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This is an EXPENSIVE program. By the time I graduate in December, I will have paid close to $14, 000 for technical school. For that price, you'd expect a top of the line lab to learn in, new equipment to practice on, and decent instructors who knew how to teach, be respectful, and be compassionate. The lab is full of broken mannequins that aren't anatomically correct. The equipment we use to practice with has to be reused after it is opened. When we were practicing starting IV's, the IV kits had contaminated alcohol wipes in them. They were contaminated with a bacteria that had killed patients, but rather than tossing the kits out and buying new ones, we were told to just toss the alcohol that was in them which seems risky to me.

The instructors at this college are lacking. They do not agree with each other, teach or grade the same. What's expected from one instructor might be completely different with another instructor. One particular instructor literally has you work your butt off in clinicals and went as far as to say that students are not to sit down, have a lunch break, drink water, or even have bathroom breaks while in clinical. I can't wait for the first student to pass out from hypoglycemia or dehydration and sue the school. The new director has no compassion for students. She sits at the front of the class and waits for 8:00am on the dot, then slams the door. If a student is late, they are locked out until break. Considering how much this program costs, being locked out seems unreasonable. When you're locked out, you are considered "absent" and then forced to makeup a whole day during semester break. Class is from 8:00am to 4:00pm Monday through Friday, so by semester break, students are ready for a break, and they need one! To take it away is heartless. There are many days where only one chapter is covered in class, but because class is from 8:00am to 4:00pm, students have to stay, even if it means doing busy work, or just sitting around talking or staring at the wall. Nearly everyone in the class has a family and children. Sitting around doing nothing angers most students. If there is nothing to teach, let the students go home!

I'm frustrated and tired of LSUS nursing school and I'm counting down the days to graduation. I feel like I was mislead at orientation about what I was getting into and while I love nursing and want nothing more than to be a nurse, this program leaves a lot to be desired. Think twice before enrolling in Louisiana State University in Shreveport college of nursing (LPN school).

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  • Sa
      Aug 04, 2011

    I totally agree, it is very disorganized. They have a lot of staff changes and no concern for the students.

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  • Ad
      Aug 17, 2011

    I agree with the above poster. I am so tired of being treated like a child. I am tired of being stuck in a classroom until 4:00 pm when there is nothing to do. When the chapters have been taught, let the students go home! Sitting around for hours because "we need the hours" is a bunch of crap. I think the instructors, Catherine Meyers and Chantal Martel forget that word of mouth is what keeps their program going. If there is nothing but negative remarks about the program, I don't know how they expect the program to last when it is student funded.

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  • Ju
      Oct 18, 2011

    Ok first off I'm a student there also & yes it's frustrating to have to sit in class doing busy work till 4p.m. when the lecture is finished. The thing is everyday I walk in class knowing that everyone of the student & instructors including Catherine Myers & Chantal Martel are there for the very same reason to become the very best nurses & train the best nurses period. Everyday it's the same thing everyone is stressed out & frustrated at this point & we all have lives outside of LSUS CE-LPN program but has anyone looked on the Louisiana state board of practical nursing examiners website to see that we do have to have the hours as LPN's or we can't sit for the NLEX, that class hours & clinical. We are not in school for our RN but even if we were we still have to have the clinical hours & a whole lot more community service hours, a few I have looked at have close to 180 per semester. In class I hear people everyday gripping about every aspect of this program & I for one am so fed up with it there was nothing misleading in orientation it was all laid out, state board mandates the class hour, clinical hrs, lab hrs, in practice hrs, community service hrs for LPN programs & RN programs. I personally don't know anyone on earth who is perfect in every aspect. If you feel like your being treated like a child maybe you should do a little more research on the criteria that has to be met for LPN's & RN's for that matter set by state boards not the school. Oh and I've been to another school tuition was a little less but lab fees, I.V. Kit was all extra & they didn't have any supplies, mannequins, stethoscopes, BP cuffs ect and it was a state funded school Louisianan technical college. Each Student is different and each Instructor is also each person in class/clinical brings knowledge into this program. I think if the students would be more concerned with learning everything each of the great instructors we have can teach us and less concerned with if everything is perfectly the way they think it should be the program would be much better & we all would be better nurses. Nursing school no matter where you go is stressful & frustrating period, focus on becoming the best nurse you can & giving & caring for your patients & that is what it is about. LSUS CE-LPN day program is one of the more stressful programs simply because it's 12-365 days give or take that your entire life is school learn how to deal better with stress & learn the techniques for nursing, test taking & damn everyone makes mistake nurses are notorious for horrendous spelling so read the test question fully there are typo's don't get angry, no one is perfect .

