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Jul 10, 2015
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Wow this company is the worst far as the bulling going on this company. i know a couple of people that work for this company and are always complaining that they are always getting harassed by the leads that work at this store. its a shame that this is going in such a high rank store, they say that the leads can get away with things and when they go to the managers and tell nothing happens. one associate said that the lead harassed another co-worker so bad that she dose not talk to her other co-workers for fare that the lead will start trouble. that's a shame. as of now me and my family and friends will not shop at this store at all any longer such a shame. oh well it is what it is hmm maybe even boycott this store


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I'm sure the store won't miss you and your family. This isn't the web site for Macy's. You are on a general complaint site. All you know about the information is what you have heard which amounts to gossip or hearsay. You might be better off not listening to gossip. What you have head came from somebody that thought they weren't treated properly and don't know enough not to spread things that might or might not be true. All store business managers have their favorites and not everybody can't be the favorites. The solution is to learn to live with the situation. If your friend'friends that work there are that unhappy they should quit and find another job, and I bet they won't be any happier there either. Some people just have to grow up. .
N  10th of Jul, 2015 by 
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Tell your friends to do what they are being paid to do and they won't be "harassed"
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Also I doubt all your family and friends will take your advice and stop shopping at the store, even if they do. they don't care, they make millions and losing a few customers will not hurt them.
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I was a senior executive with the company next down from store manager and over the coarse of my employment I color operated in HR investigations relating to our merchandising lead. The lead was not only a bully to her associates she violated employment laws. It was always poo pooed ender the carpet and nothing much done maybe a little chat. Macy's Inc. starting at the corporate offices have a bully mentality in general. they are also hypocrites when it comes to their stance on discrimination and helping disabled people. To the public eye They donate to charities however when it comes to employees in house they discriminate, terminate persons who have disabilities. They routinely look into the associates healthcare records through their health insurer for any red flags such as HIV or any drug issues then work on termination. I worked over a decade and had a job opportunity that took me on a different career path. But no she's definitely spot on with her Macy's observations!

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