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I don't even know what this company is. It's domain name is under I was paying my credit card bill online today and there was a charge of $16.95. I contacted godaddy and they said they haven't heard of them. I ordered a book I thought was an ebay book on how to sell things on line for $1.97 and used my cc to buy it. After I gave my cc information imagine my surprise when I scrolled down and there in small print was the fact they would charge my cc $49.95 a month "to help me start my business." I wasn't starting a business just trying to buy a cheap book. I immediately replied to them that I emphatically did NOT want their book or their business and told them NOT to charge my cc with anything. But they did. They charged my cc with the book, (something about fast auction) for $1.97. I also have another unauthorized charge which had to be the same people, PM Wal-mart for $17.55. I have not shopped at wal-mart for months on or off line. These charges on my cc put me over my limit and increased my interest rate from 14.99% to 23.99% and my cc also charged my with a $39.00 over limit fee. I hope you can help me with this. As for other complaints, when I put in the first 2 items were complaints on this company or whatever they are.

Please advise smb!

Thank you, D.Collins.

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  • Ch
      3rd of Feb, 2007
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    We also discovered the same type of charges on our credit card statement. Charges for $1.97 and $39.95 appeared on or bill to "KEYWORDSUCCESS.COM." Any information on this company, or individuals, would be helpful so that we can prosecute.

  • Co
      3rd of Feb, 2007
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    I have the same experience-
    PM KeywordSuccess has made two charges of 1.97 and 39.95 on my card, PM Clickbuilder, one charge of 7.95 and PM Seoguide, one charge for 9.95-
    The number listed in Nevada is not a working number-
    I declined to renew my website with GoDaddy and was contacted several times by their representative's who did not want to take No Thanks for an answer-
    I'm not sure how they are connected, though I feel strongly they are-
    I have reported itas a fraud to my Credit and they say they will investigate- If I receive any further information, I will post it-

  • Br
      8th of Feb, 2007
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    I have the same complaint with charges from them and this one as well PM-SEOGUIDE.COM. The PM-KEYWORDSUCCESS is an $8 dollar charge and the other is a $9 dollar charge showing up on my to recent statements. Any information on how to get these charges reversed would be greatly appreciated.

  • Au
      8th of Feb, 2007
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    I recently ordered some dvd' from Columbia house and was offered a free surprise gift if I took some "offers", after looking at a few I got the Googad and Passport to fun offers...of course I had to continue to look at other "great offers" also....I hate this madness....anyway I canceled the googad by telephone with success and also the passport to fun with success and thought that was the end to that bull crap... I don't know what the was nor did I have any idea what keywords to success is but Yes they charged my account as #'s to contact them? Canceled my debit more money for them!

  • Te
      12th of Feb, 2007
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    I purchased a cd from googad on line...shame on you people. The cd took over 2 weeks to arrive and by then you were already charging my credit card for 49.95 worth of fine print membership, bearing in mind that there are only 10 days in which to cancel any accompanying membership. Your cd claims to aid you in earning extra money, but the only one who gained a profit here was you....shame, shame. Eventually consumers will wise up like i have and not even click on advertisements which fuel your bottom line.

  • Da
      26th of Feb, 2007
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    Googad is the current name of an ongoing Internet fraud scam. The methodology is to mooch off the good name of a successful company (ebay, Wal-Mart, and Google so far), use that company's logo on an authentic-looking Web site (and some favorable quotes about the company they are exploiting). They want a small charge ($3.87 in my case, the OLD price for Priority Mail) to send an information packet, and of course we authorize such a small charge to an account that they can then tap at will until you stop them. The packet (or cd or dvd or whatever else they claim will tell you the whole wonderful story) is never mailed. Call the offshore boiler room and try to translate what the poor operators are scripted to tell you. Request that the packet be sent. They'll promise to do so, but won't.

    Meanwhile, you are waiting for something in the mail before you make any decisions about their program of making money while you sleep so you can party and vacation instead of working. They e-mail a password and tell you down in the body that you have a seven-day free trial, after which they will start billing. I do not trust an outfit that offers to mail information but then switches to an e-mail deal that requires a login. Who knows what they do or claim once they get you to appear to have signed up for the service by logging in?

