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Lord Cyric and / Huge identity theft syndicate hides behind government

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I was looking to purchase a laptop computer at wholesale and someone I had spoken to many times in a chat room sent me to someone who calls himself "Lord Cyric" from Canada. "Lord Cyric" assured me that he could get me a great price on a new laptop and ship it to me from Canada. He gave me a choice of 4 different models, each which retailed for around 2500 and offered my choice if I would Western Union 1700 to him in Canada.

I sent the money, and "Lord Cyric" disappeared. I have been hunting for "Lord Cyric" since. Recently, I discovered that "Lord Cyric" is in truth a ruling member of a huge identity theft syndicate on the internet located at is a secret fraud board where millions of stolen identities and stolen credit card numbers are sold and bartered on a daily basis. After investigating this enterprise, I have found that I am by no means the ONLY one this band of crooks has ripped off.

International, federal, and state authorities were notified and I was told at the federal level that "Lord Cyric" could not be involved in scamming me because he is some sort of government associate and is restricted from doing such things. They suggested that someone was using the online moniker "Lord Cyric" falsely and used it to rip me off. "Can't be our guy", they said, "he is monitored too closely".

I beg to differ. I know who I sent money to and I know who ripped me off. When I asked the agent if he felt their guy was above a little side dipping, he simply laughed and said he had another call and told me good luck finding who really ripped me off, and have a nice day.

If the federal government is going to sponsor myself and very likely many others being ripped off by one of there "associates" and then claim he could not be involved due to that association then I think something is wrong with the government when it comes to internet fraud. I don't care WHO he works for - A CROOK IS A CROOK. I do not think it is fair to protect fraudsters and I am appalled that my complaint was dismissed without investigation simply because the crook is on "their team".

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  • Pa
      30th of Jun, 2007
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    As horrible as these things are, you made several critical mistakes in your transaction and dealings.

    A 2500.00 computer does not wholesale for 1700.00. You should have done more research and known this before listening to someone in a chat room. Online scam artists enlist people to lure prospective victims, and there is no indication from your complaint that you were not dealing with the con artist himself in your discussions. The internet affords a level of anonymity that can and in many cases is manipulated by criminals in a subservient fashion to obtain the ends to their means.

    Trying to save some money on the internet is rarely the wisest decision you can make. If you can buy the same product locally and test before you buy, why would you ever send your money down a pipe dream? How do you know that the computer you chose and paid for was better for you than the other three the scam artist supposedly had on offer?

    I can not say that I agree with the way your complaint was handled on the federal level, but it appears that you likely may have stumbled into something much larger than the purchase loss of a consumer laptop computer. In my experience you were treated kinder overall than most because you were at least patched to someone who could offer some explanation. But I should also doubt in earnestness that you have any deeper recourse.

    I am not trying to deflate your sail, but you will at least I hope think longer and harder the next time. Doubtfully you will be able to purchase your dream laptop with the money you had hoped to save here and, unfortunately, once you make such a mistake on the wide open web that which you saved is usually what you have left.

    Paul Weiner
    IV7 Protocol Developing Engineer
    Internet Security Specialist, PSU

  • Jo
      5th of Jul, 2007
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    I agree with Paul on this, it's a shame you got ripped off, but you should have known that if it looks too good to be true, it usually is. I would suggest looking at

    Also make sure that you file a complaint with the Internet Crime Complaint Center. this way it will get referred out to local authorities. In many cases you need at least $5000 in loss for federal authorities to look at it, so if you at least talked to federal authorities you were one step ahead of the game.

    It is very interesting that the police would say that someone is working for them, don't they usually keep those things secret?

    Good luck!

  • Ma
      14th of Jul, 2007
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    Well known U.S. FBI federal sting board to me, well known CA FBI federal operative to me. This person has been doing the U.S. FBI's work for about 4 years now and I can say that with no problem. My brother is a RCMP detective, and he really thinks this is fun. I think it is sick. We should not have to endure this in Canada. America is not free, and situations like this one mean we are not either. The politics of everything are rotten. My brother Doug will read this because he gleefully pointed it out to me.

