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I was given the heart monitor to wear for three days. I did. I was given the prepaid UPS package with a prepaid printed label to return all of the device components. I July. Then mid August I got a letter stating that I had not returned the device and components and I need to pay the company $500 for the equipment. Of course I called. A man answered the phone, gave his name as "Frank", had such an accent, that I am certain that his country of origin does not name its inhabitants "Frank". I told Frank that I indeed did return the device and all of the components. He said he would check. He did. Oops. "We show that you returned the device but not the cell phone (a locked cellular device that is not able to be used as a regular cell phone)" I said that is not true, this is a scam, you people picked the wrong victim, I will take you to court. Is that worth $500 plus court costs for you, I have the waybill, the proof of delivery and the exact weight of the package (which can show that the cell phone, weighing several ounces, was indeed included - these people did not really think through their stupid scam) and the signature on file of the person who accepted the package. (I am looking all of this up as I am talking to "Frank", who appears to be blown away by my unwillingness to meekly agree to pay the $500.) So finally Frank agrees to change his records and negate the status on my account that falsely states I did not return the device and the components. I wonder how many elderly people who do not have my tenacity ended up paying the $500. SHAME ON YOU LIFEWATCH!!

Aug 11, 2014

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