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Lavisa Builders and real estate developers are offerring sale deeds and 100, 000 acre full township development 54 kms from Bangalore towards Devanahalli airport. They are taking check advances (refundable) and quickly showing some property, UNMARKED sites, giving lunch and writing sale deeds for retired army officers, defence personnel. When asked for cancellation or return of cheque (as per agreement )they are not returning the checks. No Ground site markings, no hoardings, no newspaper ads to their name . Are they simple USING LAVAVSA township times advertisements in pune's/mumbai good name and fooling public in Bangalore. Will the Commissioner BDA please check their antecedents ?

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  • Si
      Sep 25, 2010

    Dear Sir or Madam,
    To begin with your opinion and insights about our organization is false and your anxiety and apprehensions are uncalled for. I would like to educate you with the fallowing facts.
    • Firstly our project is conceptualized for 520 acres not 100000 acres.
    • We are in the position of around 250 acres and rest of land is in agreement which is slated for acquisition and conversion.
    • We are having conversion of around 70 acres and working towards more approvals.
    • The customer is communicated with even the minute details of the development plan and project details and with his clear conscious he is booking the plot at set prices.
    • We are a proud company because we practice what we preach and we take the payment related to plots with its development pattern and this plan is embraced by all our customers and have reaped the benefits of our USP.
    • We are always concern towards customers needs and if he is looking for refund for some economical or reasons unknown; company has consented and refunded the entire amount and is the precedence in near future, for us customer opinion and interest is superior.
    • Our hospitality is our differentiating service element from others and this is cherished and delighted by our customers; we are working to take our hospitality to new heights.
    • We are not giving sale deeds on booking we are providing with a mutual agreeable MOU.
    • The development has started and it is a big project and the development is done with a lot of planning, research, cost optimization and keeping the national standards for safety and design, we are ISO 9001:2008 certified company which is an indicator for our development standards.
    • We believe that the customer is looking for good appreciating value for their minimum investment neither big advertisement campaigns our development work is our PR.
    • The company phoenix is in sync with LAVASA which is purely coincidental and the management is also equally concerned and we will address the issue shortly in best of customer interest.
    • We welcome you to be our guest and get all you answer even from our CMD we believe” in serving customer no detail is too small, and no position is too big”. For all your queries mail us at [protected] and I assure you of satisfactory and timely reply.

    We are open to genuine customer requirement and concerns but are well equipped to face and take stern legal action on people, groups or organizations with malicious intent to defame us, as we are responsible for our customer and investors interest and do not entertain any acts of mischief and roomer mongering which might impact our reputation.

    Lavisa Infrastructures Limited

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  • Ja
      Sep 25, 2010

    Mr. Satya has gone crazy...Wrong allegations against good morale valued company.

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  • Um
      Jan 31, 2011

    Dear Sir,

    Myself G.M of LAVISA INFRASTRUCTURES LIMITED with regards to your requirement. Moving forward with our BRM reply I would like to draw your attention towards our documentation part, it is available with the concern dept and only access with managers and it can be made available to our valuable customers too.
    Because of the experience of mis-appropriation and mis-use. It’s not made available to everyone. If you can drop your details. You can have personal verification over document.
    Kindly let me know the details of yours and your requirement. If you have any further queries feel free to contact me at [protected] or [protected]. Lastly we regret the inconvenience and we would like to request you verify with the top channels of our organization before posting your comments.

    General Manager
    Lavisa Group

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  • La
      Jan 31, 2011

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    With regards to your complaint above mentioned states that you have booked your plot 3.5 months back with 1 lakh advance and you haven't got the documents. So i as a BRM would like to mention that
    all the documents will be available with our concerned department, so i would like to request you to mention particularly which documents you are looking for. As we have all the documents ready with us with
    proper information and particularly i would like to mention that all the documents has been legally done by the reputed lawyers.If you can provide me the details i can check with our related department and get
    back to you with all the information. You can contact me on my mail id [protected] or ring on my mobile [protected].

