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Mad Motors / Don't buy from them!

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I would just like to let everyone know not to do business with these people... They took a deposit for a vehicle that they pushed on me and then when I decided not to purchase the vehicle due to the fact that they were ripping me off, and the car was not worth what I would end up paying, they had the nerve to say they were keeping my deposit for their trouble and time. They are located on US1 om Stuart, Florida and I highly recommend that you not by a car or motorcycle from these bad business people.

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      13th of Jul, 2009
    -2 Votes

    These people are con artists. I was selling my motorcycle to them. Went through the haggle process and got a deal struck. When I brought my motorcycle to them (after several visits with the bike) with the title to commence with the cash transaction, the secretary provided the sale papers for me to sign and attempted to rush me to sign everything while the salesman was retrieving $2400 cash that we agreed on and the sales papers clearly reflected <$2400>. I told her that it would only take a second to sign everything and that I am going to wait until I see and count the cash. 10 minutes pass and the salesman comes back trying to change the deal...assuming that I was dumb enough to sign everything quickly like they wanted me to. They are all very shady people working there as with most all used car lots around. I would like to thank the jerzeygirl post above, because I actually read it before beginning the haggle process and had a fair warning about these ###. The internet is everyone's friend... unless you are trying to hide something.

  • Br
      20th of Aug, 2009
    -2 Votes

    Please Email me at everyone who reads this that has got ripped off by Mad Motors of Stuart Fl.
    I have a case right now through the DMV Inspectors against Mad Motors, also through Stuart Sheriff Dept., I might be able to give you some info. on how you can get help!!! The more who come foward and complain against them we can do something about it!!! Please email me right away...thank you, Sabrina

  • Ba
      24th of Sep, 2009
    -2 Votes

    I went here looking for a car. I was looking for one they had posted online, only to find it wasn't actually there. One of the salesmen ended up pressuring me into test driving a car that was ok at best. They didn't bother cleaning the interior and there were obvious defects on the exterior. All I wanted to know was how much the car was. Just a price... that one question turned into two 2.5 hours of hell. Listening to the salesmen tell dumb stories while avoiding my one simple question, making me sign paperwork and somehow they got me to agree to let them run a credit check. They then proceeded to ask all sorts of personal questions about my finances and personal life in general... what does my dad do? what I am going to school for? How am I getting money? How much does my dad make? Etc..etc..

    During these hellish two hours, I overhead a salesman make racist comments while being openly dishonest about car prices. In short, he said that for "certain people" they would jack up the asking price, because "they always give us some number that's way too low". I'm paraphrasing here.

    I decided not to get the car, thinking that the second I sign everything the car would likely burst into flames or they somehow would have tricked me into signing over my soul for some piece of crap with busted parts and an empty gas tank. The mere thought of actually stepping foot into this place again nearly gives me a panic attack. Although one salesman was rather pleasant, the same cannot be said for the vast majority of goons they employ.

    Save yourself the hassle, and don't give these openly racist and dishonest people your money. Go somewhere else.

  • Ch
      15th of Feb, 2010
    -2 Votes

    I was looking at car vids on youtube and launched a google search for Caterham Super Seven. First website listed was madmotors. Upon visiting their site I noticed they were selling a used one with 140hp for $34, 000. That is supposed to be the price of the 260hp version in used condition? I quickly hit the back button to browse other websites. That is when my antivirus notified me of an attack from madmotors. I'm posting the screenshot of antivirus notice on photobucket, and I'll have the Better Buisness Bureau come to this site and have a read.

  • Ma
      26th of Mar, 2010
    -1 Votes

    the total ### of the earth, stay away the sell wrecked vechilles and " fix" them in the "body shop"/paint booth out back STAY AWAY!!!

  • No
      28th of Jan, 2011
    0 Votes

    To everyone of you, so you are properly informed. Mad Motor cars did not open for buisness until 2010, that being said you all are slandering the wrong buisness and may have a very strong libel case against you... Mad Motorcycles went belly up in july of 2010. So if these were in fact true grievances, hmmm funny i am sure the BBB, or DMV would have been involved with the proper buisness. Ill be sure to copy all your names and forward this to the proper people. So you all know This Bugus Complaint forum you are in IS NOT THE BBB, its a [censor] board and it too shall be held liable for libel. Also the paint shop lol is not part of that buisness, never has been so please find out the facts before you slander (LIBEL) ask your lawyers what that is...

