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Lift SP / false advertising

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BEWARE!! HIDDEN MAJOR MISREPRESENTATION. The word " TRIAL" does NOT mean what comes to mind first. I ordered 2 products after reading and hearing of on the "VIEW". Belisis was my first order with NO STRINGS attached however, the Lift SP apparently (not so apparent!!!)says somewhere that your credit card will be CHARGED $79.95 per MONTH unless you CALL to cancel your TRIAL "SIZE" offer. The woman on the phone from Lift SP said they sent me a "FULL ONE MONTH SUPPLY" . You see the "TRIAL" is in "TIME" not product!! You are supposed to read the receipt and CALL IF you want to CANCEL your MONTHLY ORDER which you never realized you signed up for!! This is a complete joke and outrage that undermines good and decent marketers. The initial 'Trial" is not at all a "TRIAL" unless you follow the companies hidden agenda! There is "NO" address to sent this product back but I encourage all to NOT get involved with this company and if you get into my situation go directly to your Bank and file a complaint and refuse to pay!! This is FRAUD!! This company takes advantage of the consumer!!!

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  • Ed
      2nd of Apr, 2009
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    All the complaints dealt with here are in fact covered in sales page, be it the really reallly really small print.

    WHAT REALLY BUGS ME is that if you choose to stay with the program you haven't received any free trial as you will pay for that first bottle in full. Only those that cancel will receive a free trial.

    In other word, people who choose to become a customer have no free trial...only those who decide not to. Is this the way to treat customers? Pay out for those who don't want your product and for those who do, well sorry, that discount isn't available if you decide to purchase

  • Mo
      16th of Apr, 2009
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    Liftsp and many anti wrinkle products sold online with promises to reduce wrinkles, improve wrinkles depth, or temporarily remove wrinkles are all bogus(fake, a really big scam to sell you a product that does nothing, but coat your skin with no benefits at all). All the reviews you find on the internet are posted by the anti-wrinkle product's company itself. All the blogs are fake and posted by the product's company. The pictures in the phony blogs are from results of plastic/comestic and/or skin laser treatments and not the results of using their anti-wrinkle products. Many of these companies are affiliated with one another and some are own by the same people. They sell the same product and calling it a different name and market it under another company name. YOu really have to know how to dig deep to find these stuff out like I did. Oh, the pictures they used to market their products using fake blogs are stolen pictures from many comestic/plastic surgeon's online websites.. It is so funny when I found already 4 of these pictures that are from a plastic surgerons website. Liftsp changes its before and after picture from time to time. Right now, they are using a man with crows feet and I also found this picture from a plastic surgeon's online website. This man got several laser treatment and the result is not from using LIftsp or any anti wrinkle products. Don't be a fool. If this product really works like they show you, then the plastic/comestic surgeons will not be in such a high demand these days. Read about what all doctors want to specialize in now??? Plastic surgery. Too many of them, so medical schools had to steer them to other specialities... The only legitimate review site I know about is from You can buy their magazines too!!! They do reviews from household items, beauty products, cars, to whatever you can think of...
    Please look at all these phony blogs and lots of laugh. I know when liftsp and its affiliated companies will have to once again change their phony blogs web addresses to some other names. The onces I found from several months ago is gone. But I will be out there monthly to report new phony blogs when I find them...

    Whenever you see an underline anywhere in the phony blogs, that mean this is a variable text area. This area can change. I see many of the phony blogs will post the person living nearby a city where you live and this is done by using your IP address at login... Dr. Jepson and affiliated companies should refund everyone's money and they should serve time for white color crime. Stealing is illegal and I think false advertisement should be too!!! Please report these companies to BBB and also file a report on this website. Do google on liftsp, lift-sp, lift - sp, DRI-liftsp and so forth... People type it all different, so all complaints aren't pull up in one search... Oh, also do Liftsp scam Liftsp fraud, and maybe some other way that people will type this product name ... I saw several hundreds of complaint about this product...

    (same picture, but different names for each blog)

    (same picture, but different name on each blog)

    (same picture, different name on each blog)

    (same picture, but different name on each blog)

  • Sa
      6th of May, 2009
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    Here's another one

  • Ib
      5th of Jun, 2009
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    Thank you for posting all these addresses, I will make use of them,

    Michelle is a liar, I called the above number and wrote to, the email got bounced back and my conversation with the Rep. was unsuccessful.
    I also wrote to the so called Doctor who supposedly produces the cream, thus far no reply.
    Like your bank, mine seems to be aware of the unlawful practices of Lift SP, I urged the CEO of Chase Bank to stop doing business with that Company.
    These Banks should be held accountable, being complicit makes them guilty.
    Please, I urge all who have been scammed to force their Banks to stop honoring Lift's sales.
    Lets us not be Victims, let us stand up and fight and take back what is rightfully ours.

  • Sk
      14th of Jun, 2011
    0 Votes

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