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L and L Equipment Sales / Backhoe

1 122 Charter Pl LaVergne Tn,37086, LaVergne, TN, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 615-793-8830

My experience with L and L Equipment Sales in La Vergne TN, has turned into a nightmare .I was

looking thru the Machine Trader magazine were I found L and L.Which was how I found my

Kubota Tractor with good results.(with and different company, in AL).I purchased a JCB backhoe

from L and L Equipment Sales after being told what a great machine it was.The owner of L and L had

told me it was a one owner machine and well taken care of, the pictures looked great and

showed only 3773 hours on the hour meter.So over the phone I had taken his word and traded

my tractor plus cash.The driver delivered the machine late in the day so he was of course in

a hurry to leave, So I did not have a lot of time to look over the backhoe.I drove the machine

and noticed the brakes were spongy, I thought well its an old machine so I can deal with

it. After an hour they were completely gone, and I noticed the hour meter wasn't working

which was another reason I purchased it was for the low hours.Also I noticed hydraulic oil

pouring out of all the back cylinders, and diesel fuel leaking all over the motor .I believe the

machine was wiped down prior to delivery .I have approximately $11, 800.00 into this deal, I

expected a little more then a piece of scrap metal.So I called the owner of L and L back and

to no avail was I able to reach him. I called the driver and asked him to call and talk to him

but in response he almost lost his job.He agreed that I got scammed and told me to call CCR Farms. I had left messages and even talked to his daughter and she had apologized for my situation.When in the beginning of the deal he was always answering his phone but when all is done he wants no part .After

several days of trying to reach him, he answered because I called from an unlisted

number, during working hours.So of course he was irate! He started screaming and vomiting

verbal abuse and slipped up on some lies he had told me about the machine, (in my opinion

he sounded intoxicated) .He did however Tell me to call CCR Farms for what I don't know

and neither did CCR Farms.So to put it mildly, I'm stuck with a piece of crap that no one will

touch and out of alot of money that I couldn't afford to throw away. It's sad this is how he has to make his money (conning, scamming, lying, steeling)It was my fault for falling for it, so don't let yourself be his next victim.

Jan 19, 2014
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  • Jo
      15th of Dec, 2014
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    I visited L&L equipment just after Thanksgiving 2014 cash money in pocket to buy a backhoe. I had several to choose from that I had seen on (In no way am I placing blame on this website or responsibility for crooked dealers or sellers) and after calling their office I was told that I needed to buy soon before the auction on 12-6-14. So I decided to drive there which was a 16 hour round trip and boy was I glad. A gross and intentional misrepresentation of almost every backhoe that was advertised at the time as well as a John Deere 310B thats still for listed on as of today 12-14-14. It had a ruined back tired and unable to drive but in the ad the outriggers are out holding it up to where you couldn't tell it in picture. The owner acted nice at first when I wanted to crank the first 2 two I was interested in but got short with me after that, asking if I was gonna buy one or just crank everything up. When I asked if I could drive the 4 potential ones I was interested he said sure on the first but was kinda aggravated. After getting on it he informed me it had no brakes( which was written on gauge housing, he said to keep up with which one it was but failed to mention it in ad) A model listed as extenda-hoe wasn't, one wouldn't run, a Case 680ck (still listed) had welds and visible cracks all over boom, a John Deere 310 (still listed) had pictures with front bucket in air but when I got there the owner's grandson told me it took 30 minutes to get it to pick up that day and after i showed him the ad online the owner's grandson (who became to feel sorry for after seeing how the owner talked to him in front of me which was highly unprofessional) I was told that there was a lot of crooked deals being done online and he hated working there because he was raised differently but he needed a job. After looking at the ones I was originally interested in and cranked up (all had to be boosted off) I told owner I would buy the John Deere 310B if he would put one of the used tires he had around on it so i could drive it to check out steering, brakes, transmission, etc. He told me I didn't need to drive it, everything worked to which I replied he might know that but since I was the buyer I needed to know that especially since in the ad on the pictures showed it sitting up as to appear the tires were fine. He was totally uninterested at that point and told me that it having a ruined tire was why he was selling it so cheap, but 6000$ for a 30 year old backhoe that you cant operate isn't cheap. I felt I needed to operate it first especially after the numerous cases of false advertising I noticed. In short, no deal, I was told he would sell it online sight unseen to someone else without him putting a nickel into it. He had no response when I mentioned the false advertising other than to say that he already knew I wouldn't being buying anything and he didn't care since he sold most online without buyer coming to look. PLEASE ANYONE LOOKING FOR EQUIPMENT STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE. He is intentionally misrepresenting his equipment and ripping people off. If you have any doubt as to whether I'm telling the truth, look at his ads on (once again not blaming the website) then go look in person and see if you feel like the representation and the reality are even in the same ballpark. The man is an intentional FRAUD that people need to know about and he wasn't even ashamed enough to hide it after he realized I wasn't going to buy if I couldn't operate the equipment beforehand. STAY AWAY STAY AWAY STAY AWAY THIS MAN IS A CROOK, CHEAT AND A FRAUD STAY AWAY STAY AWAY

