Law office of Debra Grimila / Debra Grimaila overcharges and is unethical irvine, California

1 CA, United States


To all that utilize legal services especially in the Irvine, Ca area please be aware of Debra Grimaila, Attorney at Law. She overcharges for her services, charges for services that you do not approve and essentially looks to make as much money as possible even if her actions border on being unethical.

Her website states that she can litigate with cost effective strategies. But all she manages to accomplish is anger the people she works with including the judges and clients and hike up her invoices and in the end having nothing to show for it.

She is also condescending, rude and unprofessional when working with her and is not willing to listen to anything her clients have to say.

You should avoid doing business with the person as much as possible.

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