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Excessive charge for a small repair. Lon Smith roofing replaced my roof in 2003 and gave me a 10 year limited warranty. When I developed a small leak in 2010 and called the company I was told that they could not find the record of my roof replacement and warranty. Even though I had the receipt and warranty from 2003, I was quoted $300 for the repair by their salesman and agreed to the cost after his presentation on how they were going to install a special membrane under the roofing and replace a seal around a pipe. He stated the he had left the diagram of the area to be repaired in his truck but it was mostly for the workmen. A week later when the repair was done, it took one workman 10 minutes to do the work! I felt like I had been taken to the cleaners! $300 for a 10 minute repair is excessive. When I called the office to complain, I was told that I was charged for 2 men, even though one stayed in the truck the whole 10 minutes, and for the time it took them to drive to my house and pick up materials. If you are willing to overpay for roofing then Lon Smith is the company to call. Personally I am done with this company.

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