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the locksmith insist need to come to see instead of get a proper picture for the lock. And tell me is $80. After he come he say just change another kind is $200 plus.
And after I say is too expensive. He ask for $20 checking fee. And I told him that he never mention it. He insist want to come now to see over the phone but now ask $20 for the trip money. After I refuse and tell him if he clarify in the beginning and I agree definitely I can pay. But he didn't mention it and very hurry to come to see even I already send a photo of the place need to change lock. So he start to say all the f word. And bin the door and leave. I find that this is the way that he cheat for money. Don't tell the truth and insist need to come and ask for payment. If not pay he will say bad words to u point at you. If the behavior like that person also can do open people's door Job. I really don't think is safe and right to give the kind of person license to do. And this is happen in Singapore. And the guy even can yell like. Nothin I can do to him cause the most call police and the police won't do anything about him. Which he is right. The police cannily record. Cause no damage. No business.

Anyway if you live in Singapore. Never ever call
This person because it might cause some safety problem to your self.
And do tell your friends also never try this person. He is a guy that full of tattoo on the arms. Remember. Above number for the lock smith. Don't ever try. You will either get cheated or scold in bad words from his mouth.

The last sentence he say is you'd better watch out!

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  • An
      Jun 15, 2015

    Usually in Singapore they do charge a visiting fee. You should have first made it clear. Few years ago we wanted to get a water heater repaired n the guy charged us $50 for visiting. He didnt know how to fix it. Eventually we got a new water heater

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  • Do
      Jun 15, 2015

    This guy just threatened me last night!
    [protected] and [protected]

    Ladies BEWARE.

    This locksmith threatened my family and myself several times today with multiple vulgarities. And threatened me by telling me to make sure my doors were locked well.

    My kitchen door was closed and stuck I had slowly stripped the locks with my handy tools and my friend came over to help.

    Just when I googled a locksmith, and called and asked how much it would cost for him to come over and unlock the door he asked me to send him my address. So I sent him my address and within 1 minute my friend suddenly popped open the door.

    So I immediately SMS the locksmith within 3 mins from my last message to ask him to come and he called me back saying that his man was on the way.

    I felt bad and asked how much he wants to charge me for the few mins travel and then he said just wait there my man is on the way. So I panicked and got scared.. I told him your guy doesn't have to come anymore its only been less than 5 mins since I called you I'm sure he isn't even on the way or even if he is not that far a distance (it was actually only 3mins) so he doesn't have to come. He started getting angry, talking loudly and then hung up.

    Called me back again and hurled vulgarities at me saying I'm making fun of locksmiths and that I kept calling him before and wasting his time. - I've never used a locksmith before.

    I was getting more afraid but I did not react, I was just trying to resolve the issue. He eventually demanded that I pay the full amount and that he would send someone down now to take the money from me or else.

    It was then that I decided to say no. I wasn't going to give in to his threat. He then said a string of colourful hokkien vulgarities and threatened me and said he knows my home address and I should watch out. He also said I should make sure all my doors are locked tonight and menacingly asked me to sleep well and if I dared to call the police to go ahead. He kept repeating that he knows where I lived.

    I did exactly what he said to do. I made a courtesy call to the nearby police post so if he does anything I have it on record. I am not afraid of petty crime he may be bored enough to attempt. Just don't like the fact that he threatened me because I'm a female and I sound vulnerable on the phone... I do have a sweet voice lol.

    Use this locksmith at your own risk. And NEVER give out your home address, if necessary give out a nearby public address and pick the locksmith up so if something goes wrong you are safe.

    Always get a friend to recommend to you someone they know. It will be the best case. Just wanted to share my experience so you don't fall for this trap.

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