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Lustine Dodge - Woodbridge, VA / Don't trust Lustine Dodge!

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Went looking for a car several months ago with my son and he found a Dodge Ram that he liked. I was in the process of refinancing and was taking some cash out but the refinance was not completed at the time.

I was going to provide my son the down payment. I told the sales manager and finance person what I was doing and that I did not want any credit inquires on my credit report. This should not have been a problem since I was not going to be on the loan anyway. A week later and before my refinance was finished I was informed by my loan officer that 8 credit inquires were conducted by Lustine Dodge without my consent. This nearly caused me to be declined as the inquires reduced my credit scores. No one at Lustine could provide me with an explanation as to how this occurred. Now I know why Lustine lost their 5 star rating. Don’t trust Lustine to do the right thing.

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  • Do
      18th of Aug, 2011
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    Shoulda proof read... My last trip (today) was for undercoating and nerf bars (not pain protection... although I wish I could have some protection from the pain of a headache I've got!!!)

  • Do
      18th of Aug, 2011
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    My Testimony...
    I bought that new 2011 Dodge Ram from Lustine that I liked. The salesman was great (He was Friendly, Always extremely Helpful, and very courteous). The finance department also seemed to be knowledgeable, professional, courteous and prompt to resolve questions or issues. The problematic experience I had was AFTER THE SALE.
    I arrange for a hitch receiver to be installed, as I am making an out-of-state trip to an ATV ride (so I need to pull my ATV trailer). I was told to bring it to Lustine Toyota next door, that a specific Mechanic was arranged to install it for me.. and installation would take about an hour. When I get there, I spend over an hour and a half waiting for someone to figure out what was going on... in the meantime, I went back to the Dodge dealer, where the Salesman had to arrange to have the hitch installed. They were also going to perform the paint protection and undercoating, so it would all be done at once. I then am informed it will take all day, and I could get a complimentary rental car. I sat another near hour and a half at an over-filled rental place... just to get home for the afternoon! Later that evening, another return trip to retrieve my truck. They had u-haul install a cheap bumper mount hitch, that I will have replaced later by someone's worth paying someone else to get what I asked for!!! The Undercoating had not been done, and no Nerf bars.
    Next, I am trying to return to arrange the undercoating and installation of the nerf bars... call to schedule appointment, drive to the dealer... couldn't get it in until late, and would not be ready for 2 days, so I opt to reschedule.
    In the meantime, the temporary tags expire. Several phone calls and a few hours later, it was determined that I need to sign a C of O, as it was being titled out of state. This is understandable, and not the fault of Lustine... but, I find it difficult to understand why I didn't get a call when the licensing state needed additional information... I had to wait until the temp tags expired and make a trip down again to get additional temp tags.
    Now, I schedule a return trip for undercoating and pain protection. I arrange to drop it off early in the am (before they open), and I was told it would be done by the time I got off work at 5pm. I received a confirmation call the day before I am to drop it off, confirming that I was to drop it off (and sign the C of O). I drop it off at 4:40am. I return at 5:30pm or so... and behold! It's not done again! NOBODY bothered to call and tell me it wasn't ready. I got to waste my time, to get a friend (driving 2 viehicles home), my time going to Lustine, and let alone the time sitting in traffic to get there and back!!! But here's a twist, at about 10am I get a call from one of their service people telling me my appt was the next Wednesday! I explained who I talked with and that my appt was confirmed as today! I was told okay... that it would be taken care of.
    The service people offered another rental car (but after my last experience with that, and my complete and total frustration with how disoriented this whole buying from Lustine experience has thus far been) I refused the loaner (after all, I still had to take my other car, and my friend who came to help take my Truck and other car to his home)... what good does a rental really do me?
    My other car is a 2010 Chrysler Town and Country. I plan to trade it in early spring of next year for a Car (as my wife is wanting a car)... With this experience the way it went so far... you can bet your rear I'll be looking at other dealerships!
    It is such a shame... The sale was a great experience all the way up to the point of giving them a signature... the rest has been, to say the least... a horrifying experience.

  • Me
      7th of Mar, 2011
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    Hello, my name is Mike Engle and I am the General Manager of Lustine Chrysler JEEP Dodge RAM. I have been with Lustine for several years, but only took over the Dodge store 14 month ago. I know that we are working towards improving our customers overall experience, and I apologize to the gentleman with the first complaint. I apologize on behalf of the company for any inconveniences this caused you. I have seen and read numerous complaints on the web, and although I cannot deny all of the accusations, I will say that I personallysee how hard the company works to ensure that they have happy customers. All dealerships are working towards changing the overall reputation of the car business. Unfortunately, that reputation was not built overnight and it will take time to prove to the public that we are just a small business that employs husbands, wives, children, sons, sisters, former military, retired military, former government employees, and other persons from various backgrounds. We are not perfect, but I assure you that our goal is the same as others. We are just trying to provide for our families, and have customers leave that are willing to refer their friends and family back to us. Please feel free to contact me personally at 571-435-0075 if there is anything I can do.

  • St
      16th of Feb, 2007
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    I wanted to give testimony of having a different experience at Lustine Dodge then what I’ve seen on line. I bought a used van two weeks ago at Lustine for a price I considered reasonable. I offered what I considered a fair market price though under what they were asking and their listed price being a sales price. I presented my offer to the salesman, Bob, with examples of other comparable vans selling for that price. He took my offer and presented it to, Chaulky, the used car manager and provided to defend my offer as being a reasonable one. There was no dancing around or games just a straight forward transaction. After I bought the van both Bob and Chauly were attentive to see that everything agreed upon at point of sale, and a few things found after were taken care of by the service department. In that respect the dealership was much more generous then they had to be. Of the sales staff I would highly recommend Bob without question as someone worthy of buying a car from. As for the service department my experience was not as smooth. I saw traces of what everyone has said about them but I also saw that they were undergoing growing pains for the better. There is a new director in charge, Hal, who is committed to improving the overall customer experience and it seems to be showing. As far as the quality of their work I have no complaints and am happy with the results. Over all I would recommend buying a used car there and would also recommend giving the service departments a chance as well as they are improving. Note: As for new car sales I don’t have any experience as of yet with them. As for financing I paid cash so I have no valid opinion to offer there either. I can only speak for the used car sales staff and the service department.

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