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Kenneth Paul Sherman / Corruption

1 CA, United States

Kenneth P. Sherman is not afraid of committing perjury at the courthouses. Even though he is currently sued at federal court having his own diffense attorney, he is still abusing his clients who are children. He is a minor's counsel who charges PACE in my case. He earns more income when he causes more conflicts in the cases which he is involved with. When he wants to change the court order, what he does is to interview his client privately or prepare Order After Hearing in his own version changing words and skipping important orders and get it signed. He sends his associate Helen Lee to the court when parents complain about his father-favoritism in their motions to disqualify him. He changes what the child said and makes a recommendation. This is a way to change appellate court's disposition. The other parent who achieved his goal through Kenneth Sherman can save a lot of money by bribing Kennether Sherman because appeal costs much more money than the bribe and much more efficient as it takes one day to reverse appellate court's decision. Because Marjorie Steinberg limited the amount that minor's counsels could charge per year, this is how he earns his income. Judicial benches are very lazy so they give their jobs to minor's counsels. Since minor's counsels are doing their jobs, they neglect this corruption and consider this bribe as bonus that was offered to minor's counsels. When I made a motion to record his interview, the court denied it and gave him full power to change the court order. There is family law code section 215 that will restrict frequent change of custody. This code restricts the change of custody without no new circumstances or without serving the papers to the other party. In Kenneth's world, there is nothing to be afraid of. This is how he operates the cases. Even though I won my apeal, he came back to the trial court and simply asked for change which was automatically accepted. He told me that children cannot come to the court so my child cannot testify to prove that he is a liar. I do have evidence to prove his perjury and the court does not want to hear that. LA county is the worst place to file your family law cases at. Of course wherever you go, there are corrupt people whom you have to deal with. I do have 45 page corruption report about him and cannot share in this website because I don't want him to destroy the evidences.

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