    I responded to their ad because a friend of mine had told me that he was starting to make a nice little income from using the keyword searching pay-per-click potential of the Internet. He didn't explain how it worked very clearly, so I thought I'd spend the four bucks for some information on the point. Bad decision.

    Their "terms and conditions" agreement is a fraud. It's a classic "adhesion" contract with "illusory" promises. I'm a lawyer, and this stuff is beyond belief. They retain the right to change the terms and conditions at will at any time by simply changing the wording of their "agreement" on the Web site; no notice to you of the changes, and no effort to gain your consent to modifying the "contract". This means that whatever they promise to do for you is illusory, because they can get out of anything they don't like unilaterally without even telling you that they've changed the deal behind your back. That's not a contract because it's not an enforceable agreement. They also assert that you waive any claim for damages arising from anything having to do with them, including (take a deep breath here) A BREACH OF THE AGREEMENT. Any contract that requires one party to waive action on a breach of the agreement by the other party is not a contract at all.
    This criminal enterprise has, according to what I've found so far, pulled this same scam under the following names:

    e-pro auctions
    numberone inc
    and something under godaddy.

    The boiler room toadies say the company is a Utah corporation named MSERV. The Utah Attorney General's office has an open investigation going into e-pro auctions and welcomes any information anyone has about this scam. Find the AG's office at

  • Ma
      7th of Mar, 2007
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    The amount of $16.95 was billed to my Visa card without my authorization. There was a 10-day free trial period and nothing was to be charged to my credit card as long as I cancelled within the 10-days. I did cancel this, but the bill showed up on my Visa statement. There is a related complaint regarding, as well. The same telephone number on my visa bill shows for both companies, but doesn't work: 435-862-1482 (Nevada). I have already sent my complaint regarding the $49.95 on that business. Both items are in dispute now with my Visa card.

  • Sh
      12th of May, 2007
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    I did the Grant Search Provider and Google Learning Center offers with my Debit Card from these people in April and not only did they bill me on the 05/07/07 for offers I had canceled already within their trial periods but now I have tracked through the records on these people and it only gets worst!

    Go to the following for more info. on these guys:

    /URL removed/?id=235417

    /URL removed/?id=227191

    Not only were their products a bunch of junk but the cds even look home made and only have info. that is free out there to look up on Google with the littlest of ease.
    Now here is where the bells in my head started ringing.

    After getting charged $49.95 for Grant Finder(AKA Grant Search Provider), $39.95 for Keywords4Success, and $7.95 for Clickbuilder all under different phone numbers on each of the charges , all of them offers that I had canceled within their free trials previously by calling the 1866-652-0479 number listed on their products, websites, and some of their charges go under the company name of DR *REG.NET REGNETORD.COM 01.

    Not only that, the 1866-652-0479 number and all of their other phone numbers that they list on their charges, products, websites, and services all lead to the same place, a third party company that is only responsible for canceling the CS Center's offers that can not or will not disclose any info. on their companies that they deal with and do not and can not acknowledge nor explain the charges on my account from the companies they deal with. These people won't even give me their physical address beyond the CS Center's PO BOX address which is no help and when asked acknowledge that they are and are not the CS Center and that their actual name is Producer Media in Orem Utah and then give you the runaround for hours!

    I did get their CEO Alejandro Vargas number 1-801-229-2293 only to then get a receptionist who also gives you the runaround and I still as of yet have been able to get ahold of this CEO person!

    The one thing I was able to get is yet again another set of numbers that they have on file(note it took 20 min. of negations with a receptionist to get these numbers and info.) of the cooperate office of the CS Center 1-435-862-1482 and 1-800-595-3986. The 1-435-862-1482 number is disconnected and the 1-800-595-3986 number gives me 3 options.

    I proceed to press option 1 and then put on hold for 20 minutes!

    Just as I am about to give up I get a corporate Supervisor named Katelain L. (I ask for her full last name and she says it is not necessary, should have asked further but made the mistake of not doing so) and I then proceed to get an explanation of my charges and she says I did not cancel my trials before their due dates and that I was given the wrong dates of cancellation on those offers and that the person that originally canceled those offers for me had since been fired and the cancellation numbers for those offers and the info. that I had been given was incorrect.


