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Madison Security Group, Inc. / Back Wages, A bull company

2931 Westchester AvenueBronx, NY, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 347-270-1068
Front, the begnning of my employment and They started to pick on me, about what I carry ( Backpack), of Tv Series, ( Power Ranger), not only that, but also, If I was or am wearing the belief of the show, that I written in this page. Not, only of the problem, with the company. I being (2) company, that, they are not paying the right wages, and the hour, you should get. In, other fact is that, one worker, that is a bigger lair. Her name is Ms. Carmen Rivera, the schedule and it's the rude person, that she tell you a different story. Not, the only security Guards company, the name King Security and Investigation. It's the waste security company, not good to work for. By, the way, the company Madison Security Group, Inc. Owner of the company, tell my brother ( an disabled person), to go Hell. The reason of calling him to hell, because, he's the only family member, that I could help me, for any problem with my employment and other thing, too.


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  17th of Jul, 2009
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This company is filled with crude, ignorant workers who will lie on you, take their time in paying you and will totally display just how rude they are by cursing, yelling and threatening you over the phone. They are a group of cowards who would rather use one of their officers as a scapegoat then to admit any wrongdoing. Integrity is not a characteristic they value. Deplorable in the very essence of the word, I quite after I had enough of the disrespectful treatment and shortly wasw blessed with a great paying job with benefits. I encourage any contractor or person looking for work to look else where. Contractors will not get full contract value and employee's will be subject to a constant bombardment of lies, and verbal abuse and be prepared to have them use propaganda to try and hinder your future employment with another compan, it is best to leave this self-destrcuting company at the bottom where it belongs. -100% Truth-
  23rd of Feb, 2010
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Never in my life have I met a unperfessional work environment, you do not get payed for your hours that you worked, when I asked for proper uniform for out side conditions they told me "this isn't Sears, if you don't like it then quit " supervisors have to go over the site supervisor James colon because he wrip up the write ups of certain officers, Madison has been advised but no action has been taken, he hits the older men in the arm when they would tell him please stop hitting me it hurts he also threaten his employees by saying hes going to send people to their house to beat their ###, something seriously needs to be done to company,
  8th of Mar, 2010
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all you mother###ers are pieces of ### nd thats why they treated you that way you ###ing ### ### whores! Madison treats me good. They started me at eleven dollars an hour and now I am armed and making 18 dollars an hour ###! SUck my dick ###s Viva msg!
  26th of Apr, 2010
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I happen to know that person, and they LOST a case but he was a worthless worker. No one wants to have crap attitude people on their team.
  29th of Apr, 2010
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This company is a joke and who ever stands up for them is one too. TruthBeToldUSA is probably on their payroll and supports them.
  7th of Jun, 2010
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This company has no respect for anyone except those that kissed enough [censor] to get into their innercirle.They play games with wages and I would tell anyone to stay away from them.They love the recession becuase they have a endless list of fools to play games with.I work for the Lowell Mass. office.
  9th of Sep, 2010
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I don't know about the company however, you clowns look like a bunch of uneducated [censor]s. Anyone here pass first grade English class? It is people like yourselves that give true security professionals a bad reputation as uneducated and useless. You people wonder why the pay rates are so poor? Look at the talent pool you people are representing in security! Who in the hell shows up for a job or at a site with a Power Rangers backpack and expects to be taken seriously!? Go back and get your G.E.D., try to act and dress like professionals and you might have a better chance at getting more than $ 8.00 and hour. That or get the hell out of the industry so people with common sense and some reasonable command of the English language can fill these positions.

Please check text spelling before submitting a comment (You all obviously missed this part...)
  25th of Sep, 2010
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Be a nice girl, and stop making fun of the backpack boy.The facts about this company are true and the most you can attack people for is spelling?
  24th of Oct, 2010
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...Well, may I add that I fully understand "security6271979" . The 1st post is as coherent as a newborn cambodian def mute baby. I have seen better communication skills from a jar of mayo. I dont expect security officers to be English scholars, however basic [censor]ing english should be expected. These posts are a testament to the poor quality of guards that they were, hence them being fired, quiting, or treated like crap. What the hell do you guys expect from a security job paying minimum wage...seriously. You clowns act like you are well educated and highly experienced professionals embarking on a new fulflling career. The security guards who actually want a career in the industry work hard, get the proper education in the field, and start climbing the ranks and move onto bigger companies. The opportunity is there and it is a lucrative field...for those few quality individuals. The sad fact is that 90 percent of the industry is filled with [censor]ed under-achievers...who continue to make minimum wage for their entire lives...and [censor] about it, like you fools. So to the real security professionals, I salute you! And to the under-achievers, just shut the [censor] up and work your damn hours so that the real professionals can make more money off your billable [censor]...or stop [censor]ing and change careers. Its that simple.
  25th of Oct, 2010
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An employee of the New York office has chimed in.Madison NY office has a great reputation, much like the Lowell office.
  25th of Oct, 2010
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I feel like I should add something about MSG.It is true that they seam to hire loosers and under-achievers, but thats only becasue they are easy to exploit.Its not about providing a good product, but its more about cashing in on lucrative state contracts while providing less than stellar service.This is why most MSG contracts are not renewed.
  13th of Feb, 2011
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I just started working for Madison, and I disagree with all the negative posts against the company. I have been treated with the upmost respect and proffesionalisim. I have a great site and a good tour schedule. there have been no payroll or wage issues. Madison has given me 100% and I have given Madison 100%. If you are committed and dedicated you have no problem. It's those foolish people who have attitude and complain about everything and dont want to work who make those stupid comments to downgrade a company. These are the people who are getting fired and quitting and dont have anything better to do. Remember these are hard times right now you all should be happy you're employed even if you make $8.00 it pays the rent and bills!!! Madison is good to me. You all are just ungrateful and problably collecting public assistance or unemployment!!! A
  19th of Feb, 2011
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They always start out nice.
  20th of Apr, 2011
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i was looking into working for this company...this doesn't sound like the place for me! to many negative attitudes..i'm so glad i found this forum before begining my process..thanks for all the comments!!!
  14th of Jan, 2012
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Damn and I thought fjc was bad I'm still gonna apply I would like to see a supervisor put there hands on me I will give him the beating of his life .
  9th of May, 2012
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These people are Animals. Madison Security is wreck of a company, very very rude people, treating people like dirt, very unprofessional, One of the worst companies there to get hired by! their policy is to 'mistreat underpay enslave'. AVOID AT ALL COST!‎
  26th of May, 2012
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worst company ever, i went there and filled out an application, they gave me an interview date and time, i was there for 3 hours after the time that they gave me, i decide to find out from the rude, disrespectful, uneducated receptionist in the bronx, new york office on westchester, she had the nerve to ask who did i spoke to, and she was the one who took my documents and information.I WOULD NEVER RECOMMEND THIS ### WASTE OF TIME TO MY WORST ENEMY and hope alot of people do read these before they go there to look for a work or to employ them.i didnt read the reviews on them so i wasted 4 valuable hours
  3rd of Jun, 2012
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Madison Security is a company that needs better management better pay rate and more professionalism from the staff i been working for them for 3momth and feel they are not the company they say they are don't like it at all and will quite for a better armed company
  28th of Jul, 2012
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  29th of Jul, 2012
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To be honest I am a supervisor for the MSG company and am making $8.00 an hour are you serious I been in the field for 8 years now and I was told I would be making $9.00 an hour. You can get more out of guards if you interview right and look for quality guards but not a vast quantity of people who you only hire to fill in spots. There are plenty of ways of becoming a company that is respected by all but if owners only stopped thinking so much about getting more and think about what you already have.

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