    - Show quoted text -

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  • Kt
      Mar 17, 2011

    so finally what happened?

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  • Jj
      Mar 18, 2011

    i agree with you sir they hide a lot and it leads to doubt they claim 520 acers township since 3 years and got booking using their agends who do not respond to our call they are in the making of another big realestate froad company cheating thounand of peoples heard earned money and wanish from market the police and BDA must act against such malicious companies take up the cause we will join u sir file a criminalcomplaint.

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  • Rs
      Mar 19, 2011

    Dear Sir,

    Firstly I appeal to our entire customer to believe us and first come to us to ascertain the facts.

    I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused due to miss communication and I disagree with your 1st sentence, as a company we have not hidden anything from our customers. The points are very clearly mentioned in our documents which ever published.

    Coming to your second sentence we would say yes! We are proposing our project in
    520 acres and working on it. We are not going back from our words.
    In any case if you find misconduct with our associates, agents or misguiding people, you are always welcome to our office we work on Sunday except Tuesday and holidays.

    We have informed regarding work time to time through newsletters, mails to all our patrons and made them aware with fact and many members has appreciated our way of working and attitude towards development .

    Even though if you are unsatisfied with our service please feel free to call us or meet us we are sure to fulfill your desired requirements.

    At last we would request you to check in to our office to clarify with your doubt or you can give your membership details, mail id and contact no so that we can contact you and ascertain the fact for disappointment.

    Thank you
    Chief Operations Officer
    Mobile number: +91-[protected]
    Email: [protected]

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  • Mj
      Apr 06, 2011

    This is one more person responding, this show how they work they have many mouths in their office and each one speaks differently on all occasion when we actually send mail they will not reply, we dont want assurance in words and apoligising for non work does not exempt Lavisa for Fraduntial and wrongdoing, there is not a single person left when we booked every time people change and give innocent reasons they talk of building township but the work show they are not fit to build a village also they are just like a marketing company they send letters for payment with false promises of club membership since 2 years and the club it self is not started no, they are like a political party only giving assurance. They are fooling people and threten people with deducting money on cancellation, they target middle income group and with EMI scheme and good brouchers they try to sell, they promised to deliver schamitic layout and registration by 2010 and now their managers tell it will be 2015 the are a bunch of thugs if they are not a thug company let them be opan with facts as they are a limited company.
    How many acers conversion they have got with proof?
    Is the township will come as in the design if so do they have plan approval for that?
    All layout plans and plot no which we have selected is done by you architect is it approved by town planning authority in the same manner?
    Explainthe development plan and budget of the project?
    if this is such a good project why it is not approve by any banks?
    Is any of your projects approved by banks are all ur earlier project the same froad project?
    Ur LAKVINSAR city project near wonderlaw which u boost a lot and put rate of Rs1000/sq ft is a dead project there is no power no water tank, no road and u say it a township their are 1000 better individual developers who have better worked than that,
    it is not a place where we can stay and to this bad work u took around 10 yeras and only 25% work is over and no signs of forther development?
    All other project in ur brochers are built in air u showed us a project called brindavan farms as urs on airport road when chequed it has no link with lavisa.?
    U lie as a compny with 2 decade old but when cheqed lavisa is hardly a three year old company u change name of company with projicts i feel so because when we booked it was lakvinsar.?
    U have cheeted many NRI like us i will be contacting other customers through various forums and if satisfatory and authentic answers are not published i will be preparing for a legal case on my return to india this i have did good verification from a veri reliable source from ur company who are so arrogant when we call and do not have min curtosy how to speak to customers esp ur Manage Kruitika a arrogant women i have have never been embarassed so badly u people do not care what a customer can do wait and watch all customers will teach u good lesson. This is not the question of money it about the thousand for false dreams u have shown us before booking its no were near 1% of ur promises because of such fraud companies we feel thretened to invest in india soon iwill be dashing letter to CM office, commishnor of bangalore and BDA, Mr Veerappa Moily law minister and MP chikkaballapur. If i can be insulted by ur manager what will be the fate of 1000 of customers we have to teach lesson for such arrogant compant i welcome other customer to join me i will be comming up with facts at the earliestt with prrof of lavisa wrongdoing i request all to pull out of lavisa project the are another big realestate fraud company making. i sign off and promises to come back with more facts my mission if taken positively by lavisa ad adress comncerns and change their working style and be tranperant in working they can be a good company if they are arrognt and try to threten me then they will be commiting a biggest mistalke of their life hope good sence previal on management and do a correction course.