  • So
      2nd of Feb, 2016
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    I work for this company.
    We do our best to tell everything we know about the machines we sell. Most of (99%) our pieces are consigner owned we do our best to relay the information we receive or observations we see ourselves. We sell used equipment at used prices not new equipment at dealer prices.

  • Jo
      3rd of Feb, 2016
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    It's odd that you state that "we tell everything we know about the machines we sell" and within the last year L&L has stopped adding a physical description of the equipment listed in ads on Machinerytrader & also Tractorhouse as of lately on used farm equipment. I'm assuming so any discrepancy in description in ad and what reality is can be disputed since it would be verbal. If L&L truly does their best to relay the information of equipment as you have stated, why would it not be made known that a piece of heavy equipment didn't have functioning brakes yet was described as "an excellent runner"? I guess that may have been true, it's my fault in not asking if it would stop though without brakes. Your ads even now relay absolutely nothing about observations. I guess if you put it in writing you could be sued when it is found to be a deliberate lie. I spoke with the owner and I believe if any potential buyer speaks with him also before purchase they will see what is going on also. That is why in my original post I said to STAY AWAY and if in doubt, look IN PERSON and try machinery out in person FIRST. Otherwise you could wind up with something I tried out, a piece of equipment with no brakes that could kill someone yet was listed "excellent runner". I stick by my OP that the man is a FRAUD and a crooked equipment jockey. And I ask anyone who is in doubt go look & operate his equipment first. If he was an honest seller why wont he give a written physical description of equipment in ads anymore? Also the 99% consigner pieces is a lie also. I saw owner at several equipment auctions since then buying junk that I'm sure he gave a new 6$ spray can paint job so he can cover oil leaks & defects like many of the pieces I saw on the L&L yard. Please readers go look at his equipment online, ask for description over phone, then go look in person and see if you think your getting scammed and overpriced. Just make sure the brakes work first. Also Southernsweet, I'm sure you were told to post that and if ya'll actually do your best to tell everything you know about the equipment how come the ads tell nothing about them anymore? I know it can't be that ya'll are just to busy to type 30-50 words on the ads, because you took the time to do it on this website and L&L just isn't that big of an operation either.. Also Southernsweet please reply to this, the more hits this gets the closer it will be to the L&L site when someone Googles it. Which is probably how you came by these complaints. In closing, if what Southernsweet said is true how come L&L isn't getting a lot of good feedback? I'm sure they have some pieces that aren't bad deals but the attitude of the owner saying he didn't care if the equipment was intentionally misrepresented and he could sell it online to someone without them looking at it is all anyone needs to know. That is deception and that's what crooks do and it makes it harder for honest used equipment dealers to make a living, which the majority are honest. But I was shocked by this man's lack of shame and he made no attempt to hide it. Readers- You are better off buying new equipment at dealer prices than buy used equipment at so-called "used prices" from L&L equipment. At least if it's new you will have a warranty and the dealer who sold it to you will answer his phone if you have a problem. Not hide and avoid your call and tell you lies like Terry Moore( the man who posted first complaint) had happen to him. And I think that's the point Southernsweet is failing to address. The "information" and "observations" being passed along are INTENTIONAL LIES to SCAM people out of their hard earned money. The owner knows it and that is why he no longer describes the equipment in the ads. Also since this has all been brought up again I will be contacting Tractorhouse & Machinerytrader about L&L shady business practices. As I have said before, Please people go look at their junk, I meant their "used equipment at used prices not new equipment at dealer prices" as was stated and you will see why you would be better of spending your money somewhere else