    She then proceeds to give me a cancellation # KL312105 for Grant search provider and #KL312298 for the Clickbuilder and Keywords4Success and that I would be refunded within 5-7 business days and then tells me to have a nice day and hangs up.

    I then stupidly proceed to take her word on it.

    I call back the next day 05/08/07 and luckily get someone on the line in less then 5 minutes and she confirms for me that the confirmation numbers given to me by Katelain L. are correct and that they are processing the refunds to my account for a total amount of $97.85.

    On 05/10/07 there are now 2 amounts of $9.95 pending from DR *REG.NET REGNETORD.COM 01.

    I call the CS Center and they say that they have nothing on record on those charges nor the previous charges and that there are not responsible for those charges, canceling those charges, nor is there any info. on those charges nor the ones that I had previously on file! They then give me the same bull over and over again and I then just hang up screaming in frustration.

    I then proceed to call 1-800-595-3986 and am put on hold for 50 minutes before it disconnects me.

    I nearly destroy my cordless phone in agony at it all.

    I call them back and am put on hold for 80 minutes before it once again disconnects me.
    I try it again and after being on hold for 40 minutes and once again am disconnected.

    I give up trying and then call the CS Center to see if I can get a reason as to why this was happening. They then tell me once again that their CEO is not available and that they have no control over why their clients sometimes disconnect their phone numbers or do not answer them.

    I hang up and call my Wells Fargo bank and explain the situation and ask what they an do to help me in this situation. They give me the phone bank and a list of suggested info. to have on hand.

    I then search these guys on google and the BBB and it is not good.
    For one thing the BBB can not actually track these people as they change their aliases constantly and have gone out of business and back into business under different names yet their offers seem to stay the same. It makes no sense and what is worst is that they use the CS Center in Utah's record to get away with thing as the CS Center has a positive rating but is not a member with the BBB nor does the BBB have info. requested on these guys available to them as of yet.

    In fact they only have the PO Box address and even the BBB does not know if this is a 3rd party that just cancels the offers or if they are the actual ones doing the offers. It is a mess.

    And I tried the name Producer Media under the BBB with no luck.

    This may also be because there seems to be no procedure for merchants to report fraud by other merchants, so they keep getting away with it, moving from one industry to another. Their operations are wide ranging and increasingly devious thus they are getting away with scamming people.

    No one seems to be able to shut these people done as no knows who they are day to day thus complaints left and right go unanswered.

    Oh, and by the way, the CS Center's corporate number traces to a Administrative Contact:
    SmartNet Development, Inc
    SmartNet Development (
    Fax: +1.7028356891
    10161 Park Run Drive
    Suite 150
    Las Vegas, NV 89145
    Which is not an actual location but a phone line that traces to a office location outside the United States but beyond that can not be traced further!

    The good news on my side is that my bank deactivated my card and sent me a new one and put a claim on all of the charges on my account and debited my account on them while they investigate these people.

    The associates at the CS Center say the company is a Utah corporation named MSERV. The Utah Attorney General's office has an open investigation going into e-pro auctions and welcomes any information anyone has about this scam. Find the AG's office at:

    And then proceed to click "Contact Us" for a list of ways to contact them and their hours.

    So please make your voice heard on this matter there on this subject so that together we can get these people to stop their unlawful actions to stop. I will continue to post further information on this manner here and elsewhere where I can.

    Thank you.

  • Ha
      15th of May, 2007
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    I also have been ripped off by I cancelled my account with them and they still keep charging my bank account. I will go to my bank and request a stop on all payments to these people.

  • Mi
      16th of May, 2007
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    Well add another sucker to the list I to apparently have been scammed by these thieves and as all of you was looking at bank statement and see charges from DR*REG.NET REGNETord.com01 for 49.95 with no number to contact. And i just found it maybe 20 mins ago so im sure ill be dealing with a load of crap like the rest of yas i to will be calling bank first thing in the morning to stop all transactions to the horrible thieves May God Bless Us All good luck to you all Heres to bringing them down!!!