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  • Dear Sir/Madam
    As per your complaint mentioned above, We always believe that any body must and should respond our customers. we all work for Lavisa and we believe in team work. We all speak one word at all the occasion. We have replied to all our valued customers mail. We are apologising only for delay in the development but not for any other reason. We have not done any such fraud work till date. For your kind information the employeers are still the same not changed. Obviously employees might change because of many reason, that cannot be changed but our concept, system and routine has not yet changed. Its not only we talk to build a township, its the fact that we will build and prove it to the society and to the people like you. Our reasons are genuine and it is not innocent and cruel.
    We keep our customers updated about all the development and happenings at the sight which enlights more tot he customers and they feel, felt proud about us that we are keeping them updated without cheating.
    As the talk comes about the Club Membership, we are offering and the same we are delivering to the clients. We have started providing the membership but we really dont know with whom you had spoken. And also suggest you not to use politics kind of great word if you dont believe in it. You are also living in the same democratic country. Politicians will give assurance and try to fulfill it, we are not assuring anything to you but its a sincere try to complete the project and provide good facilities, need, desire based solution.
    We have not fooled and threatened anybody for refundding. We have given back the money those who required it very badly for their personal use without deducting single paise. As per company standards we have done good brochures for selling pitch. If are opened to all facts and clarifications which you have. We have already mentioned our contact number so that you can reach us and we will also try to clarify your doubts but till now no body tried to reach us from your end.
    We can arrange a discussion panel with our Chairman and the Managing Director who are ready to speak to all our valued customers and also about the registration. Let me know your available dates by 6th May 2011, so that i can arange for a discussion.
    50acres of land is converted and ready with proof. Yes it will come as per the design shown in the master plan but ofcourse some variations will takes place. Once the complete conversion is done we will get the proposed plan approval.
    All the layout plans and the plot which has been selected by you is done by our architect and very soon we will get the town planning authority approval in the same manner. Please dropin into our office if you have time so that we can discuss about the development plan and budget of the project.
    As it is in the initial stage, Once we get the DTCP approval then only we can apply for Bank Loans, Hope you are aware about this as you have lot of knowledge and information about the project.
    Yes our all other projects have got the respected approvals. Rather using fraud word everywhere have you tried to contact us for all these informations?
    Lakvinsar City project - We think you have visited 3yrs back. Now road work is completed(Metalling), Sewage line is completed, water pipeline work is completed, compound wall is done, road side plantation is done and present the park, lake work and water tank work is in the planning stage. And we never sold it for Rs.1000/sft.For more details please visit our office.
    All our Project are alive with full proof and evidance not showed in air for your kind information.
    Lakvinsar City, Lavisa Planet is the project name but the name of the company is Lavisa Infrastructures Limited. Our career started 16yrs back.
    We would like to request you to contact all our NRI and other customers and clarify. Hopefully we believe you will get satisfactory and authentic answers from them. Suppose if you will not get such response ffrom them then you are free to go for legal actions as you mentioned. And also i would like to clarify me Ms.Krithika as a BRM still working at Lavisa, No body contacted me for this issue. So would like to inform not to use such rude words, as i have been in touch with more than 2000 clients, never got such replies back. I have mentioned my contact number and email id, so that you can feel free to contact rather balming.
    We work transperantely without any hide and seek game. Again heartly we welcome to our office and discuss openly without any hesitation, so that we can also interact with you. It will be pleasure to meet you and discuss.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Krithika Shetty
    Lavisa Infrastructures Limited

