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Macdonald in Hong Kong promotes that how good their services and delivery are but when i tried to call them it took me 3 times to
reach a real live person and not to make it worst he gets all my information about my address which is my privacy then tells
me that before ordering that it will take 55mins to deliver food.

If they were busy they could atleast say before asking for all my information any order i place will take that long.

Not to mention the people talking on the phone speaks soo bad english makes it hard to place any orders.

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      31st of Mar, 2010

    i agree!
    i called twice and i et the phone ring for a minute each time until i get cut.

    I ordered take away lunch because i only had 15 mins left of my lunch hour. I walked back to the office and realised they didn't give me a stirring rod and sugar for my milk tea and no sauce for my wings.

    Because i am working at the client's place, i was not allowed to access their pantry and i have to work until at least 8pm to have my second meal. I was annoyed that i had no choice but to drink the sugar-less milk tea.

    it was also strange that my fish burger had mustard smared on the wrapping paper.
    i dont' think any of Mac Donald's burger has mustard in it.

    Mac donald's recently increased their prices, but it is totally not reflected in the quality of service or food.

    ORD# 99-REG 6
    date 31.03.2010

    I had a similiar experience with fairwood, they gave the wrong drink, but delivered the correct drink within 10mins to the office. I was extremely impressed.

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