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Maine Center for Integrated Rehab / No management / more &Layoffs&!

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I too have had a problem with MIR. Although I have an active case with the Brewer office for a temporal lobe brain injury, the Rockland office refuses to help me in any way. They claim I don't meet requirements, yet I am on meads for a brain injury, had several concussions, and have a documented brain injury.

Yet they're going to give mis-information to another client & treat him. What they convinced this other guy is his ADD symptoms are a result of a temporal lobe brain injury - first, see the movie "My 50 first Dates" & second, he's an adult on Ritalin - that's the same as being on speed.

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      9th of Aug, 2007
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    Yes I am not a Fowlie family member, so I am no longer employed at MCIR along with a long list of others. Nor am I a Fowlie Fan along with a long list of others.

    WOW!!! How does Clayton dare call himself a "Christian". How does he dare enter a church weekly. I am surprised that he hasn't been struck by lightening yet. God will catch up to him & his evil, nasty ways. I saw it all from start to almost finish before I couldn't take it anymore. As much as I loved the clients, I had to go before I was next on the chopping block. I watched as this "man" tortured" many wonderful caring staff members without any regard to the clients that pay for his big salary, his multiple vacations, and his big bonus. And yes we are all aware of his past indiscretions (yes we all know he is not a perfect angel) and he does have skeletons in his closet (apparently he is not "forgiven" yet). Who would want this man as a role model for these brain injured people. Yes he is a user, once he gets you on his side you are gold, but once he is done with you-you are gone with no notice given, just a big surprise (how good is this for the clients?). The comfort of the clients is at stake here-they get attached & comfortable around them and all of a sudden they are just gone with no explanation. This is disrespectful and degrading to the clients. I feel bad when a person loses their job, but when that person is also evil and sides with Claytn & his ways they get what they deserve as well and now they understand the "hurt" that he creates. "Big Boy" is definitely no friend to Kristi! Bullies indeed is what they are, all of them. God he is not.

    I could go on all day about the amount of money the State of Maine is wasting on this dump. These clients would be better served elsewhere. My tax dollars are being thrown into this facility that is doing nobody any good. Why has this place not been investigated??? Is Mainecare waiting for someone to get seriously hurt, lost, or left to their own devices in the community. I have witnessed this first hand myself. In the dead of Winter while out shopping in Bangor I "found" a demented client aimlessly wandering about the parking lot of a local mall. I escorted her back inside the mall & returned her to the staff there. This is how understaffed this place is-where does safety play into this? Clayton obviously does not care. Him & his big ego are the only thing he cares about.

    This place prays upon the weak with false promises of what they will do for them, takes their money, & runs. I am thankful the "wicked witch" is finally gone, but not soon enough. Clayton left a wake of destruction in her path trying to force people to "like" her before he realized that he was her only friend. I can't believe that he canned Kristi instead of this evil old hag. This shows the reality of what a "village idiot" is all about. A High Five to all of you that stuck it out as long as you could, a trickle of tears to those left behind (including the clients sadly), and a one finger salute to the devil himself. Karma will get you. God is watching always and you are screwed.

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      23rd of Aug, 2007
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    As a current employee of Maine Center for Integrated Rehabilitation I was taken aback for several reasons by the entries on this website. First by the outright lies and second by the realization that the clients at our facility were in jeopardy of losing the quality care that we give to each and everyone. And lastly, by fact that should this veiled attempt of character assassination succeed, the means that I have to support my family would be negatively impacted. I have worked for Maine Center for Integrated Rehabilitation for close to seven years. In that time I have seen many clients that I consider “success cases”. Individuals, who were told by the medical profession that they would NEVER walk again, walk past me in the hallways. Another client who currently volunteers in a high profile position at a local college is giving back to the community. There are a group of clients that are responsible for restoring a local ball field for children to use. These people have been given the best gift of all – the ability to contribute to society, to give back and in turn have a long needed boost to their self-esteem. These are just a few examples of the lives our organization touches. Under the guidance of Scott Mayo and Clayton Fowlie. Without us, I am certain that our clients would be lost in the system, falling between the cracks and misdiagnosed as mental health clients.

    I find it sad that the people who are dedicated to seeing Maine Center for Integrated Rehabilitation close have no foresight to see that the clients that they either treated, or saw on a very regular basis have no loyalty to them. What will happen to them if our doors do close? How well will these “do-gooders”, who once cheered our clients on, sleep at night knowing that people that used to smile at them and ask how their children were doing and were actually invested in them are not getting the services so badly needed in this state. How selfish to put their personal agenda before what is right? If indeed, their concerns were legitimate, where were their consciouses when so-called change was needed and they were on the payroll? How is it no action was taken until they were let go for their own various reasons? What exactly is their motivation? How sad it must be to be in their heads, to be so angry, resentful and worst, so egocentric.

    In closing I would have to say that if indeed all of this “sub-standard” care were being rendered I would have seen it in over six years. Not once have I witnessed any care given to our clients that was first of all not needed, second of all, not client driven and third, and most importantly of all unethical. If this were the case, I wouldn’t have waited to be fired; I would have resigned and not associated myself with this company. Instead, I referred my Grandmother here to receive treatment following her stroke, following her successful discharge from Maine Center for Integrated Rehabilitation was later referred as an orthopedic client. Anyone that knows me knows that I would NEVER place my Grandmother in a facility that was not top-notch. This was written only to be a rebuttal against the slanderous statements made against Maine Center for Integrated Rehabilitation. Please also note, I am not signing in under an alias, I am speaking the truth therefore will use my legal name… Lisa Vieta.

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      24th of Aug, 2007
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    Read the comments very carefully Mark. As stated in previous postings, people are not trying to close your doors. If your doors close, it's sure as heck not because of some complaint site on the web. There is only one person who is going to “destroy” you guys... so think REALLY hard! Believe me Mark…you have it all wrong with who you are trying to blame. I know for a fact you’re going down the wrong road. Anyone can make up a username or make it sound like it’s someone else when writing a posting... so be very careful who you point fingers at!!!

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      24th of Aug, 2007
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    Old Clayton Fowlie at the Brewer Maine office has been a notty boy, wouldn't it be a shame if the pictures leaked out of him and his "office lady friend" cheating on his wife leaked out... :-)

    Nobody screws me over and gets away with it, I caught you red handed Clayton Fowlie. No squirming your way out of this one...

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      24th of Aug, 2007
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    Someone needs to report them to carf and give them a link to this complaints board page

    Submit complaints to on this web address

    Everyone should write up detailed reports on this slimeball Clayton Fowlie and request a full internal investigation, it would be great if someone from carf would go work there undercover and arrest Clayton, I bet most people don't know about his "illegal dealings" that he conceals with fake pay slips etc.

    Clayton would get an easy 5 years in prison if people found out.

  • El
      14th of Sep, 2007
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    So.......Any CARF feedback yet????? What's the verdict?? Stay strong all of you insiders!!!!!!!!

  • Ri
      10th of Apr, 2009
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    This issue has been resolved with Sunset Group Fisherman's Village. We wish to remove this complaint from the website. Thank you, Rich and Erin Otterstrom

  • Ti
      7th of Apr, 2010
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      11th of Dec, 2013
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