  • Ba
      1st of Feb, 2011
    -1 Votes

    According to the Mad Motor Cars website, they opened in 2008. A simple google search shows the address for both Mad Motorcycles and Mad Motor Cars is the same. Also, if you read the title at the top of the page, it says "Mad Motors" and not "Mad Motor Cars". If all of these complaints are in error, then I'm sure the people who have taken their time to write these reviews would be more than happy to send them to the right place. And honestly, I highly doubt people would take time out of their days to write a bogus complaint on said "[censor] board". I didn't make up anything that I wrote above.. I have better things to do with my time. If I find that I have indeed directed my complaint towards the wrong company I'll gladly retract what I've written here.

    As you can see, all of these complaints refer to a "Mad Motors" in Stuart, FL and were written before you say the company went belly up. There is no reference to "Mad Motor Cars" anywhere that I can see. I'm only assuming that people here are complaining about the same company I am, a used car lot located at 612 Southwest Federal Highway Stuart, FL.

    If I were contacted by someone involved with the company who could explain where I'm wrong here, I'd be glad to rectify the situation. Until then, please keep your derogatory comments to yourself and refrain from sending me anymore insulting private messages.

  • Ma
      26th of Jul, 2011
    0 Votes
    Mad Motors - bad buisness
    mad motors
    United States

    these pople are scam artists they buy frame jumk cars...and push them on their prospective buyers...many people i know have gotten fraudluent car fax reports only to run real reports to find that they were frame damaged, flood, or fire cars...if your looking for a honest car lot go see malibu motors in port st lucie

  • Ad
      27th of Dec, 2011
    0 Votes

    Don't listen to the idiot who is threatening libel/slander and tossing around the lawyer tag to intimidate. Continue to post your experiences with this unethical Company so all of us in the Treasure Coast can be protected. I was about to go look at a truck from this place posted online but will spare myself the aggravation.

  • Ms
      21st of Feb, 2012
    -2 Votes

    I went to this supposedly "new" company and I can tell you its the exact same people who have always been there. Its the same owner and manager as Mad Motorcycles. They just had to go out of business and reopened in the same place, with almost the same name.
    I went there, and they tried to finance me at a rate that would have been equivalent to about 75% interest.
    AND They LIED to me about my credit score (saying it was low) and I Know it is not. And when I said "Man I have to check on that" they backpedaled furiously, and were like "OH dont worry about it - we will get you financed". Now that I see they have a lot of scams on cars, Im glad I didn't buy the car, on cash OR credit. I mean they told me one price (10500) on the lot, then I get into the office and suddenly the car is 13, 000. These guys are going to try to scam the wrong people and get shot in the face. I really hope someone goes in there with an uzi and friggin sprays and prays. I felt SO BAD because right along side me there was this nice family and they were getting scammed and I couldn't even say anything to them. OH and it was a black family and they were talking ### about the black family when they weren't in ear-shot. RACISTS!!! SCAM ARTISTS!!!

  • An
      16th of Apr, 2013
    -2 Votes

    I completely agree with these people posting the complaints... silly me, new in town, needed a car and purchased one from them. Interest rate is outrageous. I specifically asked for a carfax. they told me the site was down, but they would get it for me the next day and email it and that we could do a conditional contract for the car based on the carfax report. Well, I did, and the carfax has never came. I informed them via email and in person of this. The lady in the office told me she gave it to the sales person. He didn't have it and they stated that they can't reprint. Car is making noises, and I have no idea why. I am trying to find them now, but the location the dealership was at is now gone! Imagine that! I am going to file a complaint with the Atty General's office, as my contract was not accurate and I have ended up with the car

  • An
      15th of Nov, 2013
    +1 Votes

    All are fake and unethical, i have a great experience with mad motors and they are provided fantastic services, Main things they are not sales car and motorcycle and are sales 'engine tuning upgrades, brakes, alloy wheel, performance suspension, body kits, exhausts, induction kits and all car accessories, you can confirm with the on-line site

  • Wo
      6th of Jan, 2016
    0 Votes

    GET THE FACTS you all want to know the truth, the real truth ask me. Mad motorcycles was in my name, as was Sunrise auto sales and Mad motor cars for a short time. I'm the x wife of a used car man. I was charged with some pretty strong things, funnier yet the buisness is still running strong in yet another name buy the same puppet master . (Lesson learned never let anyone use your name even if your married 30 years)

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