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Little Poopers Dog Breeder


Selling puppies with genetic problems

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Contact information:
Little Poopers
Pittsburgh Plum Boro, Pennsylvania
United States
Phone: 724-334-2393
I purchased a female Morkie puppie in March 2009. The puppy was tiny, and beautiful, and she is now a very sweet, beautiful one year old dog with genetic knee problems, which require thousands of dollars of orthopedic surgery. I love her and will certainly provide whatever care is needed, however when I called Joel and Regan (the owners of Little Poopers) to see if I could find out more about my dog's parents and ask if there is any information they could provide so that I would be able to tell the surgeon everything detail about her family medical history, they became very defensive, accusing me of scamming them. When I told them my dog is unable to walk, instead of showing concern and being cooperative, they shouted, swore, said the warranty on the dog is up, and hung up on me. I wasn't trying to cash in a warranty, and I tried to explain that, but they were rude, and insensitive. I tried calling back but they wouldn't answer the phone. I love my dog and I wouldn't trade her for the world. We will love her whether she can walk or not and we will care for her and give her a good and hopefully long life, but this breeder should not be in business and does not care about animals. They're very nice when you first meet them because they want your money, but they don't want anything to do with you once you sign that check and walk out the door. I would NOT recommend this breeder to anyone.
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N  14th of Apr, 2010 by    0 Votes
I just want to add that Reagan from Little Poopers called me last night and while the conversation did not get off to a good start, we did make amends and agree to try and gather the most information possible so that my dog can receive the best care for her orthopedic issues. I would have removed this posting, but this site did not give me the option to do that. Right now I am communicating with Little Poopers and in all fairness to them, I will post a follow up once this medical issue is resolved.

Meems Mum
A  11th of Jun, 2015 by    +1 Votes
I agree with your initial complaint. My now late grandmother bought me a Chihuahua from them for $600.00 in 2006. He has Patellar Luxation or in layman's terms, dislocation of the kneecap. They obviously do not do genetic testing on their dogs. I wouldn't get another dog from them even if it was given to me. Genetic issues are no joke and the number one reason why no one should buy from a backyard breeder. Backyard breeders such as Little Poopers are in it for profit.

Ethical breeders don't make a profit because the genetic testing that goes towards their dams, sires, and puppies costs them thousands of dollars. Ethical breeders, are any breeders not in it for profit but to create a superior breed with outstanding genetics. Ethical breeders will not breed designer mutts for the very reason that, if you have a Poodle and a Maltese that both have different genetic eye diseases, then you breed them together, there will then come the puppies with two different eye diseases and a whole lot of vet bills. Ethical breeders will rarely make a profit on selling their puppies because they will do the expensive annual testing for their dams and sires by the Canine Eye Registration Foundation (CERF) and one time testing after the dogs are over the age of two by Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) as well as (in the case for Chihuahuas) a Congenital Cardiac exam. Ethical breeders are usually hobbyists who just really enjoy the breed and want to do everything in their power to make it better and healthier.

Backyard breeders are why there are so many dogs in the humane societies are dying. More than a third of the dogs in shelters are purebreds. A lot of reasons why dogs are surrendered is because of the cost of genetic diseases. My Chihuahua's surgery was estimated at $4, 000.00 for both knees buy an orthopedic surgeon. If these people cared about their dogs, they'd pay the thousands of dollars for the genetic testing and would provide proof of such testing. If they're not doing the genetic testing they are making a killing on those puppies especially their dogs with "papers".

AKC registration means nothing. The AKC is a business like any other business; they're in it for money and almost anyone can register their dog and therefore make more money on their puppies. Backyard breeders, puppy brokers, and pet stores, use the AKC papers as a sales gimmick. Once upon a time the AKC meant something. Not anymore, especially not when they endorse puppy mills, puppy brokers, and backyard breeders. Although I don't agree with the AKC's sleazy practices, I will say that their website does offer some good information. A great example would be this:

"Be wary of a breeder who refuses/hesitates to give you papers, WANTS TO CHARGE YOU MORE FOR AKC PAPERS, offers papers from a registry other than the AKC, or tells you he/she will mail them to you at a later date."
This quote can be found on their website under their Responsible Breeders page under the eleventh bullet point.

Little Poopers hikes their prices way up for their AKC registration. It doesn't cost more than $25.00 for the initial litter fee plus $2.00 per puppy! That is straight from the AKC website! And Little Poopers double the cost of their puppies for that meaningless paper! They don't even follow the AKC's Breeder's Code of Ethics! Ridiculous. Had I not been 12 years old and instead educated on puppy buying as I am now, I would never have let my grandmother give them a dime. Never! I wish people would research puppy buying before they make a purchase because I know it would certainly save a lot of heartache and definitely cut back on our shelter populations.
A  11th of Aug, 2017 by    0 Votes
I also bought a Morkie puppy from this breeder in 2007 and before she was a year and a half old she had to have surgery on her knee. She also had Patellar Luxation. Since that time we have spent thousands of dollars treating her for other genetic disorders. As other people have mentioned I absolutely love my baby but these people scammed me out of $3, 500.00 for her. I thought I had done a good deal of reasearch before I purchased her but clearly I did not. Do not buy from these people.

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