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On or about April 2010, a white pitbull was left abandoned at a house. A note was left, it was untouched(as were the dogs food/water bowls)for 3+ days. This "rescue" claimed they were handling the dog, they have allowed her to be bred over and over with "foster dogs". They have adopted out litter after litter of her puppies. The "rescue" rep, lives in the middle of a known dog fighting area. When asked why the dog wasn't spayed, she relied they had no money. They are always doing fundraisers, getting all the small non-bully breed dogs medical help. This dog was at that house, alone for over a month. She was found dead on the side of the road. I have contacted the Tampa office, with no response. They are highly irresponsible, they allow dogs to go to less than reputable people. They are adding to the overpopulation of dogs as well as unknown numbers of bully breeds not accounted for. PLEASE shut them down, do an investigation on their policies and their financials!!! This rescue is well known in the community to allow dog fighters to "adopt" their animals. I have a pic of the dog that was found dead on the side of the road, attached below. I am being harassed by the so-called owner and do not know what else to do. I would greatly appreciate any and all help in this matter.
Thank You!!!
The 1st pic is her dead on the shoulder of Rt 301 in Hernando County, FL The 2nd pic is her just days before she was found dead.

Lost Angels Animal Rescue
Lost Angels Animal Rescue

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  • He
      Jul 02, 2011

    such a beautiful dog, what a shame

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  • Jw
      Nov 21, 2011

    This posting is absurd. One of our volunteers was present when the 2nd photo was taken... the dog is not dead it is laying in the yard soaking up the sun.
    There is not one statement in this complaint that is true. Anyone who knows us will tell you we take any breed, any size, any age of dog that we have foster room for anod every one of them gets all the medical care they need. Because we are so strict with who we adopt our dogs out to, some people like this, get upset with us because we have denied them. Apparently we made the right decision on this one.

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  • Ke
      Dec 01, 2011

    I really gave a lot of hard thought before sending this post. I am one of the co-founders of Lost Angels Animal Rescue and I did not want to give this person any attention by answering or commenting on her post but after thinking about it I feel I must. For those of you who do not know us then this posting might be shocking. For all of those who do know us, what we are about, and how much great work we have done in the community, will think this is absurd! Lost Angels is highly respected and recommended by some of the finest people in our community. We work tirelessly everyday as volunteers...never receiving a penny for our place homeless, neglected and soon to be euthanized dogs in forever loving homes. Anybody who would like to meet us, check us out, check our financials or anything of that nature is welcome. We are a non profit 501C3 and we have nothing to hide. All of our dogs are loved and cared for in loving foster homes. ALL OF OUR FOSTER DOGS ARE SPAYED AND NEUTERED BEFORE ENTERING INTO OUR FOSTER HOMES. So with that said the comment about us breeding with our foster dogs is impossible. We do not agree with breeding of any kind and our biggest mission is spaying and neutering to keep down overpopulation. I am sorry I had to respond to such a crazy, unfounded post but I just felt I had to.

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