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This company got my husband on the phone and asked him to verify my address and name because they had a package to deliver to me. They recorded him saying yes to these questions and then attached themselves to my AT+T phone bill as my long distance carrier. When I got the bill and called them, they said they would remove the charges and quickly tried to get me off the phone. I asked who authorized the charges and they said my husbands name. I said that he was not on my account and could not make changes to it and asked to hear the recording. They had taken the recording of him saying yes and added it to completely different questions to make it appear he had agreed to change my service. I know this is how it happened because I was home when the original call came and we both discussed how starnge it was because I had not ordered anything to be delivered. They even had him give his birthday because they said the package had to be delivered to someone 18 or older which was just odd. This is a big scam! Be carefull!

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  • La
      8th of Dec, 2008
    long distance service - wrong information
    union telecom

    it is the fraud company the agent of this company did'nt give right information...
    they always give wrong information...
    they charge my monthly bill in usa $ and they charge $39.50 as a security deposit which they don't refund...

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  • Dw
      24th of Aug, 2009
    long distance service - 976084-44 on caller ID
    Not known
    United States

    My husband continues to get calls on his work cell phone. Sometimes is comes up private number and sometimes it is 976084-44. It is someone with a thick Indian voice trying to sell him long distance services. He will not listen to my husband when he tells him this is a company phone and to stop calling.

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  • Th
      24th of Aug, 2009

    Tell your husband to report to the IT people that issue the phones for his company, and they can get the call records for that number and try to pursue it. Other than that, you're SOL.

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