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Kris Anderson Photography / Took our money never delivered!

1 Wakiola, HI, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: (808)-88883-0876

April 8, 2008. We had an appointment for Kris Anderson to do photos for our wedding on Oct 21, 2007. near Kona Hawaii.We paid him cash, in fiull, on the spot, per his request. We NEVER received the photos we paid for, inspite of many emails and phone calls (he never answers his phone) We filed a complaint with the Hawaii BBB, and noticed he has other complaints against him there.

This guy is a fraud, and we have reported him to the Hawaii Attorney Generals office. Kris, next time I am in Hawaii, I am going to find you on the beach and put an end to your scamming ways.

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  • Ce
      18th of May, 2008
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    We used Kris for our wedding and had absolutely no problems. On time, great pictures, fantastic minister, pics on time, etc.

  • Do
      9th of Jun, 2008
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    He did the same thing to us. He ripped off the wrong people - I'm an attorney and going to pursue this until something happens.

  • Je
      17th of Jun, 2008
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    Kris Anderson has yet to send us our printed wedding photos. Our wedding was in Dec. 07 and it is not June of 08. He does not return phone calls or e-mails. If you are thinking of using this guy DON'T!! He is the pits!!!

  • Kr
      20th of Jun, 2008
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    I accually did not know about this until just now today.
    I checked the two - the other has no name.
    We can go and look at all their photo's at:


    Username: wedding

    password: hawaii

    I have done some 8, 000 weddings in Hawaii.

    I did move to my house that I built in 1993 - and also just built a studio up front.

    My new phone number is 808-985-7444 Fax: 808-985-7445

    I keep all images archived on two separate computers (drive D:) plus CD backup.

    It seems these weddings didn't order their 40 prints. I do spend $14.10 for every wedding to make deluxe prints on Kodak Endura Paper with color correction included. This costs me less than $15.00.

    Also every wedding has their edited video and website.

    You might notice that at least no one said my photography was bad - or that their video was bad.

    I just did a 40 print order from 2006.

    No one accept me has done over 8, 000 weddings in Hawaii.

    I own my house - no mortgage - no car payment . I'm not going anywhere.

    I love doing weddings.

    Everyone is happy with their images and everyone is happy with their video. It took me so many years to have 99% happy couples.

    I could go on and on about all the movie stars and tv personalities I've done - most trusted photographer. But lets get down to something more fun.

    Laughs - don't be a wedding photographer if you have thin skin. Doing video is even worse. I did video for 10 years and no one liked it much. Today I see no one said it was bad. they just want 40 - 4x6's from my pro lab.

    Men = like about 98% hate paying me $416.00. If it was up to men - there would be no wedding photography business.

    Allot of people would like to do what I've been doing for 30 years .

    Now let me say some stuff about being a wedding photographer. #1 = I am ready to fail at any time. Someone who threatens me - just makes me stronger.

    Any wedding photographer who has spent some 30 years in the business has seen it all.

    We collect stories about some grooms. Like that one who said he is comeing to the beach to stop me. Take a look at his photo's.

    My friend had a groom who said he was going to kill him - over 10 bucks a photo.

    Bottom line - I'm surprised - but I did move - new phone number etc..

    I am here to stay. I really don't need to work so hard as we own our house - a rental property and my Wife works. I just love weddings.

    I will take this stuff as benefit - to show how even someone who is angry - has the very nice photography and video that I always do.

    I have photographed about 8, 000 weddings in Hawaii - never one time has anyone not got their photo's or video.

    Only the Man complains. Well - at least for the past 6 years.

    I will post all the photo's from these weddings for several years now. I'm not afraid to show my work at any time.

    For me it's a done deal. I own my house - car and my Wife works. i just love doing weddings. I get a really good feeling.

    I think this can be the best thing for me. Even an Attouney - I'll leave those images up. What could be better than showing my most problem couples.

    I am the best photographer - and do the best job in Hawaii.

