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NOTE: I have attached some screenshots here to this post, however the link below is where you can see ALL communication with Jay and Danielle, please look at those-VERY IMPORTANT if you are considering working with Jay or Danielle.

Jay and his producer Danielle, owe my film production services company,, around $6-7, 000USD. We provided production services for a music video shoot in August/September 2018 in Phuket Thailand. They were not happy with a stage that we constructed out in the ocean for the Artist, Willie XO, to perform on. We discounted the stage and even took off the entire cost of the stage. This is noted in their line budget we submitted, and we have made them aware of this many times, with no response from them at all. Still after removing the costs they owed a balance due to extra shooting days, overtime, and other overages they gave us the ok on. They then left the country with promises to settle their bill.

They will say we held their camera cards ransom and caused them to miss shots, well when you are late 3 days paying and I have spent $15k USD out of my pocket so far, you would understand holding the cards until they caught up on payment. From the very beginning they were supposed to pay a deposit to start production, this is what I was STILL trying to get when we held the cards. They eventually managed to get Jay's girlfriend or someone else(not sure who exactly), to send us a paypal for part of it. In the screenshots below you see a message where I address this with Jay and ask if he is ok, he says yes-it is an iMessage screenshot.

Also another thing is Danielle claims we left them stranded on the island we were shooting, please look at below screenshot for this also-you can clearly see we warn them of this and also tell her that we need neccessities such as water, electric and so forth and we have to leave by a specific time because the tide goes out and we can't leave after that-they say ok and then they refuse to leave in time-leaving them stuck without water and so forth. Also, they claim they would be organizing boats from a local hotel sponsoring their shoot-they had 1 boat for a total of around 40 people. We hired others, Danielle still doesn't realize this-although it is in the budget and they took a smaller boat we had from the island back to their large speedboat.

Jay and Danielle were always late with payments, sent wires and somehow they never arrived. The first payment came the day before shooting started and this was with the assistance of their hotel fronting the payment for them. This put us in a situation where we had to book tickets last minute for all of our local crew to fly from Bangkok to Phuket.

In all of my years of experience, this is seriously one of the most sloppy and unprofessional productions I have ever provided services for. We have serviced all kinds of major brands, agencies and artists, but never had an experience like this.

All in all, I have no hope of collecting payment from Jay or Danielle, however I hope you please get all payments upfront from them.

There are 2 people responsible as producers.

Jarrod Lee Richardson
Danielle Michelle Cole

All of this evidence is detailed in screenshots below at a google drive link. Please do have a look and educate yourself before taking work from Jay(Jarrod) or Danielle.

- Jarrod Lee Richardson Passport Photo -

- Danielle Michelle Cole Passport Photo -

- Whatsapp, Instagram Message, and Email Screenshots - PLEASE READ, you will see the delay after delay, and then when they went silent and refused to communicate. Since they have blocked all communication. Here it is, a lot to read! But clearly you can see we made all efforts to keep them happy as clients. -

Final Line Budget, outlining the total cost, the refund and discount on the stage and theater, and the amount still owed(please see page 2) -

Jay's "company" instagram account -

Danielle's Instagram Account -

Jay's "company" website, no actual real registered company, have researched this relentlessly. -

Jay's "company" facebook -

Jay's "company" youtube channel -

Danielle is also the owner of Sin City Cupcakes in Las Vegas Nevada and Dallas Texas -

Live Rich Media / Jay Richardson / Danielle Cole

Feb 2, 2019

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