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  • Ss
      May 03, 2011

    I agree with BRM Stand, it takes great courage to stand for what you do and the manner in which she has presented the facts and addressed the concerns of the above gentleman it presents me a great attitude of the company and its people. Wishing great success for you and your team carry on with same dynamics the world is awaiting great Benchmarks to be set by LAVISA and its team, as i was also once associated with lavisa and it provided me a great platform to work. Wishing Lavisa team for all its future endowments.

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  • Dear Mr.Patil,
    Thanks a lot for standing with us. Thanks for wishing Mr.Patil and please dont say you and your team, mention we and our team which enlights us more to reach our goal. Thanks again be in touch with us.

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  • Kr
      May 06, 2011

    dear Mr mj122,

    i personally know mr sinha since 18 years. i personally witness his contribution in realestate. he is known as a trouble shooter of realestate. i am his customer at brindawan farms whre he was working as engineer at start and he was made director because of his capability and profitability towards company. i can say lavisa may not be directly linked with brindawan farms but mr sinha is surely bcoz he is one of the pillar of that company too. realestate is a place where u cant expect growth in overnight its ur dream turning into reality. its a time taking task, please be aware of the facts regarding realestate whre u r investing in innitial phases. mr mj122 i myself and around 5000 people will stand next mr sinha will heartly support him who satisfied us by delivring us with our dream.
    i was bureaucrat by profession even my son is also a NRI and many of his friends has invested with lavisa. call and contact people there in office they will respond u very cordially. u can also meet mr sinha personally he is always available to his customers.

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  • Ja
      May 06, 2011

    I concur with the starement made by Krithika and other employees of Lavisa. My sincere request to the persons posting a complain here to not post any allegations till you personally experience it. Before posting such allegatons, please do your home/ground work. I would not beleive until you bring the fact. I am a customer of Lavisa since last 2 years and have never come across any one who stands against LAVISA. LAVISA promoters are seasoned veterans in real estate and have strong moral values for their customers. We as a customer must understand that the plans are made with various surrounding constraints. There could be a fair chace of tasks to be slipped by few weeks/months but it doesn't mean that plan would not succeed. In your case, it might would have happend and you took that as your pointers to raise a complaints. Believe me that your invetsments are in safe hand and you would see the benefits of your investments in few years. Have patience. - AKJ

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  • Ma
      Sep 13, 2011

    Hi Guys, i am confused now. is it ok to invest in this project. This is my first investment and dont want to get that wrong. Pls advise. Thanks...

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  • Sh
      Sep 16, 2011

    I strongly agree with satya... Lavisa is one of those fraud companies in realestate. I was one of the investor in their high campaigned project - Lakvinser city. i had booked two sites with 25% initial deposit in 2005. they promissed me, registrations will be done in 6 months, that six months never came. every time they have one or the another issues and explanations. I had to speak to each and everybody in the company as they keep changing. getting appointment of Mr. Sinha is not sooo easy.. even one time you can get appoinment of CM of Karnataka, but not Mr. Sinha. You need to reapeadlty come to office and wait for hrs infront of this cabine. If he likes he will meet you otherwise not. you need to come another day and try your luck. I have waited for more than 4 yrs, aksed my money back... they asked me to write a letter stating the reason as personal financial need. On the first instance the cheques they have issued got BOUNCED. while contacted they said they dont have enough balance in the account ... it is rediculas...the company which is planning to build township... does not have few lakhs in its account.. :) ... when i thretenghed fof filing case agaist the cheque bounce... immediatly they give me another cheque.
    There are many other people along with me asked for return (I belive most of the investor in Lakvinser city) not becoz of their financial need, but becoz of your innability to fulfill the promises to deliver the property.
    now i see .. with above conversation, they are selling at higher rates for the same sites...this shows only their greediness. they are not yet all trustworthy. simply they use your money to develop / purchase the land, they drag for years... so.. once you fed up... they wll return your money and sell the same property at higher price to another bakra... its like .. they are borrowing the money from you at 0% interest for their needs.
    most of the above responses are from people with Lavisa.

