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Colorado Lakewood Police Department is notorious for constantly harassing local kids - atleast that's what I'm hearing - the stories are spreading like wildfire? I heard one boy was arrested for getting a Frisbee off a roof of a nearby church when a girl threw it up there (trespassing?). Another kid was arrested for drinking non-alcoholic beer and was told that although the bottle clearly reads non-alcohol there is always a minute amount in them (possession of alcohol - come on now). Just yesterday, another boy was arrested for possession of a magic marker. Yep, can you believe it!! The mother comes and picks up her son and she can't believe it - cause right then and there she has two markers in her own pocket. (I know I have one in my coat.) Isn't there better things to do then to check a group of boys out in front of a friend's house - does that spell danger for some reason? I think this is harassment. Do teenagers have to constantly be inside - is that what you are saying? Does four boys mean there’s trouble? Actually, they were waiting for their friend to finish dinner. There was no police call about graffiti so why pull up, check their pockets and make sure they are empty? Do you think all kids carry drugs or weapons? Lakewood Police is harassing teenagers, simple as that. Why? Not sure, maybe to scare them into never playing outside or ride their bikes or going over to a friend’s house? With Police like this, I think it makes the young teenagers and their parents more upset and dislike the Police. Now, take the Lone Tree Police Officers - they are extremely nice to teenagers. They befriend them, and my son knows all the police officers by their first names. They give out business cards to the kids, they e-mail the parents, they even stop by the house if you’ve left the garage door up for too long, and they really do care for your well being. The Lone Tree Officers hang out at Brunswick Bowling and get to know the teenagers in a happy environment and the kids in turn think of the Police as good people. They don't run from the Police, they are actually excited to see them at the door. There certainly is a big difference in how things are handled with Lone Tree Police in gaining trust and positive attitude with parents and teenagers versus the scare tactics, court fines/costs, and harassment done by the Lakewood Police. Shame on you Lakewood Police!! Start learning to be friendly - don't you know you get more with honey!! My son loves Lone Tree Police too bad the teenagers in Lakewood can't say the same.

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  • Wi
      7th of May, 2009

    Lakewood Police harrass EVERYONE!! They like to push their weight around because they wear a badge!! The harrass innocent people all the time!! I watch it happen everyday!! And there is nothing we can do about it!! BECAUSE THEY WEAR A BADGE!!! go figure

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  • Jb
      20th of Mar, 2015

    I've lived in Lakewood Colorado for 3 years and it doesn't take long to realize that our police force does indeed suck. They are really great at speed traps and being seen everywhere. Our police force is one of the largest in the state.

    I've called them to point our laws that are being broken and they refuse to write citations and just laugh. I don't respect them one ounce.

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  • Re
      28th of Sep, 2016

    Lakewood police are doing their jobs you whinney butts! They have always been friendly and helpful to me, my friends and family. But, of course the happy ones don't really go out of their way to make compliments.

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