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I paid them 2300 dollars to do a modification. They preapproved me. In the end I got nothing. My second was not even addressed because the bank to them to take a hike and they did. I would not reccomend them to anyone. You con do your own loan modifications. The attorneys never talks to you. You will get some lady who is basically a secretary doing your modification. Save your money. If the bank will not work with you then go buy a new house and let them foreclose on the old one. The banks created this mess let them lay in it. My bank was indymac and I will never do business with them again. They are ruthless.

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  • Lb
      Feb 24, 2010


    Did you deal with Activus? I keep getting calls from this company to do a loan modification. They use Kuscan and McCrea to do the loan modification. What were you circumstances. Did you have any extra money at the end of the month?

    I'm glad that I saw your post, because your the only person that I have seen that posted a bad review about Kuscan and McCrea. I know not to use them.

    Also if you feel that you got a raw deal you should appeal the state attorney general. I assume that you live in California. Here is a link.

    Also for anyone else looking to do a loan modification read this press release from the California justice department.


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  • Ss
      Mar 15, 2010

    I have had roughly the same experience as Larry. Kucsan and Mccrea are crooks! They contacted me, said that my load and lender were the easiest to get modified. They said all would be finished within 90 days. They "preapproved" me as well. It has been over a year and I am out 2k with zero results. I have tried to find more places to warn people. If anyone knows of any other places, please post here. KUSCAN AND MACCREA IS A SCAM!

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  • Mr
      Jun 02, 2019
    Best Best Advice

    @S. Staab All of the above allegations are false, fabricated, and without any merit.

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  • Mm
      Apr 15, 2010

    I had a totally different experience at Kuscan & Mccrea, they got me a great modification! In fact I referred clients to them and they all got mods too!! I disagree with all this negativity! Processors were great also GREAT Customer Service. I would highly recommend them to ANYONE, as I’ve already done.

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  • Dm
      Jun 17, 2010

    I hired Kuscan and McCrea in March 2009 paid them $1995 to do a modification. They preapproved me. After 16 MONTHS Kuscan and McCrea closed my case and I got nothing except ruin credit history and 25K of new debts. I would not recommend them to anyone. Kuscan and McCrea is the most unprofessional law firm. The attorneys never talks to you. You can only talk with the representative which does not know what to do. I had 5 of them. They never reply to your email and do not know what is going on.
    Stay away from Kuscan & McCrea.

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  • Of
      Jun 12, 2019

    @Dmitri K All of the above allegations are completely false, fabricated and without any merit.

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  • Pe
      Sep 17, 2010

    Did Activus or Kuscan & McCrea contact you out of the blue? Or did they get your name from your mortgage company (in my case Countrywide)?

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  • Hy
      Nov 17, 2010

    I do not recommend Kuscan & McCrea to anyone! They are scammers. They told us they would not take on our case if they didn't think we were worthy of a loan mod. Well... $3, 000 and 13 months later of minimal back-and-forth communication they inform us that we didn't get the mod. They kept our money and delivered ZERO results!!!

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  • Hy
      Nov 17, 2010

    The Office of the Attorney General ( instructed us to file a complaint about Kucsan & McCrea by writing to:

    State Bar of California
    1149 S. Hill St.
    Los Angeles, CA 90015-2299

    The State Bar of CA requires that you put your complaint in writing. It must be about an individual attorney, not the law firm.

    Also, call 1-888-995-HOPE to report Kuscan & McCrea (ask to speak to the scam team). Visit websites and to learn more.

    We had to learn this the hard way...

    Scams aren't always easy to spot – but it helps if you know the warning signs to look for. Here are six red flags to indicate that you may be dealing with a loan modification scammer:

    1. A company/person asks for a fee in advance to work with your lender to modify, refinance or reinstate your mortgage. They may pocket your money and do little or nothing to help you save your home from foreclosure.

    2. A company/person guarantees they can stop a foreclosure or get your loan modified. Nobody can make this guarantee to stop foreclosure or modify your loan. Legitimate, trustworthy HUD-approved counseling agencies will only promise they will try their very best to help you.

    3. A company/person advises you to stop paying your mortgage company and pay them instead. Despite what a scammer will tell you, you should never send a mortgage payment to anyone other than your mortgage lender. The minute you have trouble making your monthly payment, contact your mortgage lender.

    4. A company pressures you to sign over the deed to your home or sign any paperwork that you haven't had a chance to read, and you don't fully understand. A legitimate housing counselor would never pressure you to sign a document before you had a chance to read and understand it.

    5. A company claims to offer "government-approved" or "official government" loan modifications. They may be scam artists posing as legitimate organizations approved by, or affiliated with, the government. Contact your mortgage lender first. Your lender can tell you whether you qualify for any government programs to prevent foreclosure. And, remember, you do not have to pay to benefit from government-backed loan modification programs.

    6. A company/person you don’t know asks you to release personal financial information online or over the phone. You should only give this type of information to companies that you know and trust, like your mortgage lender or a HUD-approved counseling agency.

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  • Se
      Dec 03, 2010

    I, too, paid Kucscan & McCrea up front, $2995.00. Attorney Adam Cortez phoned me for my pre-payment. He said I had a "good case" for a loan modification. After over 1.5 plus years of over and over and over repeatedly sending my paperwork [CHASE BANK ], I got nothing but additional interest on my credit card for this supposed service. I requested my money back; they said "forget it..." So, it's off to the CA Bar Association.

