I have been with this binary trader since the beginning of October 2014. I was promised that I would get help in doubling my money.
All they were doing was trying to talk me into some big transaction that was going to double my money and the incentive that was given was that the trade would be insured against loss. There was also a robot that was activated and I was finding that it was losing me money so i requested that this robot be shut off, which it was. That was on the 30th of October.
I was talked into doing a a trade with Facebook and told that it was guaranteed to win. I asked the broker by the name of Mr. Sean Harper how much would he recommend I should trade and he told me put the lot since it's an insured trade and that I'll win either way. I did the trade and began following it. When the trade was about to end, 15 mins before it was to end it dived below the strike rate. As soon as the trade ended it went back up, thus losing the trade by 4 cents. i found this odd. Anyway, I thought since it was an insured trade I would get my money back. After much complaining for a week I was credited the money back into my account as a bonus. This was not a bonus, it was an insured trade.
I asked to withdraw my money as I began to be skeptical of this company. They gave me the excuse that I needed to triple the money before I could take it out as it was a bonus. This I didn't like. So I left the money into the account making constant withdrawal request, which were constantly canceled. I thought to myself then leave it in there and when a good trade comes along i will try and triple it. I hadn't logged into my account for about a month. The last time I had looked into my account it was the 14th of Dec of 2014. I logged into my account on the 14th of January of 2014. Low and behold I had a grand total of 1 cent!
I immediately got in contact with the support chat and asked them where did this money go?...they couldn't answer me.
I then checked to see the expired transactions and found that on the 30th and 31st of December 4 trades were made and it was obvious someone had gotten into my account by one of the brokers and made it so it would lose the lot. I got back to the chat support and asked them who did the trades without my permission. They couldn't answer me. They gave me the excuse that the robot traded them and must have lost them. The robot only makes 25 euro trades. these trades were for 230.50 euros times 2 and 208.70 euros 2 times. So in effect these trades were done in order to lose the lot. I have enclosed the screen prints of my account so you can see my banking history with them and the trades that were done.
Please do something about these people and they should be closed down. They are scammers!...all i want is my money back.
Thank you.

Chris Christo


Jan 15, 2015

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