    Some people might disagree. I'm out to prove you wrong tomorrow. I'm just a happy guy. I have fun. I have fun with every wedding. Someone who talks negative - by by.

    Anyway - can you believe someone wants to hurt me - over $14.10 . I can - as we know in this business. it's a classic.

    How stupid is that.

    holy moly -

  • Kr
      20th of Jun, 2008
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    I haved moved back to my house I built in 1993. My new phone number is 808- 985-7444
    Fax 808-985-7445

    email -

    it was a nice video - why are so angry ? Prints can be shipped anytime.

  • Do
      21st of Jun, 2008
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    Kris Anderson is a fraud and his rambling response above exposes the liar that he is.

    First, 8, 000 weddings? Really? That means he has photographed a wedding every 1.3 days for 30 years. Perhaps that explains why he still hasn't sent our photographs or CD w/negatives - he's way too busy.

    Second, we did order our 40 prints - right after we returned from Hawaii. And then requested them MULTIPLE times after that. We have called, faxed, and emailed to no avail. If Mr. Anderson does not respond to our demand below, we will post a blog with a timeline and email documentation showing all of our efforts to get our wedding pictures.

    Third, the fact that it only costs Mr. Anderson "less than $15.00" to print the photo begs the question - why hasn't he sent our pictures yet? Clearly, the $625 we paid him covers the "$15.00." Mr. Anderson - send me a bill for the postage and delivery... even FedEx... I'll be more than happy to pay it.

    Fourth, contrary to Mr. Anderson's claims, not everyone is happy with their photos and video. There are several complaints on this website and Mr. Anderson has an "unsatisfactory" rating with the Hawaii Better Business Bureau. Ironically, for "failing to respond to a complaint, " which seems like a common theme with him.

    Fifth, the reason the grooms complain is probably because our wives are at their wits end with Mr. Anderson. As I stated above, my wife has called, faxed and e-mailed Mr. Anderson repeatedly. Finally, she emailed our minister (who is the best and we HIGHLY recommend her!!) and she confirmed that this is a repeat and common problem with Mr. Anderson. Her email will be posted to the blog, as well.

    Lastly, I don't care that Mr. Anderson owns his house, his car, that his wife works, that he loves doing weddings or that it gives him a good feeling. I just want our wedding pictures and the CD w/negatives. We paid for them and we're entitled to them. Nothing less, nothing more.

    I'm giving Mr. Anderson one last chance to get his act together and send our stuff. If he doesn't do as he said he would in the next couple weeks, I am going to contact the local authorities and file a criminal complaint against him for larcency, report him the the Hawaii Attorney General, and file a "tip" with the IRS. And then, I'm going to file a class action lawsuit against him to recover the money for all the people he has scammed. I'm an attorney and am duty bound to prevent this type of conduct from continuing to the public.

    In the mean time, do NOT use this guy. Feel free to e-mail me if you want any other information on him.

    Oh, one last thing, I do appreciate Mr. Anderson posting the pictures from our wedding on here. As you can see, my wife is gorgeous and our wedding was amazing. I just wish I could put some of those pictures in a frame instead of only seeing them on-line - my laptop looks funny hanging from the wall.

  • Ji
      22nd of Jun, 2008
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    This is our reply to Kris Anderson:


    I think you have us mixed up with someone else. I would never come to punch you or anyone out. Now, I may come and have a conversation with you.
    Nobody here ever questioned your photographic abilities. You are an excellent photographer.. You do have poor communication skills, and are not a very good businessman, but as a photographer, you are excellent.
    Also, we never had any complaints about the $400; we felt that was very fair. Our complaint was you took months to get back to us, and never answered your email or phone calls until we took action.

    Aloha from the very happy couple.

    Jim & Jessie

    PS: Kris, you have seeveral people here that seem to have the same problems. Use these complaints to make yourself a better buisness person.

  • Do
      30th of Jun, 2008
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    Our pictures FINALLY arrived. Thank you!

