Expenses: 7.5%

Manes and tails budget comes to the following outragious precentage: of less than 3% for program services and 97% for administrative costs. This so called not for profit organization and listed directors should be investigated by government agencies, besides being a big disgrace to valid animal rescue organizations.

Program Services - $ 479
Administrative Costs $ 16, 000
Payments to Affiliates $ 0
Total Expenses $ 16, 749

Assets & Liabilities
Total Assets $ 2, 000
Total Liabilities $ 3, 000
Net Assets or Fund Balance at the end of the year $ 100

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  • Pa
      2nd of Jan, 2011
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    A Director is Howard Brodsky who is under police fraud and con operations in NY. Another director had to have neighbors complain about manure build up, Out of over $16, 000 donations only a few hundred are used for horse rescue, all other go to owners operation expenses. She had not even filed a 1999 or 2000 IRA forms per several charity checks.

    Please, how can I cash in by claiming to be a horse rescue.

  • Pa
      2nd of Jan, 2011
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    I am the Director and Founder of Little Orphans Animal Rescue in Phoenix, Az.

    I recently sent an email to this group for information about their "rescue" program and "adoptions", to be sent to my nephew and his wife in utah who are active members of Llittle Orphans Animal Rescue.

    i was shocked and appalled by the response I received from the woman who responded to the email who actually accused me of wanting to take an animal to mexico to sell for slaughter !

    Do not support this organization as it is blatantly clear from the response that i received thta they do indeed take in abused animals to rehabilitate but they only place them with their friends.

    Yet they are a 501(c)3 organization which means that everything is tax deductable, imagine that..feed and care for your horses and write it all off on your taxes..what a deal ! Too bad for them that this practice is ILLEGAL.
    See the correspondencs below for full details.

    Please send information to my nephew about your rescue and adoptions
    He and his wife live in Plain City Utah and are very loving and experienced horse owners and
    are also members of Little Orphans Animal Rescue.
    Thanks and have a great day


    Thank you for your email. My organization does NOT adopt or sell our rescue horses. We 'free lease' some of them to people I know. They never leave the state of New Jersey - no matter where they came from - and I would never in a billion years even think of placing them with someone I have never met.

    Why are you writing on behalf of people in Utah to someone in New Jersey? This is very suspicious to me. I guess there is now a 'shortage' of horses to send to Mexico.

    Thank you again.

    Ellen-Cathryn Nash

    As always I advise you to be wary of this type of group and thoroughly check out any organization before making any type of donation.

    phoenix, Arizona

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