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LMS Lawyers / Jonathan Cohen

1 Level 5, 606 St Kilda Road Melbourne VIC 3004Melbourne, Victoria, Australia Review updated:

Absolue legal scammer.

Uses VCAT's bias and 'conflict of interest' to blatantly ambush individual he's against. Vexatious behavior. Always demands members award his clients costs regardless of case outcomes. Bullies members to rule in his favour when he has no case. This is due to VCAT's Owners Corporation List 'conflict of interest'. The list is funded by the Victorian Property Fund (Via payments from OC managers).

Will lie under oath, fabricate evidence, ambush with surprise claims on the day, and whatever else is required to win a case - with the unbridled support of VCAT members!.

LMS Lawyers

Jun 6, 2015
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  • Ro
      21st of Jun, 2015
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    Lacks ability because he runs cases through the notorious VCAT 'owners corporation list', where you only have to claim your a lawyer to be looked after and win the case.

    He's apparently the head of LMS lawyers - I can only imagine the ability of those under him.

    I once thought you had to be smart and quick thinking to be a lawyer - how wrong was I.

  • Ro
      22nd of Jun, 2015
    -1 Votes

    Read Jonathan Cohen's Linkedin profile. He actually claims he educates VCAT members. No wonder he get away with bungholing, intimidating and abusing them. And making up the law as he goes...

    The whole owners corporation list, with its rip-off managers - conflicts of interest - pay-offs, backdoor deals, unskilled members and lawyers, is just another 'Australian legal joke'

    LMS Lawyers claim they must be honest people because they have taken a legal oath - hahahhaa.

  • Le
      17th of Sep, 2015
    0 Votes

    Jonathan Cohen and Jeffrey McLean definitely have quite the money-making operation going on for themselves abusing OC law and couldn't do it without the help of VCAT insiders but their set up is about to come crashing down. Very long story short I recently reported them to the Australian Insurance Fraud Bureau. They've been defrauding me for years with the help of the other OC members (a greedy married couple) but none of our authorities, including Vic Police, would investigate this "respectable" duo. Unfortunately for them I discovered their latest insurance fraud by accident -multiple claims made for same fees, misrepresentation and running false bank account. Serious criminal offences. Seems JC has since left LMS abruptly. Finally everything will be revealed and I intend to make sure everyone who's helped them are exposed, particularly those who've used their tax-payer funded positions to financially benefit these two. It's blatant corruption. VCAT has become a disgrace. Blessed blessed karma!

  • Mc
      4th of Dec, 2015
    +2 Votes

    Jeffrey & Leah Mclean: Refer to any college or fellow managers, and your feedback will be - Bullies, liars, children & fraudsters.

    Protected species at VCAT.

  • Al
      13th of Dec, 2015
    -2 Votes

    This Cohen was engaged by DAVID FRIED the Chairman of Eureka Tower committee, son of Eva and Tab Fried the developers of Eureka Tower, to intimidate and bully the lot owners. He threatened to present letters at VCAT to calculated to mislead the members, he threatened to pursue false claims, of stalking and harassment, in the magistrates to court to coerce to withdraw a claim at VCAT, he manipulated communications to allude assault, he made libelous allegations, against an applicant before member. At the VCAT hearing he blindsided the applicant, by alleging the 72 yr old applicant assaulted an employee of Eureka Tower, albeit that it was that employee a former chief of security who carried out the verbal assault, which compliant made to that employee was cherry picked and manipulated by Cohen of LMS lawyers, to allude in correspondence, which he threatened to present at VCAT, that the applicant assaulted the employee, see photos of that employee and David Fried, listed in Lindekin as property developer, however, albeit residing in Victoria he operated David Fired Investments on the Web out of Darwin, and runs with his farther TAB, American Boat Imports Pty Ltd, listed in Mantra as a leisure company situated in Malvern, which generates an income of approx. 25OK from boat sales

  • Km
      6th of Feb, 2016
    0 Votes

    Now at CLP Lawyes

  • Ka
      19th of May, 2016
    -1 Votes


  • Ka
      19th of May, 2016
    +1 Votes

    Jonathan has now opened up with his associates from LMS. Mark, and Emilia at CLP lawyers. I wouldn't trust those three if they were the last remaining lawyers on this earth. The 3 of them did work for me. They spent months and months on the case. All I got in the end was a huge legal bill with NO result. Mark and Emilia take directives from Jonathon. So as you can expect they too play the same game as Jonathon. I have moved on to another lawyer and less than 2 months and a single VCAT claim it's resolved. I don't normally write things on the internet but seeing they used and abused my kindness I feel people should know what they are like.

  • Ne
      18th of Jul, 2016
    0 Votes

    He carries on like a spoiled brat at VCAT. Literally screaming and cursing at Members to get his way!
    You want to know why?

    1. The VCAT Owners Corporation list is fully funded by OC Managers through the Victorian Property Fund. Mangers fund the VPF. Approx a million each year is paid to VCAT from this fund. Look through the VCAT and SCA Annual reports for details.
    2. Cohen's on VCAT"s Owners Corporation Users List. This is a group of Owners Corporation Lawyers, that represent OC Managers. With the esteemed VCAT President Gregory Garde, they meet and decide how VCAT should run cases.
    3. Cohen runs workshops for VCAT members. He also runs workshops with Members, for OC Managers.

    VCAT - you're pathetic...Mexico Justice in Australia...

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