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Buyer beware. I worked with Jeff Herlocher, VP of Sales in WA state. I liked Jeff at first. I trusted him. He promised me everything that I wanted to hear. He took my calls and quickly responded to my emails right up until I signed a contract with Linwood and paid 20k. Thereafter, Jeff and his office staff were very hard to reach. They did not return my calls and emails in a timely manner. They knew that they had my deposit and that I was locked in and I could not fire them. They assigned me to a designer who had very poor design skills. She was later fired and they did not give me another designer to work with. Although they said that I would not need to hire an architect, I had to do so. I lost all faith in Linwood as their customer service and design service was so bad. When I confronted them and when Jeff finally got back to me, they would not return my deposit even though their promised services were nothing of what they said they would be. I hired a lawyer. The lawyer said I could sue them and would likely win but the cost of such a lawsuit would be more than my deposit. Jeff and Linwood Homes are dishonest, provide poor services. They are also just a middleman and will cost you more in the end.

Dec 30, 2018

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