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I purchased Freelee/Freelea aka Leanne Ratcliffe's ebook "Go Fruit Yourself" that is advertised on her website yet located at another domain ( ) and became seriously ill from taking heed of her high carb advice. I suffer from insulin resistance and was confused as to why I felt so sick when eating extremely large quantities of fruit as she advocates in the book for optimum health. Creating insulin spike after insulin spike my health worsened and I am horrified that a person with no medical qualifications is profiting form a self penned book misleading myself and countless others. She should be in jail her regime downright dangerous as she is missing with people's health, my Health! I was feeling constantly nauseous ALL DAY. She is not equipped to give medical advice not knowing how pre existing conditions work! I believe her advice could actually kill someone. She is continuing her deceptive conduct over on youtube at Upon enquiring how long she had been in business I was shocked to see she only registered her business name may 27 2014 where is the accountability for giving unqualified advice? and has this person declared her ebook sales, clothing sales and youtube earnings to the australian taxation office? I want to warn others Please consult your doctors not someone with mere opinions. This person should be thoroughly investigated and fined for her misleading information.

Leanne Ratcliffe
Leanne Ratcliffe

Sep 10, 2014
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  • Am
      Dec 30, 2014

    We represent close to 300 parents and survivors of eating disorders and have consistently requested that Ms Ratcliff be investigated for targeting people with eating disorders and giving dangerous health advice without qualification. Please see our full list of complaints and letters on under past actions. A person who is vulnerable to an eating disorder being influenced or receiving advice from Freelee can have serious health issues if they practice Freelee 'go fruit yourself' diet. In her private fb groups she encourages young girls to not worry when they lose hair and stop having periods. Many are under treatment for eating disorders. Please investigate and regulate this person who should not be marketing a diet without medical or professional qualifications. Thank you.

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  • Ra
      Dec 30, 2014

    Not only does freelee claim to have the miracle cure for almost any and all medical conditions, ranging from diabetes to irritable bowel syndrome, to cancer- she also has a very aggressive online manner and regularly posts shameful insults towards random people claiming that they are obese and have issues and that they wouldn't be that way if they followed her diet. She is setting a poor example for young women and encouraging unhealthy habits and ways of life. She tells people that losing hair or losing their period is normal and regularly boasts that life is only really lived to it's full capacity if you're as skinny as her. I worry for the generation of teenage girls who are following her advice to the extreme and becoming sick because of it :

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  • Em
      Apr 29, 2016

    Just looking at a few of her videos, I knew there was no way, as a diabetic, that I could follow her diet. The thing that worries me is her cult like following of people who view her as a pioneer(??? $$$) . She also goes on bouts of feigned paranoia where she says she is being attacked by people that she considers her rivals and urges her followers to speak out for her on her rivals sites. The sites of real fitness people like Kayla Itsines and Blogilates are then inundated with bizarre messages from the Freelee cult members. I hope someone puts a stop to her soon and gets help for her followers .. Veganism is okay.. Freelee's diet and advice however is NOT okay ... Attacking other people because they do not follow your beliefs is extremely wrong... Freelee is no pioneer, , , she is controlling and manipulative

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