  • Jo
      3rd of Feb, 2016
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    Southernsweet is Gina Logan wife or daughter of owner Danny Logan of L&L equipment. She is going to review sites like Yellowpages and giving the company SELF REVIEWS. Which is not what they are intended for. Also on there she said that only some of their equipment is consignment but on here she stated 99% is consignment. (Bet she changes that today. Glad I saved a screen shot of it) If L&L is giving conflicting descriptions on review boards you can easily understand how customers and potential customers are also getting conflicting or untrue descriptions of equipment. It's sad that a "company" has to go around giving themselves positive reviews to offset dissatisfied customers. I will contact Tractorhouse and Machinerytrader and show them what is being done and any potential customers that see this should also checkout Better Business Bureau (BBB) site to see the formal complaints lodged against them. One the complaints the BBB office couldn't even find the "company". I guess they didn't answer/return their call either.

  • So
      3rd of Feb, 2016
    -1 Votes

    Everyone is entitled to an opinion about anything… All I was trying to relay when I posted my “opinion” is we sell used equipment… I think before anyone makes a purchase especially a big purchase they should come look at it. Check the machine out in person. We also have had several customers send mechanics from dealerships to our location to inspect the machine/machines before they purchase. Which I also recommend. If they are unable to come in person. Even though the cost falls on the customer buying the equipment they gain peace of mind and we make a sell…
    We have never posted detailed descriptions of the machines on our website so that is not something we’ve just stopped doing… I know this because I am the one who post the machines online.
    Also 99% of our inventory is consignors. Not saying that you Mr. Jonathan Haynes Sr. haven’t seen the owner of L & L at auctions but that defiantly doesn’t mean what you are implying.
    I apologize to anyone that has had a bad experience with our company or the owner of the company, however we have a very long list of happy repeat customers.

  • Jo
      3rd of Feb, 2016
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    What I wrote was not an "opinion". It was fact. I did not state that I felt, I think, or I believe which would imply an opinion. I said it was, I did or he did because these things happened. As far as the ads go, you did use to put a small (up to 35-50 letter) basic description of equipment in most of the ads of Machinerytrader because when you pay for a picture ad with them it part of the advertising package. That's why the overwhelming majority of people who use those equipment sites give a small description. Also why are you stating here that "99% of the equipment is on consignment" when over on you gave your own company a review (which is not how the review board was intended for self reviews, of course you think ya'll are great it's just the customers who have the problem, right?) you stated only "some of the equipment is consigned". Odd that you would make conflicting statements on the same day. I had conflicting statements made to me as well when I tried to do business there. This isn't personal against you Southernsweet/Gina but Danny has intentionally screwed more than a couple people over in the past(check BBB website), he didn't even want me to try a piece of equipment out before I bought it. His grandson who was also working there told me alot of how things are done there and how he felt bad being part of it and that misrepresentation was common. (I felt sorry for him, he seemed like a good kid or rather a young man and very respectful.)As in the case of the backhoe I mention in my original post that had a picture of it with the front bucket in the air but when I got there his grandson told me I didn't want that one, the hydraulics were bad and it took 30 minutes to get the bucket raised all the way up for the picture and Danny did that so if it was sold online when the new owner got it and realized there was a problem ya"ll could say that " it was working fine when it left the yard, even the picture shows it working" and "you should have had a mechanic come look at it instead of believing us" and it's "sold as is". I'm sure you know the truth and the readers of this will understand that if someone gets a good deal on a good used piece of equipment that's great. But also if they don't and they get misrepresented junk then it's "Oh well, too late already got your money. You should have had a mechanic check it out instead of taking our word for it". In this business word of mouth and reputation is everything and that"s why I never lied about anything in these post only stated facts and in time I'm sure others will as well. I know what I was told/saw when I was there. More of these situations will happen in the future and I hope they post it. Also if someone feels they got a good deal I hope they tell of their experience as well. But there is a pattern starting to form on how things are being done there and it's easy for the readers to see if they also check Better Business Bureau website reviews/complaints of L&L Equipment as well