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  • Ls
      Oct 19, 2011

    I can honestly tell you that one of the instructor who this message above the one im writing it is so a very sad program here at lsus. Before I started I knew that the Lsus name was a good name to stand behind the dean must dont know about whats going on in our program or no one care because we have had so many instructor quit and when our director quit but got another job I knew this was not the place to be. OK these instructor say they are trying to teach us how to be leader and yet they have no class about themselves talking about each other getting into heated argument, and they talk about the student like dogs. They wont us to have a heart but they dont they can care less about our feelings family etc. I hate this programs and im going to get the class together and go to the dean or stateboard about them right now they are sitting in there pretty office trying to figure out how they can get one of us kicked out the program, but they are our teacher the one we are paying to help us they are hurting us. I think they think we are dumb. we are doing this for free we could have paid very less and be treated 110 % better. This is there job and They must dont need it. this program is not fair. Most people play the race card but i am a white student and they dont treat none of the students fairly. One of our students is very ill and you think they care, I know of two women who have lost there husband because of this program you think they care . Right now I am homeless I live from house to house with my children just the other day Mrs Meyers wrote on the class board if we the class didnt pay 35 dollars we would get a zero on nov 18. That day i had to close my eyes and pray that somehow some way i get that money but my tuition was all ready paid. At this point im waiting on dec at that time i will be back on her to reveal everything about this program including mrs elevlyn who has down graded all the student and we all failed here because the way she has treated us and that was a slap in out face doing those eval on the instructors is a waste of time

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  • Da
      Jan 23, 2012

    I've read the posts above.. I have previously attended a private technical school in another state. biggest regret ever. I don't even have a job. In 12 grand of debt of a bull ### school. I want to go to LPN school but i don't want tuition that is out the window expensive.. This school doesn't sound too legit.. is there any LPN school in this area that is legit? I called Louisiana technical college today in Shreveport and the women who answered the phone said they do not offer LPN. even though it says it online! CONFUSED! Someone please help me out. : I just moved here from out of state and im clueless...

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  • Ms
      Feb 28, 2012


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  • Dr
      Jul 19, 2012

    Let me start by saying that the school's reputation for the LAST graduating class means NOTHING to new incoming students. I am a recent graduate of a Louisiana Technical College in SOUTH Louisiana. In days gone by, when you told someone you'd come out of their program, you got instant respect, and were almost guaranteed a job. I wont go into the details of the past 16 months, (who the hell likes reliving nightmares anyway) but I will tell you that of the 17 students that have graduated, 12 have sat for the NCLEX exam. 12 have taken it so far, and only 4 have passed. I am one of the four praise GOD. I am also one of the the 3 or 4 who repeatedly filed complaints in the front office. I'm probably the ONLY student nurse in history to complain that an exam was too easy, but that's beside the point. ALL these schools care about are their "numbers", ie students retained, students graduated from program etc for federal funding. I wonder how the fail rate is going to affect the funding. I wish I had some advice for anyone looking to start school so as to help to evaluate the different programs, but I don't. I do know that as I said, you can't go by the reputation of the school. I have never in my life seen so much vulgar behavior and language (students and one instructor in particular), backbiting, back stabbing etc. If this is what the nursing profession as a whole is represented by, then gee whiz, , I cant WAIT to be a part of this career workforce. This school in particular will no longer have a LPN program, due in part to the problems that occurred throughout the duration of the past program, and the option to incorporate a two year RN program at a nearby campus. Disgraceful is the ONLY word I can use for what I went through to become a nurse, and I wouldn't wish it on ANYONE. I will also say that clinicals dont HAVE to be a nightmare. Some instructors seem to get off on making your life a living hell. I had an instructor like that, and I was one of the students she singled out for her BS power tripping game. How an RN can be put in an instructor's position, when she is barely literate is beyond me. I spent the last 3 semesters of the program pronouncing the terms in the textbooks for her in class because she was up at the podium slaughtering them. All I can say to the State of Louisiana, or whoever is in charge of these programs, is "raise the bar people, raise the bar". People's lives are at stake in this profession and you've got what my friend calls "### clowns" steering the ship.

