Lowes Home Improvement-Monaca, PApoor service, poor delivery, poor management. they just stink

M Monaca, PA Review updated:

I went to Lowes on June 5th at 4 pm to meet with Steve and go over the order for a new front porch. While going over order Steve explained that he didn't know much about the "hidden link" as it just came in a few weeks ago and he hadn't had time to go over it but told us that was what we would need to hide the screws on the decking. He told us that they didn't make vinyl railings that go out at a 45* angle and tried to help us figure out a way to rig it to make it work. About 1/2 hour later, while going through designs for columns he finds the railings that we needed. He went to ring us out, and I told him that I had a gift card that I wanted to use. Too late, he had already put it on my charge. He refunded and re-rang, but did it as a carry out, so once again we had to go through the whole order process. He told us the wholeorder would be delivered on June 12th. On June 4th at 4:30 pm, I called Steve to tell him that I needed to make a few changes to my order.
I needed to replace the 10' railing with a 6' railing and I also needed to change the design of the columns. He said it wasn't a problem and I asked him to call me back with the credited amount. He called back on June 6th in the late evening to get my socail security number to run the changes through and said that he would call me with the difference, which he never did. The order was delivered on June 12th. The delivery drivers dropped all of the wood on the grass at the edge of the side walk. My 56 year old mother and I had to move the wood so no one would trip over it. I noticed that 4 of the 20' choicedek decking boards were damaged and called Steve right away. He said that they would pick them up on their next trip out. That is the point that he told me that the columns were not in. When the drivers came back, I asked them about the railings. They hadn't a clue as to what i was talking about and said that there were no railings on their delivery sheet. I called Steve back and it was at that time that he told me that they were on back order from the company. I said that he told me the entire order was to be delivered in the 12th and that I had someone that had taken a week off of work to help us out and now he didn't have anything to do without the railings. Saturday, the deck was to be started when it was realized that 12 of the boards that were ordered were not supposed to be treated, they were just to hold up the roof. So, in a truck with a 6 foot bed, the person that was building the deck had to bring back 12 footers that were hanging out of the back of his truck. When he went to return them they gave him a hassle about crediting my account. They finally did. On Monday, June 15th, I stopped in at Lowes and spoke to Patty (one of the store managers). She told me that the railings would be in on Thursday the 18th and she assured me that they would call and set up a delivery that morning, and she would also give us 10% off of our or
der for all of the issues that we had delt with and would also refund us the delivery charge. I called her later that evening to see is she could possibly go through the damaged boards and see if there was just one that we could use. We could use the in store boards for the rest. She would call me back, which she never did... Thursday, the 18th noone calls about delivery. I called them at 9:15am and spoke to John(I think) in commercial sales. He goes over all of the delivery schedules for that day and we are not on the list. I explained to him the story and he said that he would check into it, that our order was not in. He also said that he would check on the decking boards. Someone called my home and spoke to my mother and told her that the whole order would be there tomorrow the 19th. I called back and spoke to Todd (store manager) and told him that that wasn't good enough, I was promised that my order would be there today and I am paying someone $200.00 per day to do this job. And the 10% off that Patty had offered was just going to cover the 2 days that he has been at my house with nothing to do. He would not give me any more than 10% off and told me that I would need to call the 1-800 number after I asked for the corporate offices phone number. He said that the decking boards were in and I wanted clarification that it was indeed the new boards and not the old boards. He assured me it was the new boards. I said that I expected to not be charged for the new boards. He agreed to that. At 4pm, I called and spoke to Steve to set up a pick up on some items that were not needed. And asked him about the truck that was supposed to be delivering our items. He said that it had not come in yet.. I said well it's kind of funny considering the work day is almost over. He said as soon as the truck gets back today that I will have my order. It is now 7:42 pm and I still haven't received my shipment. Now the 2:25 next morning, and no shipment...


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      Jan 09, 2011

    today is sunday and i have been trying to reach the store in monaca pa by phone for the last 4 hours to see if they have an item that i need before i run all the way there from east liverpool and the phone has rang busy for the past 4 hours that we've been trying to call, i think they have the phone off the hook so they don't have to recieve any calls which is wrong of a bussiness to do, just tried again still busy
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