  • Jo
      4th of Feb, 2016
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    I did not give an "opinion", I stated FACTS. None of which you addressed. L&L uses the guise of just being a consignment place or business so if a buyer gets a piece of junk then L&L can say that the person they are selling the equipment for didn't tell them about a problem or you the buyer should have paid a mechanic to look at it. Which isn't a bad idea but it's not the buyer's reputation on the line, it's L&L Equipment reputation that is on the line. I would think that they would have a mechanic look at it before they sold something as functioning equipment that actually is nothing more than junk. They are in large part buying equipment at auction or from individuals and reselling them after cleaning them up. That's why in a lot of their pictures of equipment the ground and equipment is wet from pressure washing. Of course in buying used equipment a buyer should expect normal wear from use/age but used and broken or not operating correctly or not operating at all are two totally different things. If a person buys a used car you expect chips & dings, worn parts and things of that nature but you expect it run, drive, steer, stop, operate as designed and get you where you need to go SAFELY. Otherwise who wants to buy a car that can't be driven or a piece of equipment that you can't operate as designed and needed; like a backhoe without brakes, a 5000$ straw blower with an "overhauled engine" that won't crank and run or a Caterpillar D4 dozer that is dumping anti-freeze into engine oil. That isn't "used equipment at used prices" that is defective, broken down, salvage equipment at used prices. It's horrible and sad that the truth in explanation is "We didn't tell you about the problems and the buyer didn't find out about them til after the sale and it's too late now." As is. Where is." That is why when I went all 4 backhoes had to be jump started or boosted off and hosed down with ether to crank. It's a volume sales, quick flip operation. And that's fine as long as it's functional equipment or as described. Not stuff on it's last leg before having to be totally rebuilt or salvaged/parted out and just say whatever to get it sold and then hide behind the "As is. Where is" clause if they even answer the phone for an unsatisfied customer. After all who wants to go spend thousands on something that isn't gonna work? There is a pattern here and it's selling non-functioning/ broken down equipment as used equipment instead of salvage equipment and the 6$ spray can paint job is the biggest sign that there is probably something wrong with it. I don't expect any business anywhere to have 100% satisfied customers but the complaints a potential customer can find here or at Better Business Bureau ( or other websites (just Google L&L Equipment complaints) all start with misrepresenting the condition and shape of the equipment. Once again I'll stress that used equipment doesn't mean the same thing as broken/defective equipment

