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I was pushed into purchasing a vacation time share with their resort. They offered and promised such bonuses that i was overwhelmed. In the end i didn't agree, but they had already run my credit cards. I pushed back but was assured that i was protected and was even given a money back guarantee. Little did i know that Vladimir Contreras was an excellent con-artist. They push you to not use their resort but use your points in the vacation club exchanges. Then they got kicked out of RCI and your points are worth nothing. I filed my claim with Profeco immediately and have been dealing with them and the credit card companies for five months. It is not worth the hassle of dealing with this company. These people are con-artists and will take your money.

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  • Va
      23rd of Apr, 2012

    I signed a contract with la jolla on march 30th 2012 and I requested the cancellation of the contract within 5 business days as established in their contract on section 19 and also in the art. 56 of the Profeco law, I sent a registered letter to the address indicated in the contract and sent many e-mails to Mr. Francisco Kelly and I have not receive a single response, I did a little research of the web and I found this

    It seems I am not the only one with the same problem, this is my first post but I will start a campaign on the Internet against Residence Club La Jolla and Mr. Kelly, I have all the documentation to prove that I cancelled my contract within the time frame established by the law and their contract and I am been ignored.

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  • Pa
      12th of May, 2012

    Vance Terry, don't bother, la jolla boutique resort does not have an idea of what reputation means; I also had the bad luck to come across Francisco Kelly / Frankie Kelly, he clearly stated on an email "no verbal promises made by any of our representatives can null and/or void the agreement" He will not go out of that line; where he recognize the verbal agreement exist during the sale, but they do not honor their word. He never asked me the reason I was disappointed about the purchase or why is that we were cancelling the contract. He only limited his position to tell me that we would be sent to the tribunals in Mazatlan, Sinalona, Mexico.

    Needless to say I tried profeco, but it didn't work, la jolla does not care as long as they keep your money. It’s been 17 months since I was stupid enough to believe their lies, I did try cancelling within the 5 day rule but was denied the right to do it.

    Great blog you have there, add more pix. In our particular case the salesman was Trevor Forster, I´d love to have his picture to warn people to stay away!!! In the mean time I would help you to distribute your blog.

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  • La
      2nd of Aug, 2012

    Add us to the list. I sure wish we had seen all of these complaints before we went to the presentation, but we were not planning to go and certainly not planning to purchase anything. We were duped by the same promises to buy our existing 2 timeshares within a 10 day period and they even went so far as to send us "contracts" signed by "buyers" Donald Smith and Robert Campbell. As soon as I got home 3 days later I researched La Jolla, the company that sent us the bogus contracts and all the scams that have been perpetrated on others. Our story is the same as everyone else. I immediately sent notice via email, return receipt requested, UPS and registered mail (at significant expense I might add) that we wished to cancel the contract immediately per Mexican law as we are still within the 5 day window. I carbon copied my credit card company and Profeco, the Mexican consumer protection agency. Then started the delay tactics - they tried to get us to believe that they were still planning to sell our timeshares and that they had legitimate buyers - even going so far as to say they would send us the money before they got our documentation because they were "trusting us" that we would send the required documentation! Seriously! Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me! We reiterated our desire to cancel. We were promised that a customer service rep would call us back that afternoon. Shockingly, no one called. We tried to call the customer service number they gave us. It was out of service. I finally got a hold of someone who told me that since we had cc'd Profeco that the matter was turned over to their legal department and it was now between Profeco and their legal department. I explained that I had not filed a complaint, simply wanted it on record that the cancellation request was sent and received. No matter. I then asked for a name or phone number for the legal department but none was forthcoming. They told me that the legal department was "outsourced" and when pressed for more information, the man on the phone got annoyed and refused to speak with me any further. The sales manager's name is Alfredo Marcq and while I read a post that he was no longer with La Jolla, I can assure you that as of one week ago he was very much still there and still making all the same false promises.I have now filed a formal complaint with Profeco and with my credit card company and am just hoping that we can get our money back. I have lost sleep over this. I have not been eating. I just can't believe how easily we were duped. It feels like such a violation. Buyer beware!! If it seems to good to be true, it is!

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  • Va
      1st of Dec, 2012

    La Jolla is one of the biggest timeshare resort scammers!! This is a forum with more people who were ripoffed by these crooks!!

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  • Jc
      29th of Jul, 2013

    Our family visited Mazatlan in Aug. 2011 and was "greeted" or rather held up by the people at the airport and got into agreement for a tour. The sales woman and her manager at La Jolla Resort convinced us that if we buy their timeshare package, they'd buy back our other vacation package for $21, 909 and we would pay them $10, 559 for the La Jolla timeshare. (That would equal to $0 for a new deal and getting back $11, 350.) My husband was very skeptical about this, but I didn't believe these decently dressed men and women would do business by lying. The manager even signed an Addendum (see attached), promising that if we don't get our $21, 909 back in 180 days, they'd refund us our money in full. They assured us it was not going to take 180 days to get the $21, 909 back from the sale. We waited until 180 days passed and found out that the old package was still not sold. I have been contacting La Jolla (a Mr. Kelly) for a month now and have been given all kinds of excuses and up by yesterday, I was told they don't have the money to give me. This is purely robbery!
    That was what happened up to the end of 2012. I filed complaint to Profeco, but to no avail. I highly think we should go for a class action to bring this big scammer company down.

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  • Eu
      29th of Oct, 2014

    Salesperson claims that they prefer if the client does not use the timeshare week. La Jolla offers to pay the client a high rental price per week for the next five years to not stay at that particular resort because they wanted to keep as many units available as possible to have enough rooms available for other prospective buyers who might come to view the property.
    La Jolla uses resale agents that guarantee the sale of an old timeshare within a 90-120 day period. They promise high resale prices, so that they can induce buyers into purchasing larger amounts for their La Jolla timeshare package.
    Have clients sign a Cardholders Acknowledgement that states "I realize and understand that the earnest money deposit I have credited towards my purchase contract is non-cancellable and non-refundable, as my purchase agreement has no provisions for a rescission period." This statement is in opposition to the 5 day rescission period allowed by Mexican Law.

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