    It is time to let America deal with their own problems and come home, brother. Don't wait until it is too late for us too.


  • Lo
      18th of Jul, 2007
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    You know, it really shouldn't by this time, but the absolute naivety of the vast majority of 'regular joe's', as well as so-called Security Specialists continues to astound me.

    Do you enjoy keeping your heads in the sand forever? How many times does it have to be rubbed into your faces? When will you finally learn... probably never.

    Yeah yeah, I know this futile but I'll say it anyways.

    99% of all those you would meet in a IRC carding channel or even your typical trading channel, are scammers and rippers. So it has been so it always will. Even those places you think are legit; such as ebay have a far greater amount of fraudulent auctions than ebay will ever come close to admitting, and it keeps increasing!!!

    Paul, there will be no such complaint made to any law enforcement office, and you know why? Because this 'report' is a fiction a fraud, a fake, created by a Confidential Informant working for the SS out of their Miami/Ft Lauderdale field office.

    It has been similarly posted on two other complaint forums. Not to warn any of you fools, but rather, LE deludes themselves that this will annoy me, that it will turn other members of the carding 'scene' against me. They will will flee in fear from Darkmarket and straight into their boards and hands.

    Instead, they have a scene laughing at this and at them. Though, anyone who dares states that on one of their sting sites (Cardersmarket or Cardingzone) gets summarily banned.

    Let me tell you, that if this were actually a 'legit complaint', where some wannabe kiddie loser jacked my nick and used it on ircLAME (I call it lame cause I despise IRC and haven't been on there for over 3 years cause its so pathetic) and rips some naive sucker in the US. Or hell, even if were me doing the scamming, instead of disdain I would be applauded and given the 'thumbs up' by virtually all the 'scene'.

    Yes, thats right. 'Carders' love scamming people. Hell, many of them scam their 'fellow crooks'. For the hordes of members coming from Eastern Europe, Africa, Middle East, and most anywhere you can think of THEY LOVE ripping off Americans the most since most of them hate the country.

    But, of course, this post is a fabrication, where its sole purpose is NOT to call me a crook. Hell, I AM A CROOK!, and if I had done the deed or similar I'd be laughing at the poor poor poor victim. Just like so many others do on a daily basis, rather, for the police to try to deflect attention away from themselves, their RATS and their sting sites by accusing ME, the guy who has outed so many of them, of being a hahaha government associate, and you imbeciles are here for the scenery. And to that end have one of their trolls, one of their 'assets' in the form of 'Mark Tuggins' attempt to legitimize this fairy tale, here and on the several other complaint forums.

    But they failed miserably, just as they have so many times previously.

    You see its just not the same for them since Shadowcrew days. That was the heyday for LE There, most members were gullible, naive, almost as bad as the lot of you :p They believed whatever their 'gods' the Administrators and other staff told them to think. Of course it was conclusively proven that most of these were PIGS or RATS.

    But afterwards, people started waking up; at least those that weren't busted!! And in each succeeding sting site (IAACA, TTS, cardersmarket, cardtheworld, cardingzone, and any number of others) people were more and more suspicious and less and less inclined to believe the same old stale lines of the police which is causing them no end of fits. Boo hoo hoo!

    Of course most of you still wallow in the false comfort of the sugar coated lies the media (who say what the police tell them to say or find themselves and their employer cut off from future stories) offers you.

    So, one day you are waken up brutality to the fact that YES, law enforcement not only CONDONES the ripping off of 10's of thousands of you abject fools, but ACTIVELY SUPPORTS in the form of their everpresent sting sites. And that will be far far too late as you fight it out with the corrupt financial institution who condone these acts because IT MAKES THEM MORE MONEY BY JACKING UP YOUR FEES THEN GOING THROUGH THE MAJOR EXPENSE OF UPDATING THEIR SECURITY, the crooked credit bureaus and the vulturous collection agencies swirling around you and your destroyed credit.

    And to what end? Why nothing more than to bust a few dozen 'cyberspace mobsters' :D many of which they built up and supported themselves.

