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Keys2Retirementis a ripoff and Chad Cassner and Scott McDonald are a fraud. They say they will make you money in real estate but they are bankrupt. They say they have secret deals but there is no such thing and why would they not keep the deals for themselves if they are so good? Think about it. Because they take all the profit out for their fees and you get stuck with the property. I was taken advantage of by these guys and I would not fall for their BS if I were you. They will probably get shut down because what they are doing is illegal and because they are ripping people off. Don't day you weren't warned.
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D  6th of Sep, 2010 by    0 Votes
You must be the same guy who follows them around complaining.
I happen to know Scott and Chad, have invested with them for years and have no complaints. My husband and I are satisfied with their strategies.
Interested people should hear what they have to say before listening to this guy.
A  4th of Oct, 2010 by    -1 Votes
Total scam. I am a Real Estate Riches member who were under Scott and Chad's membership. I have since lost my house to foreclosure and all of the properties I bought by their methods. Single family homes are very risky. They sell you the pie in the sky but reality is much different. Unless you already have a lot of money to invest with, don't do it and if you do, buy multi units that take the brunt when tenants lose their jobs in this economy. I mortgaged my house to start investing in 2007 per their recommendations. I bought 4 properties in short order and not too long after was not able to get my money back out and tenants lost jobs and the amount of repairs that occurred overwhelmed us. They sell you this cash flow model that might say $150 a month per house but reality is one vacancy, one half decent repair, one bad tenant who wrecks the place or one long eviction from professional tenants and any profit is long gone. I learned the hard way. We got sucked in by one of their leave your checkbook at home meetings. On the surface, their program looked sound. This is not to say I did not learn anything from their program, its just that I've seen them bring in so many people who barely are getting buy and put the fee of the course on their credit card and then are told they can just "wholesale" to get in the game except their are no or very few buyers for the contracts you secure. The big problem is too many sellers not enough buyers. The market is not what it used to be. Again, unless you have lots of cash to blow, don't invest by their model. Go multi-unit or commercial multi. single family homes are not the bread and butter they speak of.
N  27th of Feb, 2017 by    0 Votes
@notknown10 My son and I took their course and invested in an Allentown property. It was a wholesale deal we purchased from another member. The potential profit would have been approx. $15, 000. We used a contractor that was part of the program and they did a great job. However, we ended up losing $8, 000 - why? because of the RE market crash that had nothing to do with Keys2Retirement, known at that time as RE Riches. The program works. Even though we lost money and have not been able to re-enter the market, I would not call this program a scam. If I could I would jump right back into the RE market because this is an opportune time. I love flipping and seeing the transformation of what was a mess into a nice piece of property. If you are not absolutely in love with what you are doing then success is heavy load you won't be able to lift.
D  28th of Dec, 2011 by    0 Votes
I am not sure why the above poster says that Keys2Retirement is a "Total Scam". Investing in real estate requires listening and making decisions that are best for your investment style. The market in real estate was still good in 2007, when the poster began to invest, and single-family properties were an ideal investment. Chad and Scott are not responsible for the collapse of the real estate market any more than your stock broker would be responsible if a stock tanked while you owned it. There will be problems in any recession, particularly with tenants who lose their jobs, but you have to judge your ability to weather that storm. If you don't have it then you don't buy. Chad and Scott cannot make you buy something you can't afford.

There are many happy customers of Keys2Retirement who develop a strategy with Chad and Scott and follow it. Here is a video example of customers on camera talking about their experience: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tzw9_FZnkfY

To come on this board and claim they are "frauds" or its a "total scam" is dishonest, particularly when they have done NOTHING illegal or have never offered something for which they have not delivered. There are plenty of happy customers that you can speak to before working with Chad and Scott to understand how the business works and how you succeed with it. From there you have to decide if its for you.
D  14th of Mar, 2015 by    0 Votes
There are plenty of people who invested in the crap properties that they peddled. They either had their credit ruined due to the losing the properties to foreclosures because "those wonderful tenants" were ### who destroyed the properties, or are poor from teh constant rehabbing andcovering the mortgages out of their own pocket to save their credit score. Chad and Scoot will say "should have checked out the neighborhood". But why should they have to check out the neighborhood when it was one of their fellow cronies wholesaling the deal.
A  27th of Jan, 2016 by    0 Votes
Where are they now? Joe Beck - in jail for taking money saying he could get people mortgagages, which of course he didn't (or legally couldn't), Danny Chelston- re entered that nasty rat race, going back to that nasty company he left after he discovered he could peddle crap real estate to stool pigeons, Chad Cassner- the supply of pigeons ran dry, and no repeat pigeons due to "quality" project oversight and deals, and funny thing when you borrow money ( the foundation of the his business model), you're expected to pay it back, filed for bankruptcy. I guess for those who lost life savings and credit scores to the crap these hucksters pawned, there is some justice.

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