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This site is a total rip off, I met a lady on asiafriendfinder who suggested that we use" loveinhand" for translations, Im not sure she is a female but she sent pictures and had good love talk.But she seemed to talk a little in general, and sometimes didnt answer my questions, she also wont tell me her sisters address and phone number who lives here.I spent almost 1000$ that I didnt have to spend.She used the excuse that google was sometimes messy and hard to understand

Jan 08, 2015
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  • Mk
      Jan 11, 2016
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    I agree that this site is a ripoff. I was contacted by a 'woman' on We wrote 2 emails and then she suggested we go to as the friend that was translating for her moved away. 'She' sent me several photos, the letters were very well written. She didn't jump right into "I love you", but slowly built up to that. I questioned many things that went unanswered, then read some of the bad reviews of loveinhand and confronted 'her' about it. She feigned shock and hurt and begged me to keep writing. 'She' claimed to own a cosmetics shop in Shanghai. I asked to see what the shop looked like, and she immediately sent me a photo, but the photo is all over the internet. I found it in around 5 websites.
    This site is meant to keep you on the hook, get you to pay to translate. The letters from the 'woman' get longer and longer. Usually, there is one or two sentences of real talk, then several paragraphs about sex. This makes translation very expensive. I stopped paying for translation for letters coming to me, and used online translators. But, 'she' insisted that she has no means to translate my messages on her end. So, I kept my letters short. I then got the shop photo and ended it.
    Don't trust anything coming from this site.

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  • Co
      May 23, 2016

    You are right... it's a ripoff! This same woman tried to get me. I saw her on She insisted go to Loveinhand. I caught on by asking her to write my name on a piece of paper and take a selfie of herself with the piece of paper. They all NEVER could do. BIG time SCAM!! I have the same photo as above... but here's more. Beware!!

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  • Cu
      May 17, 2017

    @Coolhand We are very sorry that our site has not met your expectations and that you have encountered non-genuine members on our site.

    Our dedicated Fraud Prevention Team works 24/7 to keep our site safe, by:

    Deleting any profiles believed to be non-genuine.
    Providing a “Report Abuse” form for members to report suspicious behavior.
    Providing extensive information about how to avoid being scammed in multiple locations on the website, including the member mail system and profile pages.
    Using third party, world-class fraud prevention technology

    Unfortunately, sometimes non-genuine profiles slip through. We also rely on our valued members to report any suspicious or fake profiles they find on our site.

    Please contact [protected] if you have any further concerns.

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  • Mi
      May 11, 2017

    The same happened to me. The messages from a love in hand woman got longer and longer costing me more and more. And the messages got very sexually explicit and I got suspicious and asked her for a photo of her with her parents. Then got no reply. These scanners should be drowned at birth.

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  • Mi
      May 11, 2017

    @Miaroxie4 Watch out for this scammer she's a really nasty one!

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  • Mi
      May 11, 2017

    I've been ripped off as well. Has anyone run into this nasty one! Goes by the name of Zhang.

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  • Mi
      Aug 29, 2019

    Yeah I got ripped to I buy vip membership for one month and they not give me nothing instead coins so I buy again and not even coins the next time scam alert 100% luck I only lose $80.00

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