  • Kt
      18th of May, 2007
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    Well i had two charges to my account. One for 39.95 and for 7.95. Their from this GOOGLE MONEY KIT which i paid 1.95 for. I canceled within 10 days and they still charged me. Well i contacted them and the lady told me i would refunded with 7-10 business days. I will be waiting for that.

  • La
      21st of May, 2007
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    Call this # ... 1 800 WWW 2 REG (1 800 999-2734)

    They will ask for your name and zip code only.

    Reg.Net are the main acceptors and refunders for credit charges on behalf of business dealers on the net. After they receive that information you should be on file if the charge on your card looks like this... DR *REG.NET REGNETORD.COMCOUS...depending on the state the transaction was created within.

    They will process the complaint and you should be receiving a refund as well as a cancellation.

    Since I reported my card lost and stolen, I was informed that if they had any trouble refunding me, they would e-mail or call me. They should already have your info on file. I am currently waiting for my refund. I will update all current post readers about it.

  • Jo
      14th of Jun, 2007
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    DR*REG.NET REGNETORD.COM 01 JUST CHARGED ME AS WELL FOR 59.95 I signed up for ebay auction they went through auction monster over the last week Ive discovered if you actually go to ebay their free stuff is far better then the cheesy doba junk my account is now some 30+$$ overdrawn. I called wells fargo because I don't recognize the charges. Wells fargo took fraud info and canceled my card so were looking at the 59.95 + 10 for overdraft protection and 29 for insufficient funds. I strongly suggest not dealing with any company for any net business other than ebay themselves.

  • Je
      19th of Jun, 2007
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    My bank (Chase) gave me a number to call and cancel this - Chase said this has been happening to many people and they don't know where the charges are coming from. Here's the number: 1-866-491-7891. My bank said to ask to cancel and for a refund, and to make sure you document everything (name of person you talked to, confirmation number, etc) in case the charges continue.

    When I called that number, they canceled my "order," gave me a cancellation number, then transferred me to billing for a refund. The lady I talked to in billing said I had ordered a "google CD" on June 14. I definitely did not do this; I was at work all day that day and don't have the internet at work. They didn't believe me, but said they would refund the $39.95 that had been charged to my account. I was surprised by this, as that was not the amount that had been charged to my account (it was only $1.95, so far). Then they said the CD had already been sent, so I would have to mark "return to sender" on it when it comes in the mail to get the full refund.

    I'm canceling my debit card as soon as I get a refund (if I do), because I don't trust these people. Figured I would post all this info so maybe it will help someone else.

  • Ma
      21st of Jun, 2007
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    I had my card hit by the &#*% and I haven't even gone on their sight and yo can't find anything on them from the bank statements except their web address, so my bank said to put a stop on my account card to keep any more charges from hitting.

  • Re
      24th of Jun, 2007
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    Stop these spammmers

  • Kr
      24th of Jun, 2007
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    I called to cancel my account 7 days from order, they have no record of me but they charged my cc though. So then she tells me to give her the cc i ordered from so she can trace it, so i stupidly did and she still cant find it. Gives me another number to call and now wants cc # again. Now i have no cancellation, no one can find my account and three charges on my card. These people are f-in crooks, and need to be stopped!

  • Ma
      17th of Jul, 2007
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    Please advise as what to do about the unauthorized charges, thanks, Mara.

  • Er
      26th of Jul, 2007
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    I can't believe all these complaints! The same thing happened to me. The charges on my credit card were DR Keywords4success. I have never ever heard of this company before or bought anything recently that they could have charged me for, but, a few days ago while looking over my cc statement there were 3 charges from them, 1.95 and 7.95 and 39.95. I canceled my credit card and sent a nasty email. I also sent my local news company an email about it because they are always researching and reporting scams like this. Is there anything else we can do??? I'd like to put them out of business!

  • Se
      3rd of Aug, 2007
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    They are absolutely full of crap I have the same ### too no avail!!! Cancel the card and start again chaaaange the account # Google,Yahoo Ebay does not matter be very careful or these as*es will get you as well.

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