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I know got to wait for at least one or two years to get appointment for denture making at government dental department.

I am willing to wait but the nurse rejected my request.

I was pushing around without any waiting number given and getting nowhere after 6 or 7 years.

I was told to go to private dental clinic to get one which I did but the dentist charged very expensive and I got one big chuck of plastic in my mouth which made me very uncomfortable with eating and speaking.

I decided not to wear it but my neighbours thought i am angry with them because i d not smile back when they greeted me.

i have difficulties with my social life, whats wrong with the Malaysia govn dental in Sultan aminal Johor?

Or is it because I aam a Chinese Malaysian? I am truly furstrated.

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  • Ra
      15th of Apr, 2011

    Hi, I am a dental officer at a clinic in Kluang and will soon be transferred to JB to continue my government service.

    Perhaps you are going to a clinic with a very high patient flow, have you considered trying for the klinik kesihatan dental clinics?

    At my clinic in Kluang, even though we are very busy everyday we give an appointment about 3 weeks..and after that, slightly over a month, the patient gets his dentures! :) And the pt is free to come back anytime if he has difficulties/discomfort.

    Try to find a smaller government dental clinic. I'm sure they can treat you.

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