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  • Ap
      Sep 16, 2011

    I agree with Shrikoo. Shrikoo and mj122 has written excellent comments about this fraud builder lavisa. I do not see this company works like professional real estate company, but the company people write all crap on this form and say we will work for customer expectations. They are sitting in office to get a middle class people money with 0% interest. Looks like lavisa planet project does not have any approval from concerned authority. And No idea whether they are going to get one or its crap project. Which govt organization can take corrective action on this black listed company?

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  • Um
      Sep 21, 2011

    Mr.Man of Destiny y1
    Here for your comments we will not advice or insist you to do anything. If you want we can arrange one to one discussion with Mr.Sinha and Mr.Girijashankar, so that you can clear all your doubts. After visiting the site you can decide on your own.
    Suggestions is ofcourse required but Self judgement is always better.

    We would like to thank all of you who had commented about our company and thanks for the critics that made us more success and check one more time about ourself. Anyway will not question about the above alligations made on us. It helped a lot in developing our network and also strong branding. Here we would like to understand that Mr. Shirkoo, Mr.Satya, Mr.apj2122 and mj122 have any time tried our number??? OR dropped into office??? where in the above statement we have mentioned our contact number. If you have booked your site in Lakvinsar City by paying 25% initial deposit in 2005 why you would not yet contacted Mr.Sinha or Mr.Girijashankar till now? Why you were waiting from 2005 to 2011??? As the registration were on and now its over, all the existing customers had got registration done long back. At Lakvinsar City the work is already completed as promised, the work like road formation, water lines, avenue plantations, placing of electric poles, sewage pipe lines, Boundary wall is done. Issues each and every body have got in their project without facing problems, issues and hurdles no body can come with success. Also we cannot keep permanent employees as our is not Government based company, its purely individuals interest to always search for an option. I think you have not worked to solve any problems, arguements will never help in life. We work on solutions not on creating or dragging the problems. I need not explain about Mr.Sinha, people know about him. He can miss all his appointments, lunch break, other engagements but we never found him sending anybody without meeting. He always prefers to meet and discuss. We have invited you all many times but you did not respect and value for the time which we had given to you. Its highly impossible that you wait 4hrs and he will refuse to meet you. We never force anybody to write any such letter which you have mentioned in your statement. As on date there is no such cheque bouncing case we have faced. I think its not required to explain about the company credentials. If you are so much interested you can come to office with your lawyer to check our credentials and you will get to know what balance we have maintained till today. It is rediculous to see such statement from a highly educated person like you. We are not scared of anything if that was the case we would'nt be standing in the market till today. We don't want to reply to your second paragraph as it looks very unethical talks.

    Here one more excellent person is commenting. Please we offer you to come and work with us for one month so that you will understand how we work actually. We are not writing any crap for your kind information. Please don't use any such slang which makes your profile down. Who ever you are we respect your position, reputation and qualification.

    We will once agian offer you to come to our office for more clarifications and discussions about all your queries and please come and clarify that our company is black listed or not?

    Give us your precious time and date so that we can also be ready to meet you and we will be very thankful if you can droppin to our office or give us your address and contact number, so that we can contact you with all the informations.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Umesh D
    General Manager
    Lavisa Infrastructures Limited
    #17, Sankey Road,

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  • Wi
      Sep 22, 2011

    i have invested for a 40 X 60 plot in lavisa planet in jan 2008. and seeing all this has made me jittery. no developments till date and assurances are only on paper. making me rethink of wheter to continue with this investment

    Wing Commander P Radhakrishnan

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  • Sr
      Oct 03, 2011

    LAVISA is a company which makes the life comfortable for all the class of people...when i check the complaines above...i personally feel that there are only high profiled people who have complains but not the middle class people...this is highly understood that they have patience and they can wait for there better future... So request the other people to wait and watch...and not to feel sorry for today's comments...

