Mancini SleepworldUnresponsive to warranty

We purchased a Chattam & Wells Eastern King mattress in Feb 2007 which had a 10 year warranty. It sagged badly by Sept 2008. We contacted Mancini and went through the inspection process and had it replaced in Oct 2008. Just 3 months later, we are experiencing the same problem with the replaced mattress. We again called Mancini (Van Ness store, Manager Fred Moore) who promised to expedite the replacement. However, he never got back to me. I started calling him every few days since I was suffering on the bad mattress every night. Finally, after more than 2 weeks and at least 6 phone calls, Fred tells me that Mancini no longer handles Chattam & Wells warranty and promised to pass my information to Chattam & Wells warranty department. I just called Chattam & Wells warranty department and they have no record of a claim from Mancini. So, after a frustrating 2.5 weeks, I am back to step 1 in the process of getting my recently replaced mattress inspected.

Yes, Chattam & Wells mattresses (made by SpringAir) is terrible. However, every time I see a Mancini Sleepworld commercial I can only grimace in disgust at their slogan. They are not helping me sleep better, they are helping sleep angry.


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