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We wish to give notice that there is an untruthful allegation post titled Fraud & Inefficient staff posted by Weng Wai Hong 118 on 24

October 2016 maliciously implicating Kitson Migration Advisory under the category of Citizenship and Immigration.

Firstly, Weng Wai Hong is not listed as our client in our records and has never engaged us for any migration services and/or advice whatsoever.

Secondly, the content of allegation against us was copied verbatim from an earlier post by Eugene Lim dated 25 January 2015 and titled Inefficient & unsatisfactory service rendered complaining against Rayford Migration Services.

The nature of the copy and paste content is evidently not genuine and does not reflect the complainant’s personal experience but rather the post/complaint was intentionally malicious, defamatory, unjust, unreasonable and with clear purpose to discredit and tarnish our good name.

We have sought legal advice to pursue this matter in Court against the author. Steps have been taken to give legal notice to to remove and delete the malicious posting.

Advance notice has also been given to notify the Office of the Migrations Agents Registration Authority accordingly.

Kitson Migration
Kitson Migration

Mar 29, 2017

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