    WHY? WHY? you may cry. Simple, LE (particularly at the federal level) cares soley for itself its promotions and in increasing its budgets, all of you potential 'perps' and 'domestic enemy combatants' mean nothing to them but as a cash cow.

    Oh, does the truth hurt. Oh you poor little darlings, better to leave you immersed in your shells, where fairy's and nympths gambole and play and all of you sing together kumbaya, and the BIG BAD WORLD doesn't darken your days.

    Hasta la vista SUCKERS...

  • Bt
      21st of Jul, 2007
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    I spent about 20 minutes on the phone and the U.S. FEDERAL SECRET SERVICE acknowledged that they are AWARE of this complaint and are ACTIVELY trying to resolve.

    They would not acknowledge that "Lord Cyric" is an operative. Only that they are aware of this situation and are ACTIVELY trying to resolve it.


    Why would the U.S. Feds be AWARE of this complaint and TRYING TO RESOLVE IT. IF THEY WERE NOT INVOLVED. And that took less then 10,000 words with NO SPIN. This is a legit complaint. That I know for CERTAIN. Call them yourself.

  • Lc
      13th of Aug, 2007
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    Lord Cyric sent a dude to meet with a couple guys to buy some stolen computers last week. The guy completed the deal and was instantly arrested. He is in jail for conspiracy and a slew of other charges. At his first court hearing the attorney they gave him told him he was busted because the guy who sent him is a undercover informant. It is on the web so go read. Lord Cyric is a cop and you better get it before they get you to.

  • Go
      26th of Aug, 2007
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    Lord Cyric you [censored]. Keep the money PIG. At least you did not get to cuff me up huh. I know thats what you were doing. I saw it and acted like I didnt. I have all the proof I need now. Good luck with your other victims.


  • Le
      13th of Sep, 2007
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    This sting blog is funny as hell!

  • Wo
      15th of Sep, 2007
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    Known CI plant to multi govs. He was in the local news just a few weeks ago in Canada for popping four more unknowests. Stop dealing with this type and you won't need to worry.

  • Tr
      23rd of Sep, 2007
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    That was the cardersmarket board that he was CALLING A STING SITE ABOVE! There is SOOOOOOOOO much proof in this! LC wrote ALL THAT BS ABOVE about how HIS site is LEGITIMATE and CARDERSMARKET is a sting. Now we watch the cardersmarket get infultrated and the leader ARRESTED BY FEDS and put in jail.

    But the darkmarket and FBI guy Lord Cyric are they infultrated and arrested? NO! They are open for FEDERAL business!

    Proof now show cardersmarket was no sting. It got stinged. And it got stinged by LORD CYRIC AND THE FEDERAL GOVERMENT WHO OPERATE DARKMARKET!

  • Ke
      6th of Oct, 2007
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    It is confirmed that Lord Cyric was key in the cardersmarket arrests. He is widely believed to also go by the name "El Mariachi" on the web, and has done large media interviews explaining how he ran sting boards and worked undercover for various government agencies to set people up.

    See "I was A Cybercrook For The FBI" in Google search.

    The guy is bad news.

  • Pa
      15th of Oct, 2007
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    This is the guy who helped catch a carding thief in Canada last month who made and sold illegal credit card "skimmers" which were devised to steal CC info. The guy would only connect to the web using internet cafe so they used this Lord Cyric figure to gain his trust so they could trap him. I say boo to stealing money for laptops but good work for trapping the ### on the street.

  • Sh
      1st of Oct, 2008
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    so it was Lord Cyric who set up and got Dron busted?

  • Mo
      9th of Nov, 2008
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    does anyone know of any other sites like Dark Market that AREN'T run by the FBI :) I can use one right about now :P

  • Ma
      16th of Nov, 2008
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    look some dude seling

  • Ba
      3rd of Jun, 2009
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    The biggest rat crook is El Mariachi, real name "David Renshaw Thomas" who is from Texas.

    Lord Cyric is another rat and crook, but not David Thomas - they are two individuals.

    El Mariachi and Lord Cyric spent all their time screaming about who was a snitch, when they were in fact, and by their own admission, the biggest snitches around.

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