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We made deal with power Leather Industries Mr Mian Qaiser to buy leather working gloves, after we transferred 1st payment 5000$ to start production, supplier bcame careless and lazy to answer our mails and contacts,
We discovers that this man Mian Qaiser owns 2 companies 1st power leather and 2nd Mahnoor,
Beware these scammers
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Leather Working Gloves
Leather Working Gloves

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    to whom it may concern: we though that Mr Mian start to cooperate but we discovered later that he sent for us cheap Cotton gloves instead of working leather gloves, we issued complaint against him to Alibaba and we sent all needed evidences but they kept him gold supplier, so beware this gold scammer of the following LINK:

Apr 29, 2014
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      27th of May, 2018

    My name is Antonio Heinz CEO of Latinfrut S.A, importing company from Argentina. I´m addressing to all of you to warn you about Mahnoor Leathers Industries, contact person Mr. Qaiser Mehmood, as I have had a really bad experience with them that nobody should, we´ve been scammed.
    The story goes like this. For the 2018 Soccer World Cup, we received an order from one of our most valuable customers, Nuevocentro Shopping, one of the biggest Shopping Centers in Argentina, in which they ordered us 8.000 soccer balls. After researching through the various trading web pages, we found Manhoor Leathers in HKTDC and Alibaba (Gold Member for 4 years). At first, everything was going great. As soon as we messaged or emailed them, they would answer right away. We asked for samples and they shipped them with no problem. Until then everything was going fine. On February 6th, we made the first payment, 50% of the total, (Total Amount USD 18.800) for the 8.000 balls unit price USD 2, 35. We transferred USD 9.400. According to them, that’s when the production began. They sent us pictures of the “production” which by the way seemed pretty real, with a bunch of balls with our design placed in boxes ready for shipping. On February 19th, they told us that as we made the second deposit we would have the balls ready to be shipped in two days. That’s why, on February 20th we made our second payment, the other 50%, that was USD 9.400 paying the total of USD 18.800, we had no reason not to believe them, until then we hadn´t had any problems. They also send us Proforma Invoice, Invoice, and Packing List.
    However, after that, their answers became almost null. We texted them, emailed them, called them but nothing happened, they rarely answered with a simple “keep calm my friend, the production will be ready next week”. Also, our forwarder company called Mahnoor every day to coordinate the shipping and they always answered that they will let them know when the shipment was ready.
    After 40 days of the second payment, we contacted the Argentinian Embassy in Pakistan, requesting for help. They informed us that Mahnoor Leather Industries is in the Black List of Sialkot Chamber of Commerce & Industries ( ) and also in the Chaman Chamber of Commerce & Industry
    We then also found similar attitudes to others customers in Alibaba ( ).
    At that time, the answers became completely null, we called to their office and as soon as we said we were from Argentina they cut the phone.
    Tired of all these attitudes, we reached the point we are today, 22th May 2018, without our soccer balls, without our money and no answer from Mahnoor Leather Industries, in which we decided to pursue him legally by taking serious legal actions.
    Despite the money, which by the way, we haven’t been refunded, what damaged us the most was that we couldn’t satisfy our client’s needs, putting us in a really adverse situation that questions our own credibility.
    Concluding this letter to you, I really warn you all not to deal with this company, as for sure you will be scammed.

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