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1 United States is a so called internet magazine supposedly offering information on diesel engine and trucks. charges users a membership fee. by it's owner's admission, he Jim Bigley, receives money, and/or products for so called "feature articles" and "product reviews" and also requires "advertising commitments", so the so called information is not reliable as it is biased and the majority of the paying members are unaware that they are paying to be members to read what is in reality "PAID ADVERTSING!"!

The site appeared almost from the beginning to be used as a media for promoting mainly one website that peddles products, run by a man named John Kennedy, this man was merely a trailer salesman aka a few years ago and now claims online to be a "expert" on a variety of diesel subjects. When asked for credentials he has repeatedly refused to reply or answer.
There are many other versions and names of these websites and/or affiliates, sites taken over or control, or influenced by these to disreputable underhanded and unethicial characters.

There have been many reports of problems with products sold by ranging from improper design, poor quality, missing parts, and report of being ripped off, paying for product that was NOT delivered.

When the problems are reported, the typical situation is the customer is attacked by various aliases used by salesmen for these sites, and then the posts are edited and/or deleted and often the customer is banned from the site and the information is usually removed or deeply hidden form the public.

When information about these scams or tactics are posted on other message boards, these men and the salesmen use many aliases to attack and undermine the topics and then use, childish antics, name calling, and lewd remarks; the purpose it to get the topic deleted so report of their scams are removed form the internet.

Beware these websites and the characters,
expect to see them posting here once they find this report.


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