    Sristi Raj
    Managing Director
    Alphine Group

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  • Sr
      Oct 03, 2011

    Hi i am mahesh... I had been to lavisa through some of their to me to their site...but the fact is that is was not site visit it was a picinic for me...their company is not well organised...they dont know how to communicate with people and also the female by name krithika who is their BDM is a hitler in that company... My Suggestions please DO NOT BUY PLOT IN THAT COMPANY...!

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  • Sr
      Oct 03, 2011

    Hi i am husband of Sristi Raj the first impreeion was when we had the telephonic conversation was as ploted ...
    And the second impression is when we had visited their office and their plot...

    This is the way they fool you from first impression and second impression...

    Mahesh & Sristi Raj

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  • Sh
      Oct 04, 2011


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  • Ja
      Oct 27, 2011

    Dear All
    This is an invite to all to share views on Lavisa. I am unsure if there is "malice aforethought" or "incompetence with good intentions". If it is the former then clearly it is serious and need to be wiped out. But if it is due to the latter then as customers who would reap the benefits, the company needs to assure which they will (I think) do very well.
    In this dilemma, I suggest all who have invested (as I have) do link and discuss regularly with management, issues on transparency and progress. If so do join in.
    Clearly we do not want to defame anyone but you have to be wise and assertive so as not to be a victim of fraud.
    J P

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  • Wi
      Dec 19, 2011

    As previously written i had booked a 60 X40 plot . with the apprehension that was set in i went for conversion into a 30x40 plot with a refund for the excess amount paid.I also had a trlephonic talk with Mr Sinha and explained the apprehensions of the customer. he refunded the excess amount immediately . He also ensured that all the snaps of the present progress acctivities were sent on my mail id and also the sale agreement copy was despatched to my mailing address. one thing which i now truly feel is that yes the project has got delayed which had cast a lot of apprehensions but i truly feel that he has won back a worried customer. I have also put forth that the best way to stop people from commenting is to show work on the field an!d mainatin transpersency by putting on display latest progress reports with snaps on the website to which he has readily agreed. i would just request Mr sinha and his group to maintain their promise. Iam happy with the intentions and the work being undertaken by Mr Sinha and his group. 3 Cheers !

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  • Ri
      Dec 22, 2011
    green 2 live clean - took payment did not deliver any product
    green 2 live clean
    United States
    Phone: disconnected


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  • Ak
      Dec 29, 2011

    Hi All,
    Don't bother about all such complaints against Lavisa, recently I bought two plots and I am aware about whole background of this company. The project is indeed in place in bangalore. I agreed it is so far from bangalore but it is in a good location. I let you know that in north east state like Bihar and other states they have their other projects running and about to run. Therefore I bought plots over here in Lavisa Planet. No need to bother just go and take.


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  • Pr
      Mar 26, 2012

    Dear Customers,
    What are your opinion about this project? I am planning to invest and frankly I don't have dead money. I am confused because mostly all the comments which are PRO on this site are from the companies spokespersons or someone created an immediate account to nullify the complaints. The genuine complaints are same as my apprehensions. Please suggests.
    Yours truly,

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  • Sa
      May 28, 2012

    Still they have not put any plots and the word given by lavisa planet regarding developments nothing has been done from 2 years

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  • Sa
      May 28, 2012

    Sinha will not be available any time in office we will pay our hard earned money and asking for plot we need to go to his office and beg them like anything worst response from office i dont know when they are going to put plots even now a days person having 3 to 4 acres of land they are getting registered the plot immediately after paying our money but here there is no guarantee whether they are going to give plot or not every marketing executives they will say 2 years or 3 years installment before buying after paying everything installments they will tell stories now work is under progress and they have sent for conversion of land Every where at lavisa planet nandi hills still now there is plain empty land there is no even single development and they are explaining nonsense still it will take another 2 years for developing we are keeping our hard earned money with them and struggling for getting the plot which is no guarantee. This means to say 2 years installment after paying completely now again they need 2 more years so total 4 years after that also there is no guarantee. The samething if we invest outside immediately the plot will get registered and we can get profit after 2 or 3 years which we can sell immediately. here nothing is guarantee.

