Kishore Vepuri / spit on kishore vepuri

Beware of Krishna Kishore Vepuri who preys on single woman on matrimonial websites. He is a big cheat, he is married with two kids but he says he is divorced. He apparently cheated several women. His parents knew about this from a long time. The pity is his wife knows about his cheating too. Nobody sees this as a social problem. He looks to be very soft spoken but apparently very abusive husband using foul language. He left his wife and kids with no electricity in a snow storm. One cannot understand why an educated woman let this brute abuse her and cheat several others. He is neither faithful for his wife nor his kids. He is full of lies and will never let the women he meets know any information except his cell phone and probably an email-Id he created for this purpose. He lies about his Name, age, job, Visa status and his social status (being single), children and many more. Below are some of his lies and facts.

1. He tells his name as Kishore Katuri actually he is Kishore Vepuri.
2. He also uses Krishna or Kishore with a combination of Katuri or Vepuri.
3. He says he is in early to mid 30's he is actually 40.
4. He works in Washington DC presently.
5. He says he is permanent resident he doesn’t have a green card.
6. He is still living with his wife and two kids.
7. He says he has one kid living with his mother. Actually he has two kids.
8. He will say he is applying divorce if you are able find out the truth about him.

One should understand what they are getting into while they are dealing with some virtual person they meet on websites. Do not hesitate to question when their actions are questionable, after all it is your life. Asking to show drivers license is a starting point.


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