  • Kr
      22nd of Jul, 2008
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    If someone thinks that I don't deliver better than any other studio - it's just not true. Some orders come in - like jumbled all up - even though I show examples.
    I stand behind my work - 100%

    As always - I do the best photographs and video. If you think I didn't do a good job on a date - let me know . I'll publish any date - so all can see my work.

    During 2007 and part of 2008 we had to get rid of our rentor. I'm here - business is much slower than last year so far. I also sell our cotton shirt now days . I have no rent - no car payment . I am making less money - but working more. Honestly it's not a problem.

    I am here to stay.

    I probably have a bigger net worth than most any wedding photographer in Hawaii.

    I own my house here in Hawaii - no motgage. I own my car - I own my get away condo - that is rented out until next May. What other studio owner can say that. I also paid for all that with money I made doing weddings.

    other wedding vendors might have done 100 weddings - to my 8, 000. I am here to inspire them.

    Storage and internet space is so inexpensive. so If some MAN (who paid $400) is complaining - let me show you the photographs I made for them. Also remember they also have all received their wedding video.

  • Su
      14th of Aug, 2008
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    I will stay neutral on this right now. My wife and I have received our video and picture CD but not the prints... yet. I just have to agree with the lack of communication from Kris. I really don't know how long it should take to get pictures but the wedding was April the 12th, 2008 and we still don't have our prints.

    Kris's work is really good and he's a great guy, I think he just gets a little flakey! lol.

    Hey, Kris if you'r still checking this place can you see what's up with our order?
    Secondly you could at least try setting up an automated response system for when ppl e-mail you what pictures they want so they know you have at least received the e-mail.
    If you get busy don't be affraid to at least respond with an extended time frame for prints. It makes ppl a lot less unhappy if they know something rather than being in the dark. As it stands right now I don't even know if you got our e-mail about which prints we wanted.

    For the others here, remember name calling and negative comments are great for getting the message across but it's better to at least give some suggestion on how to fix the issue. I guess if I don't have my photos in a year from now, I'd be pretty PO'd tho.

    The video and CD were sent in a timely manner.

    -Jim and Amy Martin

  • Je
      11th of Sep, 2008
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    Our wedding was Jan 5th, 2006. My Husband and I recieved the CD and DVD but no prints. We emailed, then called and alas no response at all. He was a really nice guy and thought he was just slow but his continued lack of response makes it obvious that he does not care about his reputation. We paid him half cash and half with a Credit Card. I contacted the Credit Card co and it was over 90 days and they can't do anything for us. 40 Professional prints from a lab cost way more than any $14.95. Having had professional prints done before. If he has trouble with his lab he should get a new one. I don't believe he ever sent them to a lab. If he did then I suppose they are laying around his house somewhere. We did have a wonderfull wedding but the price included prints. If he doesn't want to do prints he shouldn't offer them. I think I will follow the attorney's course as well. I would rather have my prints, though and would let it go if I could get them.

  • Kr
      18th of Sep, 2008
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    I'm still here,

    We just had a baby girl. I taking several weeks off as it was a C-Section. My 2 year old Son is a hand full - so my job now is to take care of him and my Wife.

    I have never cancelled a wedding - and no one here is saying their photo's or video was bad. I have life changes sometimes.

    I keep all photo's for 2 years or more. I keep DVCAM video for at least one year.

    I expect some couples to be unhappy. Some arrive an hour late. No Wedding Photographer has 100% happy couples. I have the highest rate - like 99%. It wasn't always that way.

    Anyway it cost $14.10 including shipping from MPIX.COM to make a set of prints. Sometimes orders are so confusing - I go to the next one.

    For all the other photographers out there - go for it. Don't listen to the Negitive stuff. You will have hatefull people sometimes.

    After some 30 years of doing weddings - it's so much fun.

    I never make a mistake - every couple who arrives on time (within and hour or so) is happy. I have complete backup equipment and more money invested than any other studio.

    People will attack you - and some might even be divorsed already. I just do my thing. I am not perfect but just try and find someone who is.

