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A complete nightmare. The Linwood recommended builder quoted $80k billed for $106k with no changes in design. It has been nearly a year to complete 1, 500 square feet.

On Linwoods part directly: not enough material to finish the siding as specified in the design, incorrect colour of soffet material, insufficient material to complete soffets, insufficient soffet venting, and the package sat on the ground through the winter under a meter of snow. And over priced on the package by about $30, 000.

It has been an absolute nightmare and we would never recommend Linwood and by no means would we consider another Linwood build. If you like their designs take the sketch to your local Home Hardware, Rona, or Home Depot and have them quote the same package you will save yourself tens-of-thousands.

May 16, 2013

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  • Ba
      Aug 30, 2013

    We are having problems with the company too. They will not give us a price breakdown of what we are building. They have told me i can't get my deposit back and i can't get engineer drawings unless i sign a contract for a house that I'm not sure i can build and what the price of it is. They charged me for a basic kit, i took out features like the windows and doors that i did not like and they won't tell me how much I was credited. Instead I get a quote for $14, 000.00 more plus the cost of the original kit. Where is my credit? i added some features to change the design like skylights but they won't tell me how much it costs.

    They are keeping my $6000 deposit based on that I have not completed the agreement.
    They went as far as saying that my previously signed contract is not valid because it was in my married name and with the design changes for the second contract is in my maiden name. They are a clown show that wants to build houses. Go to Home depot and order your lumber, find an engineer to do your drawings and save a lot of grief.

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  • Ro
      Feb 13, 2016

    My wife and I invested many, many thousands of dollars with Linwood Homes for our new home in Michigan. They were great to work with BEFORE the sale, but have been VERY disappointing after the sale. Most recently, they have shown us no respect as clients as we have worked to settle over $12, 000 in additional costs, for which we believe Linwood is responsible. In our opinion, expect little service and respect from Linwood Homes after the sale. We would not recommend Linwood Homes to anyone.

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  • Di
      Apr 05, 2016

    We, too, have had very little communication from our assigned Linwood sales representative since paying the final deposit on our home package. We are building a home in Alaska and started with one sales rep (who was very good working with us), but were assigned a different rep. right after we paid our initial $10, 000 deposit. The new rep. has been very difficult to deal with. He is very slow to respond to inquiries and has taken 2-3 weeks to send new plans with minor modifications. Like one of the other comments, we also had difficulty getting price breakdowns for changes to the plans. Fortunately, we had not made the final payment yet so after many requests, I finally got a price breakdown.
    Our sales rep. put our building materials into production before our permitting process was completed and stored our materials in the Linwood yard where they were exposed to outside weather. Our builder found mistakes in the plans and had to contact a Linwood architect for clarification of the measurements. We requested shipment of our materials February 29th and finally received shipment March 29th. Actual shipping time from Linwood to our location is 3-4 days. Our builder is impressed with the quality of the lumber but he is still going through the materials to find the correct pieces that go together and determine if the package is complete and in good order. Packing of the materials was done in a haphazard manner and has caused much searching for materials that go together for the build.
    Although Linwood advertises their home packages to be rated for energy efficiency, we cannot get Linwood to send any documentation to support their claim. They have responded like they don't know what an energy efficient rating is. And, although I have made multiple requests, they have not yet provided us with the warranty documents. We are hoping that all materials are included and not damaged by weather because I have my doubts as to whether Linwood will replace damaged materials, or try to make it right.
    All-in-all I would say that Linwood is non-communicative, has poor customer service, and will not back up its claims about the quality of the building materials.

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  • Mi
      Oct 04, 2016

    We are currently building our home with Linwood. I am so disappointed, it is unbelievable. They recommended a builder that does a good quality work, but it took 14 months to complete. The materials delivery was delayed, I had wrong window delivered and had to wait another 2.5 month for replacement. It took them months to compile a documentation to apply for permits. Overall, I am very unhappy with them and would never recommend anyone to deal with the company

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