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  • Ra
      Jul 16, 2012

    Dear Customers,
    There are no developments they are showing only empty land from since years no developments no plots has been put till today this year is 2012, No proper response from the company we are investing by getting debts from different sources, I have not
    seen such a worst company fooling customers Simply telling words in mouth every person will tell but where is the plots let them
    show the plots i dont know how many people has invested and suffering here We got fed up of this lavisa planet, The same if we had invested any other place they are registering the plot and showing us the plot number with facing also and giving instalments scheme, but i dont know here nothing is there all words are in air. We are struggling lot to get the plot and We bought debts from different sources and invested here we are paying interest to other people where we bought the amount these worst fellows how they will come to our tears.

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  • Vg
      Aug 20, 2012

    I have read through all the comments by customers and the company. I feel that it is very clear that the promoter of this company worked for Brindhavan Farms in the past and has shown his dynamism. I hope he would have drawn salary and paid income tax on the same. He floats a company of his own with his associates and claims to have acquired 520 acres in Lavisa planet. How ethical is it to claim to have 520 acres with you when the converted land you have now after so many years of starting the project pinned at only 70 acres? It clearly shows that you are playing with peoples sentiments. First of all, you are not allowed by law to sell or take advance amount from customers without formation of infrastructure like roads, water supply reservoir and pipelines, drainage and treatment plant, common amenities, demarcation of plots, compound wall around the property if you claim that it is gated community on a residential or commercial converted land (strictly not on agricultural land) sanctioned by the statutory authority concerned in the area. This is the only way a developer can legally start selling anything and for this, banks and other financial institutions will come forward to finance for plots or flats accordingly after due scrutiny of legal papers maintained by the developers. It is seen that if any public sector bank backs any project, the documentation is very credible. First of all, if we start asking ourselves some vital questions, the answers will be hidden in them, to start with, all the 520 acres land shown is agricultural land except for the claimed converted 70 acres converted land. The agricultural land per say is now in the ownership of agriculturists of the area. They have to make an agreement in sub registrars office with the developer that he will convert the land (permission for change in land use) and sell the land to a limited company. Otherwise, any company or firm cannot buy agricultural land as per Karnataka land reforms act, more so a non agriculturist as per section 79A and 79B of Karnataka land reforms act with non agricultural income of more than 2 lakhs per annum. Let us imagine the fate of the agriculturists, have they received their full payment? if not, how can the builder claim to have in possession 520 acres?If yes, why is the agreement not registered in sub registrars office? A limited company cannot function and pay amounts to agriculturists without registered sale agreements. If this has not happened, the company must have involved itself in giving the cash to agriculturists by illegally taking it from gullible customers by making a null and void document called the MOU, which carries no legal sanctity. The MoU is illegal because, the company is accepting money from the customer without fulfilling the laws governing all builders regarding the acquisition and development of land. This is the reason why no public sector bank has come forward to back this project. The company is not doing what it is supposed to do but involving itself in tapping money from common man and NRI's by selling them dreams through their marketing network. I think that no one working in that company knows the law of the land. They are soo ignorant and arrogant in their talks that they are trying to make us common people think that they are right but the law of the land says otherwise. They are the one abusing the law of the land for sure. If we have to fight such battles, please use the RTI platform and collect as much evidence as possible against them and post them on a social network site for others to join the war against such crimes. The way it is being done is like some Tom, Dick and Harry coming upto you and saying, I have 520 acres land with me, please invest and your investment will be safe!!!. He will start buying that land once you start investing with him. Now you understand the game plan of these people? This type of developments had stopped a long time ago when strict legislation's were made against developers to safeguard the interests of common man, I fail to understand how this modus operandi is still at work without any resistance from concerned authorities?!!! Thanks