    I have so many stories it's not funny. It's so easy (it seems) but all kinds of stuff happens from time to time. Like the Bride who shows up an hour late - or worse.

    Of course anything that goes wrong is my fault.

    To me - it's a given that some one will have hatefull thoughts. If you have such a thin skin - wedding photography is not for you.

    After all these years I have bought my house - no motgage. You won't find a more stable photographer anywhere.

    If you want to see any wedding I've photographed - just let me know. I have it on 2 computers - secondary drive + CD. I have never have lost any image.

    I don't have any mortgage - no car payment - best wedding equipment and it's more fun with my way. Still - someone is angry.

    I would say they were really late or something.

    My Wife has given me 2 babies recently. My Boy is nearly 2 and my Girl is just 3 weeks old. Many of my couples could understand - not all.

  • Je
      22nd of Sep, 2008
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    You make no effort to even address the complaint. Rambling on about how busy your life is, does not help. It just makes you look like your so unorganized, you can't find our prints. If this is your only source of income you should treat it with more regard. I personally don't care how busy your life is. I paid for a product that was not delivered. If you would have responded to our phone calls and emails we would have waited even longer. To be totally ingored screams volumes to your integrity. When I see my prints arrive in the mail, I will let this web site know. So far nothing!

  • Kr
      24th of Sep, 2008
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    In the End - some people can't take their CD and put it in their computer and upload the files to MPIX.COM - or make prints for 29 cents at a near by Lab.

    I understand that many people just can't get a grasp on how to make a print from the CD they have.

    If someone is pissed at me - I really don't now why - unless it's about $14.10.

    If I was late making a print - just maybe - you could just spend $2.00 - and pick it up in 1 hour.

    Listen up - it's why you have the files on CD - so you can make prints - all you want. Is someone really that inept.

    I don't make notes about clients - like I was paranoid. I am always just having fun - that's why I'm still here after so many years. I do expect a few weird people and many late. I had one girl show up with 9 other photogrqphers.

    On the back end - saving images and video - I spend a great deal of money. I am somewhat of a computer hardware and software expert - for the last 20 years. I added video in 1990 - just 18 years ago. I've been doing fun wedding photography since I was at UW - in Seattle.

    I can go on all night telling about my cool business - and the interesting part might be different stuff that happens with people. I love it - no problem.

    Today - someone who I did a wedding for last year is booking. That's allot of my business now days. I do the same thing for everyone.

    I have never lost anyones photos or video !!!

    I have never canceled a wedding because of my schedule.

    My business is happy couples - I do it nearly everytime.

    Now - I've had many couples show up late - one turned into a night wedding - the worst light. I've had couples show up with as many as 9 PRO (seemingly)photographers. I don't fight with other photographers - I'ts not my job - go ahead.

    I do my thing + I feel that I'm flexable. I like putting my couples in my favorite spots - my life is so easy that way.

    I have a huge investment in equipment - so there is never a mistake. I archive photo's and video's for at least one year - photo's are archived on 2 secondary hard dives on two separate computers + CD. Video's are made on Sony DVCAM .

    If I did a bad job - how would I get so many referalls - I get them all the time.

    The past 2 years we have had 2 babies and built additions to our house.

    Some have submitted crazy lists that I can't decifer - others can't seem to make a print at WalMart - or whatever. The prints come out good even at WalMart - but I rcommend MPIX.COM.

    For those that don't have prints yet - why don't you make some right away ? Why wait for me ?

    If anyone wants to see any wedding - just let me know. I'm always smiling as I do such a good job and have it archived on 2 secondary hard drives on 2 different computers plus CD. I'Ve never lost a single image - ever. Plus I've never been late to a wedding or cancelled a wedding.

    I do the best photography in Hawaii - and don't charge that much.

    I have it nearly a "walk in the park" - so much fun.

    I'm so expirienced - it makes it easy. I really do enjoy my job.

