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Leisure Dental / Do not get fooled by Leisure Dental

1 24102 El Toro Rd., Suite ALaguna Woods, CA, United States Review updated:
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I made an appointment specifying the ad they have in the PennySaver for $39. Exam, X-Ray and Cleaning. Specifies in absence of gum disease but does not specify level of cleaning. I am 27 years old, never had a cavity in my life, never have had dental issues, perfect healthy teeth and gums. The doctor comes in and comments how great my teeth look, minute he realizes I am there because of the coupon he says I need a "Deep Cleaning". I asked if that costs more, then the receptionist came in to tell me instead of $39. it will be $117. I stated that the coupon doesnt say what type of cleaning and that if they are going to do this they should specify that it only includes a light cleaning. So then the doctor starts saying that I may have gum disease. This is outrageous, not only are they trying to scam people, but they are also diagnosing people with conditions they do not have. I went straight to another dentist to verify that fact and came out with a clean diagnosis. Also, they refused to do a light cleaning for the $39. but stated I must pay the $39. for the x-ray and exam. The receptionist was extremely rude and violated HIPAA regulations in numerous ways. She refused to even provide me with their privacy pamphlet in which they had me sign receipt of. I will be making complaints to the California Dental Board. This is simply put "FRAUD" and "FALSE ADVERTISING". It is despicable that these dentists can practice in this manner in a predominately elderly community of Laguna Woods. I have the ability and the will power to stick-up for my rights and refuse to be taken advantage of, but the elderly who may find their ad and go in for cleaning are clearly unable to stick up for themselves. Also, they may be so trusting that they will just accept a bogus diagnosis thinking they truly have the condition. These doctors need to be dis-barred and I will do everything in my power to make sure the appropriate organization disciplines them for this action.

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  • Ma
      8th of Aug, 2008
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    I was also fooled by false advertising, ripped off for $50 to quote unneeded way over priced work. There web sight lies abaou reduced fees for uninsured and payments it costs $50 to find out they lie.and they claimed a credit card that worked right before and after did not work and they could not punch in the number. right. they must be very use to disputes. when other dentists see there padded disguised language on there recomendations.. Be carefull. fortunately they only riped me off for the 50 and I went elsewhere. though I have perfect credit the web add saying no interest payments is a lie. the reduced rate for uninsured is a lie. the quoted cost had 3 times the cost at other dentists and was padded with deceptive wording and unnecessary recomendation. BE WARE atemped to contact to resolve but no responce. will now go to better business and the dental boards.I never needed the 1500 with posts crown they wanted to do. with added charges for special edge cosmetic work that was not explained for a back molar you cant see. they used a word I did not understand and would not explain it was just cosmetic but claimed it was necessary. the add says reduced rates for uninsured That was true as I did not need a crown at all. and after charging 50 he admits others could fix it cheeper. the adds are not true the rates are high the no interest advertised payments do not exixt. the recomendations are false and desceptive unexplained language is used. good luck. they will not respond to complaints.

  • Da
      30th of Apr, 2009
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    I went to Leisure Dental on there $39 special and thats what i was charged, i had no false treatment so i dont understand some of these people complaints. My son had braces done by Dr. Mohsin and we received great payment plans that work with my financial needs.
    My family is very happy here and we will continue to recommend this office to all our friends and family.
    Unfortunately these people wrote bad comments about this office and me as a patient now of over 2yrs knowing many people who go there.. they are great doctors and the staff is amazing they go out of there way to make you comfortable and happy. For all readers i hope you take my comment to heart and dont let others make the decision for you, go in and see for yourself.

  • Wi
      27th of Mar, 2012
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    Leisure dental is an office where we have more than 4000 active patients. They are treated with respect and honesty. Staff member expect the same respect in return. Patients who are having a bad day and try to take their frustrations out on the staff members are usually  asked to leave the office no matter what and that's not just doctors decision mostly all staff members are involved in decision making. At times when patients don't agree with the treatment plan they are always advised to get a second opinion. All the crowns that we do we always give a guarantee for it. People who think they can get away with bad, loud  behavior and expecting not to pay their copayment are not welcome here. Also people who want a free job and then threaten to put bad reviews on yelp are also not welcome here.By the way the office has no law suites on it and never had one from the day we opened our doors almost a decade ago. Some people probably don't know the deference between use of antibiotics like tetracycline and drug use during pregnancy and how tetracycline can effect the Childs teeth. For those people I can only say "read about pregnancy and drugs(medication) use that can effect neonatal".

  • Ij
      18th of Sep, 2013
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    I have been a patient ast Leisure dental for a about 2 yrs - they have always honored their cleaning fees and X=rays with no problem. Everyone there, the dentist, the receptionist, the new hygenist, the dental assistants, etc have alwys been kind and courteous and Professional to me and others I have referred. I am frankly baffled by the complaints.
    This is a dentist who gets to know and cares about his patients.

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