KinderCare Learning Center / worst childcare franchise for teachers & families

Kindercare & it's parent company (Knowledge Learning Corp.) ruined a wonderful childcare facility in Oklahoma City. Our center, Children's World Learning Center (N. Meridian) was purchased by Knowledge & the changes were fast, drastic & devistating to staff & families. Along with the center name change, came a new company who cared little for the families we were serving & even less for the staff who worked there. The district manager was a bully who name called & berated the Center Director (Joyce) and who couldn't be bothered to interact with any of the teachers when she came for visits. We were constantly expected to work understaffed & to move children from room to room. Anyone who understands children, knows that they thrive on consistency. Moving them from room to room to maintain ratios (instead of calling in a teacher or letting a teacher clock in) did nothing to help them learn, stressed them out on a daily basis & left the teachers frustrated & unable to effectively do their jobs. Parents were nickeled and dimed by a company that cared about NOTHING BUT MONEY...There were no resources for the center director, no support for her staff. Several teachers were "let go", even when Joyce tried desperately to hang onto them. IF KINDERCARE DIDN'T LIKE YOU, YOU WERE OUT. Even though Joyce had worked at this center for 10+ years, she left after it became a Kindercare & they ran it into the ground. Her assistant left after working at the center for 15+ years after Kindercare took over. Several directors came & went after that & not too long after, the center closed it's doors for good. GREED DOES NOT PAY. A CHILDCARE CENTER SHOULD BE BENEFICIAL FOR CHILDREN, PARENTS & STAFF.

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