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  • To
      Dec 21, 2010

    My experience with K&M was similar. Cost about $3000. No contact with attorney, clerical only. Communication was terrible, did not return emails and phone calls. They kept changing personnel, so there was no continuity. I started to follow their calls with the lender. They failed to follow up with lender, and let the paperwork lapse. After about a year, they told me I had been rejected 3 times. (This was the first time I heard that I had been rejected at all.) So, they dropped me. I requested refund and file a complaint. No response. Deal with the lender directly.

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  • 24
      Jan 05, 2011

    We have the same BAD experience. Maybe we need to get together for a class action law suit.

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  • 24
      Jan 05, 2011

    We encountered similar experience. Was approached by Avitus, and then referred to Kuscan. We told them that we had tried going thru the bank, but the law firm told us that we still have a good chance. We are planning to take them to court.

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  • Sa
      Jan 18, 2011

    The same thing has happened to me. We were reffered to Avitus to help with some credit problems. They told us to contact M & K about also doing a loan mod to help with the credit. We didn't originally want a loan mod, but Adam at M & K told us we had a good case and they would help us. It was the best thing for us. Crap!! They took our $$ then for 2 months said they were working with the bank. Now a year later they sent us a letter sorry we tried to help but there is nothing we can do. Ofcoarse now I can't get anyone on the phone. This place is a joke! They may help 1 and scam 10other for their $. I would never recommend them!

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  • Ja
      Jan 18, 2011

    I had a completely different experience than these described. I paid Kuscan & McCrea upfront and it took them approximately eight months to get me a modification offer but they came through strong in the end. Meanwhile, during that time I did not have to make any mortgage payments, and I was already two months behind when I retained them. I found that if you are patient and give them time to work with the bank they will get you results, and during that time you don't pay and you don't lose your house!!! I don't see what you all are complaining about.

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  • Sp
      Mar 24, 2011

    Same thing that everyone else is saying is WHOLY unsatisfying, a gut wrenching experience that took 12 months to live through. Yes I got a loan mod for my FIRST but my second was written off before I knew it and without my consent (I didn't even know they could/would DO that) and all they could tell me was "save some money and settle on your own!' Sr Loan Processor Jennifer Moore even YELLED at me twice - once in the beginning when I was trying to find out why they were taking so long and at the end when I wasn't ready to pay my final payment. THESE ARE NOT GOOD PEOPLE. They did get the loan mod for the first but along the way they lost files, the first two "Jr Reps" were jokes - the second one even told me those mysterious mailings I was getting certified mails were just ADS. And I never ONCE talked to a lawyer. All I got was wait, wait, wait and then the loan mod will still reset in another 3 years. I'M NOT HAPPY! It's like the Jed Clampett Law Firm over there. SHAME on these people. SHAME! And I'm totally down with the Class Action Lawsuit!!!

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  • Ma
      Apr 07, 2011

    I am going through a loan modification with Kuscan & McCrea right now. I just got denied by both lenders on my modification. I was told by Adam Cordes that they would not take my case if they could not get it approved. $3, 000 later I have nothing to show for it but a credit card receipt. Apparently my lenders "just changed the rules" on loan modifications. Now the law firm recommends I miss payments. I got screwed. We should file a class action law suit.

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  • Ta
      May 04, 2011

    Aww geeze I feel like I' m going to be sick. We had a so called friend with Activus, just after she sang the praises of K & M claiming they have a 90 percent success rate I stupidly took the bait. I signed on with them. $2250.00 was the first debit and $650.00 the second with another $500.00 coming out when we receive the loan Mod that Adam assured us we would get. I really love this one, 'if you don't get your load mod, we will send your paperwork back to the under writers to see what they can do to help you'. There aren't any underwriters and they know it. I should have listened to the little bell that went off in my head. Dang it!! We will no doubt lose our home.. Anyone know if BK helps? That's about all we have left..

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  • Bo
      Aug 04, 2011

    I was just contacted Michelle Berman who says she works for Activus. Phone: 949-777-2743, cell: 949-322-1652
    Shardae Glover 949-777-2739. I got the same pitch about money upfront and sending them documents for a loan modification.

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  • Dr
      May 19, 2019

    Thank you Larry for your advice as to "If the bank will not work with you then go buy a new house and let them foreclose on the old one. " That is what I did. I simply purchased a new house in all cash. County recorder simply shows deed from seller to buyer, no trust deed. No deficiency either from old lender. I don't know how if you bought ze house for $400, 000 and now worth $120, 000 that you would have $280, 000 liability since that is money YOU lost. All of my funding is not income, so I legally file a "zero" return get all withholding back. I don't pay no tax, but never understood why tax es paid when they irs did not dig a ze ditch (labor does not ex-change)? Also, since dig a ze ditch, no studente loan either. Even if cannot obtain new credit, who needs it when cash es king? Who wants loans or drive around in loans anyway? Also, no forced placed in-surance (big bullet if you ask me) either. There is no loan on that house, who wants that anyway? I don't know anything about that they have some interest in that house and want to lend you more money I don't do no loans no more or no insurance.

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