  • To
      2nd of Oct, 2008
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    Hmm... so this is how it works with Kris Anderson Photography? You pay for pictures and prints of those pictures. You don't get the prints of the pictures. He then calls you inept for not going to Walmart and buying the prints that you already paid him for. Wow. I think we'll use some one else for our wedding pictures.

    Thank you all for your comments and saving us the headache!

  • Su
      22nd of Oct, 2008
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    I guess it's time for me to agree with the complaints here.
    No prints.
    We have printed our own off the CD. They do look good but we had to pay for our own prints in addition to the money we paid Kris for prints. It's not a great expense but it is still a breach of contract on Kris's part.

    If you want a hassle free glorious day for your bride, DO NOT USE KRIS. Your wife will be frusterated to no end trying to get the prints from her wedding.

    Yah, I know we can just print our own... but Kris your life is not the only one that is busy. Everyone has a busy life and to go thru the CD and re-pick out pictures then upload them to a site is extra work considering we already did that with you.

  • Ho
      19th of Dec, 2008
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    Kris Anderson is a rip off working with a few loose screws. Notice how he NEVER address the missing photos. He only tries to defend himself making us, the ripped off clients as the bad people. He'll never send the 40 photos. He told me that once I have the CD I can make your own. THAT ISN'T THE POINT. THE POINT IS THAT IN HIS ENDLESS EMAILS AND WEBSITE, THE COST INCLUDES 40 PHOTOS! What does he not understand?

    Hey Kris...when was the last time you EVER send the 40 photos you advertise?! I don't want to hear about what a horribe person I am 'cause you've already told me that. And I'm going to be the topic of discussion in your next photography class. WOW! I'm glad you think so highly of me.

  • Ho
      19th of Dec, 2008
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    91 days ago Kris wrote: "We just had a baby girl. I taking several weeks off as it was a C-Section. My 2 year old Son is a hand full - so my job now is to take care of him and my Wife."

    Three weeks ago Kris told me the same thing. The baby must be about a year old now. Plus he told me his wife takes the kids with her Thai friends so he has the house to himself. Get this, on one of my phone calls he said that where he lives it's on the cool side and his computer doesn't work until it get over 80 degrees. I'm not a computer geek but that is totally crazy!

    To the guy who is an attorney...let's do a class action suit. This guy has ripped off so many more people than who are on this website. He should not be allowed to do this anymore.

  • It
      23rd of Mar, 2009
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    I used Kris for my wedding in 12/5/2005 and had no problems. We communicated for several months via email up until our wedding. I found my own minister who happened to do her own pictures. However, I used Kris because I loved the pictures I saw that he did on his webiste. The minister we used has worked in the past with Kris and was fine with him doing the pictures. He was at A-Bay on time for our wedding and we paid by credit card. Even while we were still on the island for the rest of our honeymoon, I received an email from Kris with how to access our pictures for viewing. We received our 40 prints within a month and 2 copies of our dvd. A year after the wedding, we received an email that he was clearing out data and if we wanted to, we could purchase a cd with all of the 200+ poses he took of our wedding. We bought the cd and received that within a month. We had a problem with one of our dvd's of the ceremony and he offered to replace it. I would recommend Kris 100%. The pictures he took were incredible and in the end we were able to purchase a disc with all of the poses to print out on our own.

  • Au
      31st of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    Wow, I am pretty appalled by Kris Andersen's comments in his own defense. It's a doesn't matter how busy your social life...and it definitely does not depend on whether you are running your business for fun or out of necessity. If you promise a product, and people pay for a product, you HAVE to deliver a product. I'm also a little concerned with his grammar. It almost seems like English is his second language. I'm from the Big Island, no excuse buddy. You live on the cold side? But you shoot primarily in Kona (the hot dry side). Sounds fishy.

    To all future clients, make sure you sign a contract that defines a time period that he has to deliver the prints within. And if he's charging onlly $15.00 for prints, he's probably just going through CostCo anyways (there is one in Kona now). Or don't give him your business. You'd be surprised at how many other photographers out there in the islands are vying for your business. Shop around.

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