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  • Dr
      Jul 19, 2012

    Why did it slaughter the formatting when I submitted my post?

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  • Up
      Apr 19, 2013

    I totally agree with all the previous students the amount of money you pay for this program you would expect top of the line lab equipment, teachers who are willing to help you and a school who cares but instead you get the complete opposite. They have their picks and chooses as to what they would do for each individual. I was once locked out of class for being 1 min late from break and at other times students would come in even later and the door wasn't locked. We paid $300 for a book but get to body structure and function and the teachers were teaching out of a totally different book that we weren't required to have and also had conflicting information from the book that was required . During lecture the teacher would teach so fast that we were unable to keep up and take notes. Needless to say at this point half the class was failing, 3 students dropped prior to the final and there was an additional 14 students that were going to fail well we got a second chance we were able to go on and complete nutrition and medical math and was able to start geriatrics. We were told that we were going to get a review during the week of spring break, the chapters would be taught to us in a way that we would understand and we would get study guides and whatever we needed to pass the final and were only required to make a 82, if we didnt pass the classes we went ahead and took and was able to pass wouldn't be recorded we would start back where we originally left off. Well spring break week rolled around and we were there ready to learn but low and behold we were in for a surprise. We were given study guides and was able to work on them but no answer keys were available so we don't know if the info we studied was right or wrong. We weren't taught anything new or given a review we were bafically there working on study guides with no answers, if we had a question and the teacher in the class at the time didnt teach the chapter we were told to look it up in our books or google because they didnt teach the subject. So 3 days of sitting in a class doing the study guides we didnt know anymore than we did at first. So thursday we were given the final exam and it was the hardest test we had ever taken, nothing was on the test that we had studied for or was it on our previous notes, we were set up to fail and of course no one passed. 14 chapters, and 3 days to go over the Info and nothing came from those notes. I believe it was done just to say that the first time it was on us the second time it was on them. In reality no one could've passed this particular test so half the class was gone. The following Monday the students that were left had a test and majority of the class failed even after receiving a massive curve so the same test was re given minus the information that know one knew the first time around. Well maybe if we would've had the chance to take the same test we would've had better results but unfortunately not. A student went back to look over her final and even the assistant director and another instructor were unable to find the answers in the book. Now we are stuck with owing the school $2000+ and have too start all over. What a waste of time, students quit there jobs to come and complete the program and that was taken away from them. So many broken hearts and homes due to the way lsus nursing program was ran. I want return I'll pursue my nursing degree somewhere else and will be sure that Cathy Myers receives and invite to the graduation

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  • Ho
      Aug 31, 2013

    I am so glad I read these postings. I almost signed up for this program. This is very useful information to any person looking for a school. Thanks guys!!!

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  • Ov
      Mar 29, 2016

    I'm thankful for post that tell the truth. Every program will have one or two students they can count on to kiss a**. I know it's true because I was in an RN program at another school and instructor bullying exits. I'll be damned if I go through that again! I'd rather go out of state than to participate in a program that belittles people who are trying to better their families and themselves by serving their communities.

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  • Ta
      Nov 06, 2016

    Boo who y'all a bunch overgrown ppl that can't take the heat duh! Your in nursing school not freaking elementary who said nursing school was gone be easy ain't nothing handed to you especially no nursing degree what the best for you and your family right so shut up and suck it up dam near every school I went to had arrogant teachers I took a medical assistant course and it was 13000 at a community college and if you getting grants or loans you really ain't paying it all back and if so that's fine stop being money hungry and use your head and money wisely this ticks my nerves when selfish people think something is given to them rather than earn them oan I'm enrolled in the 2017 lpn nursing program at lsus day program thank you I'll update you people that think something is given to you especially nursing.

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  • Ne
      Aug 08, 2017

    @TangieT I was reading those comments and almost changed my mind on going to school. Then I read your comment. I am enrolled in the 2017 evening program at lsus. Can you email me and let me know how the classes are going so far. [protected] Thanks.

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