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  • Jp
      Sep 20, 2012

    Hi ! I have booked one plot 30 x 40 in Lavisa Planet (for Mahogany) in Jul 2011 on some body's recommendation. Now seeing the above comments and allegation I am confused and in delima. I am not able to decide and what to be done further. Should I approach to Lavisa official for refund of paid amount or continue paying rest of the amount which I have been fixed to pay in installments. I request the Lavisa official to comment and assure me for his right gesture and honesty of the Project. I would also like to ask with Lavisa official to ascertain PDC of completion of Lavisa Planet (Mahogony) project. My cellphone is [protected].

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  • Jk
      Oct 22, 2012

    I have visited the lavisa planet recently there is no use there is no plots everything is fraud they are collecting money and giving MOUs to customers sinha is big fraud person telling lies everytime i dont know when he is going to give plots all fake promises
    it is better for giving to TV9.

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  • Su
      Apr 11, 2013

    Could you please publish the last status of LAVISA planet project?

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  • La
      Jun 17, 2013

    I just want to know one thing. If this company Lavisa Infrastructures Ltd is a limited company then where it is listed and where is the balance sheet and other details? Is this truly a limited company?

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  • Ra
      Jun 19, 2013

    Hi, even I bought 2 plots in 2007, still the project is not completed and no progress at all.

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  • Ab
      Jul 09, 2013

    Dear friends who have invested in lavisa project.
    Can anyone plz tell me if the registration of the plots have begun, bcoz I book a plot in August 2012, they told me by November 2012 the registration will start.i am an NRI and out of India . By seeing the comments I don't think any progress has been on the site.
    I have paid 1 lakh advance. I am worried can anybody plz tell me about the progress.

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  • Sr
      Oct 30, 2013

    I bought(technically booked) a plot(30X40) way back in 2008!! I visited the place then and there was hardly any sign of the promised "Planet" possible; and the person who took us there told us everything would be ready by 2010. Honestly I knew that was impossible but took risk and invested as it was offered at 150 per sq ft back then. I was thinking of a long term investment and it indeed is turning out to be one ;-) (I don't see any returns if at all out of this in next 5 years)
    I recently received a letter stating that the site allotments would begin sometime next year. Since I am not in India now, do not know the progress of the development. Their website has some pictures taken presumably during May or June this year.
    Realistically speaking, that "Planet"(aptly named!) in the brochure is not possible(the promised city in itself, its far but you don't need to think about distance if you can get everything at your doorstep, etc). But hoping to see some development there. I will probably hold on to that plot, as I have already paid up most of my installments(we were offered staggered payment for the land depending on the development) and
    I still put that investment under "risk".

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  • Nr
      Jan 13, 2014

    Definately seems fraud, I have been cheated with lavisa project as well. be very careful, better to pay more and buy something that you can see. Sinha is a fraud man and he is taking advantage of the system in collecting money. get a life Mr Sinha and deliver rather than getting all marketing and PRO staff or hypothetical people to comment in your favour.

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  • Kr
      Jan 31, 2014

    When I visited and enquired village people over the one acre cost itself is 3 to 4 lakhs I have invested here 5 years back but no returns when we go and ask money back his manager tells stories first sinha is outside he will make us to roam for 3 to 4 weeks and he will tell sinha is busy in meetings, Finally if we shout he will fix an appointment with sinha one day that is to when he will be free, We should roam like mad dogs after investing money in lavisa, He is building apartments in bihar and mysore and he has some hotels he tring to develop there by using our hard owned money Sinha he is also a big fraud and speaks like politician. I am also a victim who has invested here. Be careful once your money is locked there finished. Better publish to all TV channels then everything will come out. For returning your money also he will cut some percentage and give back to you we will be under tremendous loss.

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