  • So
      4th of Feb, 2016
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    I am the daughter of the owner not the wife... I am Gina Logan (southernsweet) and the young man you are referring to as his grandson is my son so thank you I like knowing I raised him to be honest and respectful to people, as was I ... I am not making conflicting statements about our equipment being "some" or "99%" consigner items ( maybe worded differently, still the same meaning) so screen shot away... nor am I trying to make " good " reviews for our company. I did NOT pretend to be a customer writing some great review !!!
    I know how many satisfied customer's and returning customers we have. I understand that some people obviously have had a bad experience however several customers have not... This is the only point I am trying to make !!!
    We don't have an onsite mechanic to inspect machines we are a small company. We only know what the consigner has told us or what we see though our own observations but again we welcome our potential buyers to send a mechanic to do an inspection before buying. This has been very beneficial for both the customer and us in previous transactions.
    In all your babbling of how bad our company is... I would like to point out we don't even have a place on the grounds to paint a machine even if we wanted to nor do we have anyone to paint a machine !!! And of course we wash the machines before we post pictures #1 reason because they just came from a jobsite and have mud/dirt on the tracks and such. Most people want to see the rails, sprockets, etc.
    I am not trying to get into an online battle of who is right and who wrong Mr. Haynes which is what I believe you are wanting to do.
    And of course I am going to defend my father and our family business!!!
    Considering my father has been in the construction, equipment, auction, selling, etc. business since I can remember he must be doing something right... I have worked for him since I was 19 I will be 39 this year!!!

  • Be
      29th of Aug, 2017
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    We were looking at Ditch Witch being listed by L&L on machinery Trader. Called and spoke with Danny Logan. He was less than cordial but provided what seemed to be honest information about the unit. This was on Saturday. We agreed to purchase the machine and said we would drive up on Monday morning. He said he needed payment to hold it and sent us an invoice with wiring instructions. Since it was Saturday, we couldn't get the wire done before Monday so we told him we would bring cash and be there when he opened. He agreed. My husband took the day off and left at 4am to arrive there on time. When he got there the unit which we were told "ran great", had warning lights on it. He said it needed hydraulic fluid. After checking that, it had plenty. We callled our mechanic at Ditch Witch to see if he could diagnosis it as we would be taking it to them for repairs and he said it sounded like it was out of oil. We checked the oil and it was empty. Danny Logan said that we didn't push it in far enough so we offered for him to look himself. He pulled it back out and again- no oil. Suddenly, he started fussing at us that we were acting like this was a new machine and not something used and then declared that the unit was NOT FOR SALE. We had never questioned the price nor really suggested that we weren't happy with it- we were just checking it out as any reasonable consumer would. We asked about another machine and was again told it's not for sale. It was obvious that we had angered him somehow and he wouldn't sell us anything. As we left, we said "thanks for driving up!"!! When we got home we looked it up again on MachineryTrader and he has raised the price by almost 50%. The way I see it, he was content to sell us a machine with warning lights telling us that it ran great but when he suddenly realized that we diagnosed his issue, then he decided he could get more money from someone else. He owes us for mechanics fee and our time! What a complete jerk! My husband feels llike we dodged a bullet in not getting and that it was actually a blessing and was able to secure a better unit but seriously felt threatened and creeped out by this guy. I would never do business with him!

  • Jo
      12th of Mar, 2018
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    Uh Oh. I think this is that pattern of deceptive practices and scams I mentioned a few years ago. I see there has been a few other customers who feel like they've been scammed by postings on other sites also. LOL. How dare you Belton12 check the oil. Don't you know "used equipment at used prices" comes without oil in it. LMFAO. And the owners reaction is priceless. "So you don't want to buy this piece crap that's been run out of oil then you can't buy any of my other shoddy misrepresented equipment. I'll show you. You'll just have to go buy a piece of QUALITY used equipment from someone who is honest". LOLOLOLOLOLOL I'm surprised his daughter that gives themselves their only positive review ( We're the best, trust me but don't trust our customers LOLOLOL) didn't come on here to tell you that somehow you were in the wrong and they just try to help people and it's the consignors fault before she tells you "it's used equipment and some wear is expected and you were out of line to expect the engine that "runs great" to have oil in it. LOLOLOL. But look at the bright side, that must have been one helluva oil change to increase the value by 50%. LMFAO. Sounds alot like my experience which was also a blessing in disguise, instead of buying a worn out, misrepresented salvage backhoe 8 hrs from home, I got a smoking deal on a much larger and much newer excavator 20 miles from home. Like I said in my OP, stay away from this place, the owner is a scammer and a cheat, proven by himself, ONCE AGAIN.

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