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Les Schwab / paint damage

1 7304 S.E. 82ndPortland, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 503 777 1447

Brought my car in for a brake job because one of the calipers had hung up causing the pad to wear very rapidly resulting in grinding on the disk. So far I have no complaints about the brake job, but the day after I got the car back I had occasion to look more closely at the front end and discovered that a large, fairly wide, line of paint had been scraped off of the lower part of the front bumper along with additional chunks of paint on the corner where a scratch started and extended to the area where the scraped off paint began. None of this had been there when I hand washed the car on Sunday prior to bringing the car into Les Schwab on Monday morning. Because of the brake grinding, which had just started on Saturday, I had not driven the car, since Saturday, prior to delivering it to Les Schwab on Monday. The corner, which had the chunks of paint missing, also showed blistering as if heat had been applied to that very localized area. On no other portion of my car is there any evidence of any blistering. Although there are many pinpoints of paint missing from the hood of my car from road rocks, they are well spread out and have been accumulated over the year that I've owned the car. Prior to the brake job done by Les Schwab, the largest chunk of paint missing was a scratch, caused by a shopping cart, which I had touched up to prevent rust, and the black marks and scratches on the back bumper caused by my taking my husband's mobility scooter in and out of the trunk. When I took my car to Les Schwab to hear what they had to say about it, the manager insisted that it couldn't possibly have happened there and dared me to prove otherwise. He tried to insist that the damage was caused by road rocks or the result of paint flaking off which he immediately tried to prove by digging at edge of one of the missing chunks of paint. Needless to say, that proved unsuccessful. Even he couldn't deny that the damage was too extensive and the missing chunks of paint too large to have been caused by flying road grit.
So far their only response has been to try send me on a wild goose chase or to discourage me from submitting a claim.


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