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LA Fitness / dirty, out of order, rules not enforced

1 2024 E. Florence Blvd.Casa Grande, AZ, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 5204132068

My hubby and I were thrilled when LA Fitness opened last August. All the other health clubs in our smallish town are about the size of our living room, so we were very excited to have a big, new gym in town. We were so looking forward to it that we joined in April, well before the club even opened.

The first couple of months went fine. But then things started going downhill.

Now, only 11 months after opening this brand new location, the machines and locker rooms are filthy. I used to get sick once a year. Since I've joined this gym, I'm getting sick every 2-3 months, and that's the only thing that's changed in my daily routine so I know it's because of the uncleanliness of the machines. And I take a TON of vitamins every day to help boost my immunity. I talked to someone who works there, and he won't even work out there because it's so dirty. He works at LA Fitness but has a membership for a different gym. I think that says it all!

The AC has been out of order several times. And, yes, we are in the desert, and it is summer, so you can imagine how great that feels. When I complained to the VP about it, he said it was good that it was out of order because that means it's working properly to filter dust out of the air. Gee, I've never heard the saying, "It's broken, so that means it's working!" What a ###.

The hot tub has been broken more times than I can count. The pool's been drained a few times. Free weights are hardly never re-racked in the proper places. There's an assisted pull-up machine that has been out of order for over a month. The dress code isn't enforced-I've even seen people in bare feet on the treadmill. The staff hasn't even gotten around to untying the palm tree fronds out front even though they've had 11 months.

My hubby and I tried complaining to the manager, but it did no good. Nor did it do any good talking to Corporate. Therefore, I will vote with my wallet. While I don't want to join a teeny tiny gym, it's better than continuing to work out at LA Fitness, getting sick and frustrated all the time.

I have also heard that the staff does drugs in the parking lot, and they get promoted when they do bad things. For example, some sales guys set up their canopy outside a competitor's door to try to steal their business. When the manager ran them off, one of them threatened her with "you have no idea what I'm capable of." She went to LA Fitness to tell the manager, and then she found out the guy got promoted the next day.

I'm taking my business elsewhere!

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      25th of Jan, 2010
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    I was a member at one of their locations in Southern California. I too had similar things happen. The AC is also always out, and we have same type of weather as you guys (you might have it worse). The location in Woodland Hills, CA (Warner Center) had a main water pipe break, didn't notify the members for 2 hours, and continued to stay open without running water for over 4.5 hours. In the mean time, toilets were overflowing. The manager argued that the employees went next door to a hotel to use the restroom, but what about the members? They continued to use the restrooms, and then return to their workouts! Unsanitary! Also, in the women's restroom, they used a big toilet paper roll but since they didn't have the proper dispenser, they thought it was a good idea (and sanitary) to tie the roll to the handle bar using a plastic bag. I called corporate to complain, and they were very unhelpful. They don't return calls, one representative didn't even bother to put notes in the system that we talked. Very disappointing and disgusting. I saw other blogs from members in NJ and PA. So, it's a recurring situation.

  • Wf
      7th of Mar, 2014
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    I'm currently a member in one of their NJ locations, north bergen to be exact, and they do not explain anything to you when you join it's like they just want your money(i went in with regular cloth pants after work and forgot my shorts, so one of the employees there was so rude telling me to leave and i couldn't sit anywhere because i would ruin the equipment(like what?!?!), anyways, the staff is always on their phones being loud and giving these mean faces out, if they don't like their jobs i think they should quit. The mens locker room is gross, always stink and are always dirty.

  • Pu
      4th of Dec, 2014
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    I signed up about a month ago, at the LA Fitness in Casa Grande AZ. I signed myself, my wife (Gayle P---), my daughter ( Emily H-------), son in law (Anthony H--------) and included the child care for 2 children. After about 5 days and 2 visits we decided to relocate to South Dakota for a job opportunity. I informed the center to cancel my membership. Jason was there and after a very rude conversation with the desk lady, he stepped in and told me he could take care of the cancellation and since there were only a few days, there would be no other charges. Last week I noticed my membership was taken care of but the other deductions for my wife and family were still taken out of my bank account. I went back to the center and after another very rude conversation I was told it would be taken care of. I see only two of the accounts were closed not all of them. I really do not care to go back and listen to the very rude staff at this location. I have encountered late fees because the money was not there when they made the withdraw. I also resented the pressure put on my wife to sign up for a personal trainer which was even more $$$$ than we had already paid.

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